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Alt Ref NoMOORE 5
Extent349 ff.
DescriptionProvincial and metropolitical papers of John Moore (1730-1805), Archbishop of Canterbury 1783-1805.

ff. 1-167. General correspondence and papers, 1785-1803.
f. 1. 'An account of the communion plate belonging to the Chapel in the Palace at Lambeth'. n.d. Endorsed by Moore: 'I found it on my first coming here. J. Cantuar'.
ff. 2-7. Two letters to Moore from William Cooke (1771-1797), Dean of Ely, concerning a dispute with his chapter arising from the Cathedral statutes. With a copy of a reply from Moore. March 1785.
f. 8. 'The order for a general confirmation, for that part of the county of Hertford, which is in the Diocese of London, and for the county of Essex'. A printed sheet giving notice of confirmations to be held in May and June 1786, issued by Robert Lowth, Bishop of London. n.d.
f. 9. 'The order for a general confirmation in the county of Middlesex ...'. A printed sheet giving notice of confirmations to be held in 1788, issued by Beilby Porteus, Bishop of London. 15 April 1788.
ff. 10-11. 'Rev. Sir, Intending by God's permission to hold a Visitation and Confirmation this Summer ...'. Printed. Directions for the clergy for visitations and confirmations in May 1794, issued by Beilby Porteus, Bishop of London. 4 April 1794.
ff. 12-16. Two letters to Moore from Hon. James Cornwallis, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, concerning his rule that ordinands must be graduates, a bishop's power to withdraw licences to curates, and the case of a dissenting minister serving as a schoolmaster. 11 Sept. 1787 and 19 June 1788.
ff. 17-25. Two letters from William Cartwright (d. 1799), pharmacist and non-juring Bishop of Shrewsbury, to John Douglas, Bishop of Carlisle, giving an account of his life and theological outlook. 3 and 19 June 1789. Copies.
ff. 26-27. Letter to Moore from Mr. Sneyd concerning the process in obtaining the King's licence for an alienation in mortmain. 27 Jan. 1790.
ff. 28-36. Papers relating to Matthew Durand, ordained deacon by the Bishop of Norwich, and measures to prevent his receiving orders as a priest. Included are two letters from Richard Hurd, Bishop of Worcester, and one from Sir William Ashburnham, Bishop of Chichester. Nov. - Dec. 1792.
ff. 37-49. Papers relating to Thomas Howell, formerly a dissenting minister, and his failure to obtain ordination in the Church of England. Included are two letters from Howell to Moore, and correspondence between Moore and John Sturges (d. 1807), Canon of Winchester and Chancellor of the diocese of Winchester. Feb. - March 1792.
ff. 50-57. Papers relating to George Daniel Renaud, son of the rector of Havant, and his efforts to secure ordination despite a very private education without attending university. Included are a letter to Moore from Anne Renaud, mother of George Daniel Renaud, and correspondence between Moore and John Sturges, Chancellor of the diocese of Winchester. Aug. - Nov. 1793.
ff. 58-59. Letter to Moore from Dr. Harris concerning a complaint against Mr. Beaucham, curate of Woking, for refusing to bury the child of a dissenting parishioner who had been christened by a lay teacher. D.C. [? Doctors Commons], 7 Feb. 1793.
ff. 60-61. Letter to Moore from the Dean and Chapter of Winchester asking him to submit to the King their wishes concerning applications for dispensation from residence. 20 Nov. 1793.
ff. 62-63. Letter from Samuel Horsley, Bishop of Rochester, to William Crawford, his chaplain, curate at Newington, Surrey, and Archdeacon of Carmarthen, asking him to call upon Moore, 2 May 1794. On the verso are notes concerning the election of William Winkworth as chaplain at St. Saviour, Southwark, by ballot of the parishioners on 29 May 1794.
ff. 64-65. Letter to George William Dickes, Moore's secretary, from G.G. Hayter, concerning the return of papers relating to the advowson of Chagford, Devon, 12 March 1795.
ff. 66-67. Letter to Moore from 'JK' proposing a reform of the calendar. Cork, 29 Sept. 1795.
ff. 68-69. 'Case lately determined in the Court of King's Bench, respecting the authority and duty of the Ordinary relative to the licensing of teachers in grammar schools'. Printed. Report on a case, the King versus the Archbishop of York, 25 Nov. 1795.
ff. 70-71. Letter to Moore from Sir William Ashburnham, Bishop of Chichester, promising to execute the Archbishop's commands. 4 Jan. 1796.
ff. 72-74. Letter to Moore from Hon. James Cornwallis, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, supporting the candidature of Henry Ingles, headmaster of Rugby School, for a Lambeth D.D., and reporting on the dilapidation of the fabric of Lichfield cathedral and reform concerning the residentiaries. 6 July 1796. The letter ends here incomplete; for the final leaf see f. 80. Enclosed is a letter to Cornwallis from Thomas Dampier, Dean of Rochester, proposing Ingles for a Lambeth D.D.
ff. 75-76. Letter to Moore from Hon. James Cornwallis, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, concerning the fabric of Lichfield cathedral, with the spire in danger of falling, and reform concerning the residentiaries. 3 Aug. 1796.
ff. 77-79. Letter to Moore from Hon. James Cornwallis, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, enclosing a legal opinion from Sir William Scott on a proposed Bill for reform concerning the residentiaries at Lichfield. 26 Sept. 1796.
f. 80. Final leaf of a letter from Bishop Cornwallis, continuing from f. 74v.
f. 81. Letter to Moore from Hon. James Cornwallis, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, stating that he has abandoned the Bill for reform at Lichfield. 15 Nov. 1796.
ff. 82-86. Letter to Mr. Richards from Charles Abbot (1757-1829), afterwards 1st Baron Colchester, concerning the distribution of sets of the statutes supplied by the King's Printer to the Archbishop of Canterbury. 11 Nov. 1796. With a letter in response from Moore to Richards, 29 Nov. 1796.
ff. 87-90. Letter to Moore from George Pretyman, Bishop of Lincoln, seeking advice about the institution to a benefice of Mr. Pywell [? Gibbard Pywell], suspected of undue familiarity with a servant, 21 Feb. 1797. With a copy of Moore's reply, 4 March 1797.
ff. 91-92. Statistics on the number of certificates for Dissenting meeting houses granted in the Consistory Court of Durham, and on the numbers of dissenters applying, in each year 1787-98.
ff. 93-94. Statistics for the number of Dissenting meeting houses registered within the diocese of Salisbury in each year 1780-1797.
ff. 95-101. Letter to Moore from John Bacon (1738-1816) concerning his edition of the 'Liber Regis' and the aims of the work, enclosing copies of papers relating to the annuity granted to him by the Treasury in 1782. 23 Oct. 1797.
ff. 102-107. Three letters to George William Dickes, Moore's secretary, from John Fox, on the poverty of the clergy in the area of Carmarthenshire, seeking assistance and patronage for William Jenkins, vicar of Mydrim and curate of Llandeilo, Morgan Williams, author of 'Treasury of theological knowledge' and curate of Mydrim, and David Morris. Jan. - March 1797.
ff. 108-111. Two letters to George William Dickes from Morgan Williams, curate of Mydrim, concerning his distress and a benefaction from the Literary Fund. 9 Dec. 1797 and 26 May 1798.
ff. 112-113. Letter to George William Dickes from John Fox, concerning Morgan Williams and soliciting for him the living of Manordeifi, Pembrokeshire. 10 April 1799.
ff. 114-115. Letter from Moore to George Pretyman, Bishop of Lincoln, responding to a complaint about the limited residence of the Dean and Chapter at Lincoln. 18 June 1798.
ff. 116-117. Minute of a meeting of the two Archbishops and eleven Bishops concerning the role of the clergy in the national emergency and threat of invasion. 28 April 1798.
ff. 118-119. 'To the Reverend the Clergy of the Diocese and the Peculiars of the See of Canterbury. Reverend Brother, In the present situation of the Country...'. A printed circular issued by Moore conveying the resolutions made on 28 April 1798, and instructing the clergy not to abandon their duties by enlisting in the army. [1798].
ff. 120-121. 'Reverend brother, I have observed, with much satisfaction, the zeal, which is displayed by the clergy of my diocese, ... to take an active part in the defence of the country, ... '. A printed circular issued to the clergy of his diocese by Samuel Horsley, Bishop of Rochester, conveying the resolutions made on 28 April 1798, and instructing the clergy not to abandon their duties by enlisting in the army. 1 May 1798.
ff. 122-129. Three letters to Moore from Bladen Downing concerning his livings and protesting at Moore's intention that he should give up the perpetual curacy of Nonington, Kent. With a letter to Moore in support of Downing from Brownlow North, Bishop of Winchester. Sept. - Oct. 1798.
ff. 130-134. Letter to Moore from William Cleaver, Bishop of Chester, complaining of delays in the office of Edmund Chalmer, solicitor of Queen Anne's Bounty, 1 Dec. 1799. With a letter from Chalmer to Cleaver sending deeds relating to the livings of Howgill, Hornby and Birch, 4 Dec. 1799, and a letter from Chalmer to Moore, 12 Dec. 1799.
ff. 135-148. Letter to Moore from John Moore (1742-1821), Rector of St. Michael Bassishaw and a Dean of Sion College, enclosing a statement of the case of the London clergy whose livings are regulated by the Fire Act and minutes of a meeting of the London clergy about the case on 28 Nov. 1799. With further minutes of a meeting on 21 Jan. 1803 and a further statement of the case. For subsequent papers, 1813-19, see Sion L40.2/E77.
f. 149. 'Panorama, Leicester Square. Short account of Lord Nelson's defeat of the French at the Nile. ... The view of Margate is in the upper circle. 1799' (J. Adlard, printer, no. 39, Duke Street, West Smithfield). A printed sheet. Text is set within a circle in the centre of the sheet; an illustration of the Battle of the Nile surrounds the text.
ff. 150-151. Copy of a letter from Christopher Sykes to the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty concerning the augmentation of the vicarage of Bishop Wilton, Yorks., and complaining of delay in the office of Edmund Chalmer, solicitor of Queen Anne's Bounty. 24 April 1800.
ff. 152-155. Circular letter to Moore from William Henry Cavendish Cavendish-Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland, Home Secretary, asking him to procure returns from the clergy of the acreage of wheat, rye and other grain sown in each parish, 27 Oct. 1800. With a printed circular letter from Moore to the clergy requesting the same, 1 Sept. 1801.
ff. 156-157. Letter to Moore from William Wyndham Grenville, 1st Baron Grenville, expressing a wish to obtain from the bishops statistics of the number of resident and non-resident clergy. 23 Dec. 1800.
ff. 158-160. Letter from William Criswell to George William Dickes, Moore's secretary, giving an estimate for repairs to the rectory house of Coulsdon, Surrey, 2 March 1803. With a copy of a letter from Dickes to Henry Goodricke, Rector of Coulsdon, instructing him to effect the repairs. 1 April 1803.
ff. 161-165. Memorial to the Archbishop of Canterbury from the Society for Preventing the Profanation of the Sabbath, with circular letters (printed) from the Society to the clergy and to churchwardens, and a printed broadside, ' For preventing the profanation of the Sabbath. Whereas the Lord's Day...'. n.d.
ff. 166-167. The order for 'the procession at the consecration of a bishop at Lambeth in going to the chapel' and 'the procession in return from the chapel'. n.d. Parchment.

ff. 168-189. Papers relating to episcopal patronage, 1793-1801.
Some of the papers appear to relate to the 'Archbishop's option', the right of the Archbishop of Canterbury, following the consecration of a diocesan bishop, to appoint to any benefice of his choice within that see on its first becoming vacant.
ff. 168-169. Letter to Moore from Samuel Horsley, Bishop of St. Davids, on his forthcoming translation to Rochester and his patronage as Bishop of St. Davids. 3 Nov. 1793.
ff. 170-171. Lists of dignities and benefices in the patronage of the Bishop of St. Davids. 19 July 1774 and 27 June 1783.
ff. 172-173. List of benefices in the patronage of the Bishop of Rochester, with values and dates bestowed 1748-91.
ff. 174-178. Lists of livings in the patronage of the Bishop of Hereford. n.d.
ff. 179-181. Lists of livings in the patronage of the Bishop of Peterborough, with values and dates bestowed 1751-89.
ff. 182-185. Lists of livings in the patronage of the Bishop of Rochester, with values and dates bestowed 1748-91.
ff. 186-187. List of Archbishops and Bishops according to rank and seniority, with dates of consecration. 1799.
ff. 188-189. Letter to Revd. Peter Sandiford, signed 'C.S.', supplying information on the canons of St Davids, the value of their stalls and their health. Gloucester, 18 Jan. 1801.

ff. 190-257. Papers relating to reversionary grants of the principal registrarship of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. c.1787-88.
The papers appear to have been assembled as evidence in the suit 'Vyse against Eden, Bart.', in the Court of King's Bench, which is mentioned at f. 254. The parties to this suit were William Vyse, LL.D (d. 1816), Rector of Lambeth (see f. 237v, grant of a reversionary patent to William Vyse by Archbishop Cornwallis, 1775, and cf. VB 1/11/70 William Vyse: query of grant of reversion of the office of Register, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1775), and Sir Frederick Morton Eden, (1766-1809) 2nd Bt. (see VB 1/12/63, 64, 66: Sir Frederick Morton Eden: admission as joint Register of the Prerogative Court Canterbury, 1787).
ff. 190-193. Case and legal opinion of F. Burton [Francis Burton] of Lincoln's Inn concerning reversionary grants of the office of Principal Register of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. 13 Nov. 1787.
ff. 194-195. Further legal opinion concerning the same, by Sir James Mansfield, Francis Burton and three others. 19 Nov. 1787.
ff. 196-197. Letter to Moore from Osmund Beauvoir (d. 1789), clergyman and antiquary, on his search of the registers of Canterbury Cathedral, with details of reversionary grants from the reign of Henry VIII to 1628. 17 Jan. 1788.
ff. 198-205. An description of the registers of Canterbury Cathedral, with extracts concerning grants of office, 14-16th century.
f. 206. Note by Moore on precedents concerning reversionary grants of office. n.d.
ff. 207-208. Letter from Moore to Mr. Potts (see f. 254 for a reference to the legal firm of Gregg, Potts and Gregg) on searches required in historical records. n.d.
ff. 209-210. Letter to Moore from Edward Benson on his searches in the registers of Canterbury. n.d.
ff. 211-218. Copy of the will of Edmund Grindal (d. 1583), Archbishop of Canterbury, endorsed by Moore with a note that the will mentions a reversionary grant made by Grindal to William and James Woodhull and William Byrde.
ff. 219-220. Letter from Moore to his attorney regarding the evidence found by Edward Benson. 13 Feb. 1788.
ff. 221-222. A note on the difference between reversionary grants and grants in possession. n.d.
f. 223. Copy of the patent appointing John Barrett as Register of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1502.
ff. 224-229. Memoranda on enquiries to be made, with notes added by Moore indicating work in progress or completed. n.d. Endorsed by Moore: 'Queries put to me by Mr. Potts'.
ff. 230-233. Statement concerning the case. n.d.
ff. 234-235. List of legal cases relating to a bishop's reversionary lease. n.d.
ff. 236-237. List of patents granted by the Archbishops from that of John Barrett in 1502 to that of William Vyse and Thomas Chamberlain in 1775.
ff. 238-239. Copies of grants of the offices of Commissary of the Consistory Court of Canterbury, 1443, and Official of the Court of Canterbury, 1503.
ff. 240-244. Chronological list of the Archbishops of Canterbury 596-1783.
ff. 245-246. 'Patents in reversion before the statute of 1 Eliz. appearing in the antient Register Books of the Dean and Chapter, Canterbury'. Extracts 'from a paper drawn up by Mr. Norris' recording patents 16th cent to 1606.
ff. 247-250. 'An account of the several Archbishops of Canterbury ... who might have granted reversionary patents but did not'. n.d.
ff. 251-253. Calendar of grants of the office of Register of the Prerogative Court 1526-1600 and 1706 found in the records of the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury. n.d.
ff. 254-254a . 'King's Bench. Vyse against Eden Bart. Extracts of grants which will probably be offered in evidence by the plaintiff'. A wrapper for the papers which are now ff. 190-257, with a note by Moore. n.d.
ff. 255-257. Forms for the resignation of the office of Principal Register of the Prerogative Court, for the acceptance of the resignation, and for the delivery of new patent to John Moore, George William Dickes and William Moore. n.d.

ff. 258-295. Papers relating to Faculty Office dispensations and marriage licences, 1785-1802.
ff. 258-259. Letter to Moore from Sir William Wynne, Dean of the Arches, explaining that if the Archbishop refuses to grant a licence under the Act of 25 Henry VIII cap 21 then complaint may be made to the Lord Chancellor. 4 May 1785.
ff. 260-263. Letter to Moore from Sir William Scott, Registrar of the Court of Faculties, concerning the refusal of the incumbent of St. Margaret's Westminster to marry a couple on the basis of a licence from the Faculty Office. 10 Nov. 1786. 2 copies.
ff. 264-267. Letter to Moore citing numerous instances of marriage licences issued for marriages at St. Margaret's Westminster in the years 1783-5, and giving an opininion on the dispute concerning the authority of the Faculty Office versus that of Dr. Bever, Commissary of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster. Incomplete, without date or signature, but in the hand of Sir William Scott.
f. 268. Extract concerning exemptions and privileges of the monastery of St. Peter, Westminster. n.d. In Latin.
ff. 269-270. Letter to Moore from Fitzherbert Adams, Rector of Ulcombe, Kent, concerning an objection to a marriage, upon the reading of banns, on grounds of pre-contract. 18 June 1788. With a copy of Moore's reply stating that the Marriage Act had put an end to claims of pre-contract as a bar to marriage. 25 June 1788.
ff. 271-272. Letter to Moore from Philip Moore giving an opinion that the statute of 25 Henry VIII cap 21 does not relate to marriage licences, and that the Archbishop is not obliged to grant a special marriage licence to any person, 31 August 1791. With a copy of an opinion by Charles Pratt, afterwards 1st Earl Camden, that the grant of a marriage licence is not a matter of right, but one of favour, and may be refused, 5 Feb. 1760.
f. 273. 'Rules observed at the Faculty Office when applications are made for special licences'. Signed by Thomas Secker, Archbishop of Canterbury, 15 Jan. 1759. A copy.
ff. 274-276. Letter to Moore from Richard Bingham, afterwards 2nd Earl of Lucan, requesting a special marriage licence, 25 May 1794. With Moore's refusal on the presumption that Bingham intends to marry a lady [Lady Elizabeth Howard] recently divorced on his account, 25 May 1794.
ff. 277-290. Papers relating to a challenge, raised by Osborne Markham, son of William Markham, Archbishop of York, to the validity of Faculty Office licences for marriages in the Province of York. Comprising letters to Moore from Osborne Markham and
legal opinions from Sir William Scott and Philip Moore. February-May 1800.
ff. 291-292. Directions to be observed in applications to the Archbishop for special licences. 1 Jan. 1802.
ff. 293-295. Letter to Moore from William Wickham, requesting a special licence for the marriage of Anna Maria Seton, daughter of Daniel Seton, Governor of Surat, and Charles William Flint. 16 Feb. 1802.

ff. 296-349. Papers of Archbishop Moore as visitor or trustee.
f. 296. Letter to Moore from Robert Nares (1753-1829), advising on procedure for the election of a trustee of the British Museum. 29 April 1799.
ff. 297-298. Case concerning Trinity College, Cambridge, as overseers of the great tithes of Enfield, Middlesex, arising fom a Bill for enclosure at Enfield. n.d.
ff. 299-304. Papers relating to exhibitions for Scottish students to study at Balliol College, Oxford. Comprising letters to Moore from G. Griffith, 1 Jan, 1790 and Richard Prosser (c. 1748-1839), Fellow of Balliol, 6 Jan. 1790, and a list of exhibitioners under the will of John Warner, Bishop of Rochester, 1672-1779.
ff. 305-320. Indenture between the executors of the will of Peter Blundell of Tiverton (c.1520-1601), Balliol College, Oxford, and the feoffees of lands of Peter Blundell, for the placing of students in Balliol College. 11 Nov. 1615. A copy.
ff. 321-328. Papers of Moore as a trustee of the Radcliffe Travelling Fellowship at Oxford under the will of John Radcliffe (d. 1714). Comprising a list of physicians holding the fellowship 1715-1791; minutes of a meeting of the trustees recording the election of Edward Ash to a fellowship, 8 June 1790; declaration by Edward Ash; extract from the will of John Radcliffe; list of four students and of their medical degrees at Oxford 1797-1800.
ff. 329-330. Memorandum concerning the Hospital of the Blessed Trinity, Guildford (Abbot's Hospital), its income and expenditure. 3 Sept. 1795.
ff. 331-347. Papers of Moore as Visitor of Harrow School concerning the disputed election of Joseph Drury (1750-1834) as Headmaster and the issue of the admission of 'foreign' pupils alongside those from the parish of Harrow. Included are memoranda from the governors: Lord Grimston, J. Bucknall and Richard Page on the one side and J. Rushout, James Brydges and Revd. Walter Williams on the other. With a draft ruling by Moore supporting the admission of 'foreign' pupils. March 1785 and n.d.
ff. 348-349. Letter to Moore from R. Richards [Richard Richards]advising on the Archbishop's role in relation to the use of funds held by the trustees of King Street Chapel and School, Westminster. Lincoln's Inn, 20 May 1796.
FindingAidsNew description by Richard Palmer, 2015
PhysicalDescriptionGuard book, 394 x 300 mm., bound in blue cloth.
Paper leaves (except ff. 166-7, parchment), various sizes.

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