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TitleLambeth Conference 1968: Administrative arrangements: Scrapbook
DescriptionScrapbook containing the following general communications to bishops and others attending the Conference:

Inside front board: Scarlet and purple compass rose around a cross surrounded by 'Lambeth Conference 1968', all surmounted by an uncoloured pencil drawing of a mitre.
f.i: Lambeth Conference 1968
f.1: 68/LC/ES/1: 2 June 1965: from Bishop Ralph Dean about assistance with finance for travel.
f.2: 68/LC/ABC/1: May 1966; invitation; 68/LC/ABC/2: hosptiality and accommodation return.
f.3: 68/LC/ABC/3: 15 July 1966: from the Revd. John Andrew about notifying any changes in the episcopate in metropolitical areas.
f.4: 68/LC/ABC/4: 15 July 1966: from the Revd. John Andrew requesting an response to the invitation.
f.5: 68/LC/ES/2: Oct. 1966: from Bishop Ralph Dean following an acceptance of invitation.
f.6: 68/LC/ES/3: Oct. 1966: choice of committees.
f.7: 68/LC/ES/4: Jan. 1967: missionary weekend.
f.8: 68/LC/ES/5: 14 Feb. 1967: from Bishop Dean about work of sub-committees.
f.9: Theme: The Renewal of the Church: some suggested bibliographies.
f.10: 68/LC/ABC/5: 1 March 1967: from the Revd. John Andrew on hospitality and accommodation.
f.11: Lambeth Conference 1968 Press Release 22 March 1967.
f.12: 68/LC/ES/6: 15 June 1967: letter enclosing the following three documents:
f.13: 68/LC/ES/6A: Officers of main sections and sub-committees.
f.14: 68/LC/ES/6B: list of consultants.
f.15: 68/LC/ES/6C: list of writers of preparatory papers.
f.16: 'Pan-Anglican': June 1967: letter from Bishop Dean asking for articles for the Spring 1968 issue of 'Pan-Anglican'.
f.17: Missionary Weekend: 27th June 1967.
f.18: Lambeth Conference 1968 Press Release 12th July 1967.
f.19: Letter to Primates etc. 17th July 1967: travel plans of attendees; post-Lambeth meetings.
f.19v: 68/LC/ES/7: 22nd August 1967: enclosing the following document
f.20: The Lambeth Conference: Provisional Constition of Committees (as of August 1967).
f.21: 68/LC/ES/9: 6th Sept. 1967: composition of committees.
f.22: 68/LC/ES/10: 13th Nov. 1967: composition of committees - second list of amendments.
f.23: 68/LC/ES/11: 10th Jan. 1968: composition of committees - third list of amendments.
f.24: 68/LC/ES/14: Feb. 1968: composition of committees - fourth list of amendments.
f.25: 68/LC/ES/16: 8th April 1968: composition of committees - fifth list of amendments.
f.25v: 68/LC/ABC/6: Sept. 1967: letter of information from Archbishop Ramsey.
f.26: Letter to English diocesan bishops from John Andrew asking for offers to entertain overseas bishops: 25th Oct. 1967.
f.26v: 68/LC/ABC/7: 13th November 1967: details of retreats.
f.27: 68/LC/ES/8: Sept. 1967: purple and white forms about arrival and departure information.
f.28: 68/LC/ES/12: 10th Jan. 1968: enclosing the following two documents:
f.28v: A Retreat for Bishops before the Lambeth Conference 21 to 23 July 1968.
f.29: 1968 Lambeth Conference Filmstrip order form.
f.30: Questionnaire sent to the wives of English Bishops by Diana Thring, Hospitality Secretary: 22.11.1967.
f.31: Letter to all bishop's wives coming to London for the Lambeth Conference, 1968, from Diana Thring, 20 Dec. 1967.
f.32: Questionnaire from Diana Thring, Hospitality Secretary: Dec. 1967.
f.32v: 68/LC/ES/13: 7th March 1968; further administrative information from Bishop Dean.
f.33: Prayers for use in connection with the Lambeth Conference.
f.33v: Letter from the Revd. John Andrew to clergy & lay people who had offered hospitality to Overseas Bishops for the weekends August 3/4 & 10/11: Feb. 1968.
f.34: Letter sent to English Diocesan Bishops who had offered hospitality to Overseas Bishops for the weekends August 3/4 & 10/11: Feb. 1968.
f.34v: Letter to Bishops from the Revd. John Andrew about offers of entertainment: Feb. 1968.
f.35: Lambeth Conference Calendar Feb. 1968.
ff.35v-36: 68/LC/ABC/9: March 1968: general arrangements.
f.36v: 68/LC/ABC/8: March 1968: honorary membership of clubs; 68/LC/ABC/10: Lambeth Conference luncheons - request for tickets.
f.37: 68/LC/ABC/11: March 1968: from the Revd. John Andrew about arranging weekend visits 3-4 & 10-11 August.
f.37v: 68/LC/ES/15: 11th April 1968: last general mailing of information.
f.38: List of Lambeth Conference Mailings from the Episcopal Secretary 10th April 1968.
f.39: Lambeth Conference 1968 Acceptances 1st Edition March 1968.
f.39v: Letter from Archbishop Ramsey to all Bishops on War on Want & hospitality, April 1968.
f.40: Letter from Diana Thring to Bishops' wives about day trips to English dioceses, April 1968.
f.40v: Lambeth Conference 1968: Accommodation list.
f.41: Selection of coloured stickers/badges for categories of attendees at Lambeth Conference.
f.41v: 68/LC/ES/17 Procedure for Plenary Sessions (printed).
f.42: 68/LC/ES/18 Calendar 22 July to 30 August (printed).
f.42v: 68/LC/ES/19 General Information (printed); 68/LC/ES/20 Constitution of Committees (printed).
f.43: 68/LC/ES/21 Allocation of rooms to committees (printed).
f.43v: 68/LC/ES/22: Processional Order (printed).
f.44: 68/LC/ES/23: Official Observers (printed); 68/LC/ES/24: Consultants (printed).
f.44v: 68/LC/ES/25: Arrangements for Canterbury Thursday 25 July 1968 (printed) ; Canterbury Pass and Return Tickets (pink and yellow); Lambeth Conference 1968 numbered label with name of Diocese.
f.45: Orange, red and yellow admittance tickets to opening service through different doors of Canterbury Cathedral.
f.45v: Lambeth Conference Opening Service, 25 July 1968 | Sermon preached at Canterbury Cathedral: CIO copy, 22 July 1968.
f.46: Lambeth Conference Opening Plenary Session, the Archbishop of Canterbury's welcome to guests and observers; CIO copy 27 July 1968.
f.46v: The Renewal of the Church: Section I: In Faith | Renewal and Judgement by the Most Reverend the Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada (printed).
f.47: The Renewal of the Church: Section II: In Ministry by the Most Reverend the Archbishop of York (printed); the Renewal of the Church: Section III: In Unity | Church Union by the Most Reverend the Metropolitan of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon (printed).
f.47v: Westminster Abbey | Solemn Celebration of the Holy Eucharist on the First Sunday of the Lambeth Conference, 1968 The Seventh Sunday after Trinity, 28 July at 10.30 a.m. | arrangements (printed); Westminster Abbey pink and yellow tickets.
f.48: Westminster Abbey | Solemn Celebration of the Holy Eucharist on the First Sunday of the Lambeth Conference, 1968 The Seventh Sunday after Trinity, 28 July at 10.30 a.m. (Order of Service (printed).
f.48v: The Church's "Embassage of Reconciliation" to the Secular World. The Archbishop of East Africa's Sermon at Lambeth Conference Eucharist in Westminster Abbey.
f.49: White City Stadium ticket 19th August 1968; Holy Communion in Thanksgiving for the Progress of the Gospel | The White City Stadium | 19 August 1968 | 7 pm (printed).
f.49v: Christians' Duty to "Make Disciples of all Nations". Bishop in Iran's Sermon at White City Stadium
f.50: Lambeth Conference Closing Service St Paul's Cathedral, 25th August 1968 yellow, white, orange, blue, and violet tickets, and blue ticket with orange bar; Lambeth Conference Closing Service St Paul's Cathedral, 25th August 1968 printed arrangements.
ff.50v-51: blank
f.51v: Invitations: Garden Party at Lambeth Palace; Afternoon Party in the Garden of Buckingham Palace, 29th July 1968; Reception at the Guildhall, 1st August 1968.
f.52: Invitations: College Garden, Westminster Abbey, 6th August 1968; Reception at Clarence House, 5 August 1968.
f.52v: A Message from the Bishops at the Lambeth Conference to the Clergy and Laity of the Anglican Communion (finally approved 29th August 1968).
ff.53-99: blank.
RelatedMaterialLC 219 (ff.40-46) - set of invitations for hospitality and events at Lambeth Palace

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