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TitleLang, Cosmo Gordon (1864-1945)
DescriptionThe 321 volumes in this collection cover the whole of his life, although the bulk of the material comprises his official correspondence at Canterbury (Vols. 1-186). There is a subject series of 94 volumes (Vols. 1-94) covering the years 1920-42 (some York papers are included) and a chronological series of 92 volumes (Vols. 95-186) for the period 1928-42. The remaining 136 volumes include family correspondence, sermons, appointment diaries, notebooks, journals, photograph albums, and press cuttings, many of which were deposited in the Library after his death by his literary executor Alan Don, Dean of Westminster.
ArrangementThese form part of the Archbishops' Papers. These in turn form part of the archives of the Archbishops of Canterbury, which also comprise: Bishops' Meetings records (BM), Cartae Antiquae et Miscellaneae (Lambeth Charters) (CM), Convocation records (Conv), Court of Arches records (Arches), Faculty Office records (F), Lambeth Conference papers (LC), Temporalities records (ED and T), including correspondence on the Archbishops' estates (TR 8-36), and Vicar General records (V).
FindingAidsMost 20th-century Archbishops' Papers (Davidson, Lang, Fisher) are catalogued more summarily than the 19th century papers. The indexes to most of the 20th-century papers give a guide to the overall contents to the subjects of individual files, but people are not indexed unless they are the subject of the file (e.g. appointments) - so not every correspondent will appear in the index.

Individual correspondents have not always been noted in the catalogue descriptions. Catalogue descriptions based on 'Summary catalogue of the papers of Cosmo Gordon Lang, archbishop of Canterbury, 1928-1942' (typescript, 1986), by Geoffrey M. B. Pick, Assistant Archivist.
AdminHistoryCosmo Gordon Lang (1864-1945) was appointed Archbishop of York in 1908 and was translated to Canterbury in 1928. He retired in 1942.
RelatedMaterialLang volume 316 (L.P. record of George V's Empire Broadcast, 1934) was transferred to the British Library Sound Archive. Other recordings held there include the coronation of George VI, 1937.
Ordination papers for the diocese of Canterbury, 1902-1944, formerly at Lambeth Palace Library, have been transferred to Canterbury Cathedral Archives.
Borthwick Institute of Historical Research (for records as Archbishop of York).
PublnNote'Anglicans in the Antipodes: an indexed calendar of the papers and correspondence of the Archbishops of Canterbury, 1788-1961, relating to Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific', ed. R. & L. Frappell, R. Withycombe, and R. Nobbs (1999) [Z6622.L6L2].
'The Baptist Quarterly: Journal of the Baptist Historical Society', vol. 34, no. 7 (July 1992) [H6495.A8]: includes an article on M. E. Aubrey by W. M. S. West, which refers to Lang and Davidson papers from Lambeth Palace Library.
R. W. F. Beaken, 'Cosmo Gordon Lang, archbishop of Canterbury, 1928-1942: a re-assessment' (unpublished thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, University of London, 2009) [ H5199.L2B3].
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A. Chandler (ed.), 'Brethren in adversity: Bishop George Bell, the Church of England and the Crisis of German Protestantism, 1933-1939', Church of England Record Society vol. 4 (1997) (a collection of documents from the Bell and Lang Papers).
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T. Lawson, 'The Church of England and the Holocaust: Christianity, memory and Nazism', 2006 [H5102.L2]
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E.S.S. Sunderland, "Dibdin and the English Establishment: the public life of Sir Lewis Dibdin, Dean of the Arches 1903-34" 1995
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Philip Ziegler, 'King Edward VIII: the official biography' (1990) [KA580.Z5]

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14Lang; William Cosmo Gordon (1864-1945); Archbishop of Canterbury1864-1945
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