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Extent224 ff.
TitleLambeth Conference 1968: Post-conference: Missionary & Liturgical Consultations, 27-28 August 1968
DescriptionPapers relating largely to the Missionary Consultation following the Lambeth Conference , but also to the Liturgical Consulation at the same time, including: memoranda from Bishop Ralph Dean addressed to Primates, Metropolitans, Regional Officers and Missionary Consultants on missionary training, May and Aug. 1966 (ff.1-4); letter from Bishop Dean suggesting two conferences, of missionary consultants and liturgical consultants to run concurrently following the Lambeth Conference, together with a meeting of the Lambeth Consultative Body, 17 July 1967 (f.5), with responses (ff.6-17); correspondence about Canon A.H. Davis's role at the Lambeth Conference and as Chairman of the Missionary Consultation (ff.18-25); responses from the Conference of Missionary Societies in Great Britain and Ireland, the British and Foreign Bible Society, MECCA, the Bible Churchmen's Missionary Society, USPG, New Zealand Anglican Board of Missions and the Missions to Seamen about the consultation (ff.28-31,34-35,38-39,63,67-68,76-77); preparation of the agenda for the Misionary Consultation (ff.40-48); list of acceptance for Misionary Consultation (91-92); preparatory memorandum by Canon Davis for Missionary Executives' Consultation (ff.104-108); Inter-Anglican Account for Lambeth Consultative Body (f.124); report by Canon Peter Bostock on architectural needs overseas, with covering letter and list of participants, Aug. 1968 (ff.125-129), and further correspondence (ff.141-142); Advisory Council on Missionary Strategy, agenda and Minutes of the Meeting held at Lambeth Palace, 29th August 1968 (ff.130-135); agenda for the meeting of the Lambeth Consultative Body on Friday August 30th 1968 at Lambeth Palace (f.136); memorandum by Bishop Dean enclosing Minutes of the Missionary Consultation held at Church House, Westminster, on August 27th and 28th 1968 (ff.137-140); Lambeth Consultative Body Minutes of the Meeting held at Lambeth Palace 29th-30th August 1968 (ff.143-148); Report of the Liturgical Consultation held at Church House, Westminster, on 27th and 28th August 1968 (ff.149-155); responses to Missionary Consultation (ff.156-158); memorandum from Bishop Dean to General Secretaries of mission organisations on a possible central register of manpower, 9 Oct. 1968 (f.159), with responses from CMS, Bible Churchman's Missionary Society, Church Missionary Society of Australia, USPG, South American Missionary Society, MECCA, New Zealand Anglican Board of Missions and Canon Max Warren (ff.160-182); responses to a letter from Bishop Howe, 4 June 1969 [not on file] about a further missionary consultation in January 1970 (ff.183-219); letter from Bishop Howe, 9 July 1969, postponing the missionary consultation planned for January 1970 (f.220); letter from Bishop Howe to primates, metropolitans and missionary consultants concerning the mission input into the agenda for the first Anglican Consultative Council in 1971 (ff.223-224).

Correspondents include: Bishop Ralph Dean (passim); Francis Moncreiff, Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway (ff.6-7); John Charles Vockler, Bishop in Polynesia (f.8); Lakdasa De Mel, Archbishop of Calcutta (f.9); Robert Selby Taylor, Archbishop of Cape Town (ff.10,65-66); Oliver Green-Wilkinson, Archbishop of Central Africa (ff.12,14,214); Erica Sabiti, Archbishop of Uganda (ff.13,96-98,109); Norman Lesser, Archbishop of New Zealand (ff.16,194-195); Philip Strong, Archbishop of Brisbane (f.17); Howard Clark, Archbishop of Rupert's Land (ff.18-19); Canon Alfred H. Davis (ff.20-25,43-48,54-60,70-71,78-80,86-90,93-95,97-98,100-103,110-113,118,123); Dr. W.E. Jackson (ff.20-22,56-60,78-80,189-191); Canon Douglas Webster (ff.26-27,43-51); Revd. R.K. Orchard (ff.28-29); Revd. John H. Williams (ff.30-31); Canon Max Warren (ff.32-33,180-182); Very Revd. Akis M. Wesonga (ff.34-35); Canon David Paton (ff.36-37,82-84,171-173,196-197); Canon Alan Neech (ff.38-39,163); Revd. Samuel Van Culin (ff.40-42,118,198-200); Trevor Huddleston, Bishop of Masasi (ff.52-53); Bishop E.J. Trapp (ff.54-55,63-64,167-169,218): Revd. James Pong (ff.61-62,206-207); Revd. Walter Robinson (ff.67-69,174-178,211-212); Canon J.V. Taylor (ff.71,93-94,102,160-162); Bishop Geoffrey Sambell (ff.72-73,203-205); Revd. Don Bitsberger (ff.74-75); Preb. Cyril Brown (ff.76-77); Revd. J.S. Carter (f.81); Chiu Ban-It, Bishop of Singapore (ff.83,85,99-101,215); Bishop Stephen Bayne (ff.114-115); Walker Taylor, Jr (f.116); Revd. William C. Heffner (f.117); Revd. M. Wheatley (ff.119-121); A.H. O'Neill, Archbishop of Fredericton (f.122); Alan Knight, Archbishop of the West Indies (ff.156,201); Revd. J. Seymour Flinn (ff.157-158,166); Revd. Donald Cameron (f.164); Donald Arden, Bishop of Malawi (ff.165,221); Canon H. Sutton (ff.170,192); Bishop John Howe (ff.178-224); Very Revd. F. Goldie (ff.183-184); Glyn Simon, Archbishop of Wales (f.185); J.B. Wilson (ff.186-187); Paul A. Tate (f.188); Leslie Stradling, Bishop of Johannesburg (f.193); Revd. H.F. Thomson (f.202); Gilbert Baker, Bishop of Hong Kong (ff.209-210) Very Revd. A.I.M. Haggart (f.213); Charles Gordon-Lennox, Earl of March (f.216); Frank W. Coaldrake (f.217); James Wong, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Taiwan (f.219).
AdminHistoryOriginal title: 'Lambeth 1968 Missionary Consultation 27-28 August 1968'

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