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Extent143 ff.
TitleLambeth Conference 1968: Conference planning and business: Section II: Ministry
DescriptionPapers relating to arrangements for Section II and its sub-committees, personnel, etc., including: copy of a letter from the Revd. Prof. D. Nineham for the Deployment and Payment Commission of the Church Assembly, 23 Feb. 1966 (ff.1-6); correspondence on women's ministry, including copies of correspondence sent to the Revd. Almus M. Thorp on the position of women in the Anglican Communion (ff.7,23-49,51-52, 96-97); correspondence relating to the Revd. Ian Thomson's report on Laymen Abroad in Christian Mission and sub-committee 15 (ff.8-11,17-18,50,55-56,62-64,67,70,86); correspondence on sub-committee 23 'The Papacy and the Episcopate' (ff.12-15); correspondence on voluntary and part-time ministries (ff.16, ); minutes of the first meeting of the advisory group on Section II (Ministry), 25 Sept. 1967 (ff.20-21); mintes of the second meeting of the advisory group, 8 Dec. 1967 (ff.57-61); memorandum from Bishop Dean that the word 'laity' should take account of the ministry of women (f.73); correspondence between Cuthbert Bardsley, Bishop of Coventry and Bishop Dean about overlapping areas of concern in sub-committees 15 and 17 and the possibility of working together with sub-committee 16 to reallocate the subjects (ff.75-77,81); correspondence on the pastoral care of overseas students (ff.78-80); memorandum for sub-committee 24 (The Episcopate - Oversight and Discipline) by Michael Gresford Jones, Bishop of St. Albans (ff.87-88); correspondence with Christian Howard, Secretary of the Working Party on Women's Ministry (ff.89-90); report on Educational Needs outside England in relation to Youth Work, 3 July 1968 (ff.98-100); Laymen in Mission - Sub-Committee 15. A comment on Douglas Webster's papers by Canon Stephen Verney (f.102); Laymen in Society - The Place of the Laity in the Church. A supplementary paper by the Rt. Revd. F.R. Barry (ff.103-106); The Priesthood - Sub-Committee. A supplementary paper by Canon Kenneth Woollcombe (ff.107-109); The Diaconate - Sub-Committee 20. A supplementary papers by the Rt. Revd. Richard S. Emrich (ff.110-113); The Nature of the Anglican Episcopate - Sub-committee 22. A supplementary paper perpared by the Revd. Prof. Dennis Nineham for a Working Party on the Natue of the Pastoral Ministry (ff.114-118); Oversight and discipline - Sub-Committee 24. A supplementary paper by Bishop M. Hollis (ff.119-124); letter from Miss Isabel M. Lloyd to Archbishop Ramsey requesting that the Conference consider the ministry of healing, with reply (ff.125-127); suggestions made by Bishop Vaughan of Honduras in Plenary Session to Section II (ff.128-129); correspondence with Roy Herbert, Church of England Youth Council about a delegation from the Fourth British Conference of Christian Youth and action on world poverty (ff.130-134); letters from Ursula King, Pauline Webb and others on women's ministry (ff.135-137); memorandum from the Revd. Canon David Jenkins for Section II (ff.138-139); paper by the Revd. P.F. Rudge on Ecclesiastical Administration (ff.140-143).

Correspondents include: Ralph Dean, Bishop of Cariboo (passim); Leonard Wilson, Bishop of Birmingham (ff.8-9); Donald Coggan, Archbishop of York (ff.12,127): Michael Ramsey Archbishop of Canterbury (ff.13,54,65,68-69); Laurence Brown, Bishop of Warrington (ff.14-15,19,22,57-61,66); Canon David Paton (ff.7,16-18,78-80,82-84,91); George Simms, Archbishop of Dublin (f.25); Chandu Ray, Bishop of Karachi (ff.26-27); Alan Knight, Archbishop of the West Indies (ff.28,96-97); Francis Moncreiff, Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway (f.30); Edwin Morris, Archbishop of Wales (f.31); Lakdasa De Mel, Bishop of Calcutta (f.32); Campbell MacInnes, Archbishop in Jerusalem (f.33); Gilbert Baker, Bishop of Hong Kong & Macao (f.34); Robert Selby Taylor, Archbishop of Cape Town (f.35); Leonard Beecher, Archbishop of East Africa (f.36); Erica Sabiti, Archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi (f.37); C.H.W. de Soysa, Bishop of Colombo (f.38); Kenneth Skelton, Bishop of Matabeleland (f.39); Norman Lesser, Archbishop of New Zealand (f.40); Philip Strong, Archbishop of Brisbane (f.41); Richard Roseveare, Bishop of Accra (f.42); S.O. Odutola, Bishop of Ibadan (f.43); Victor G. Shearburn, Bishop of Rangoon (f.44); Egmont Machada Krischke, Bishop of Southern Brazil (f.45); Kenneth E. Heim (f.46); Moses Scott, Bishop of Sierra Leone (f.47); Chiu Ban It, Bishop of Singapore (ff.48,55-56,64); Michael Yashiro, Presiding Bishop of the Nippon Sei Ko Kai (f.49); John Hines, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the USA (ff.51,54); Cuthbert Bardsley, Bishop of Coventry (ff.62-64,67); Bishop Michael Hollis (ff.71-72); William Davis, Bishop of Nova Scotia (f.74); Lt. Col. G.C. Grimshaw (ff.80,82-83); Vernon Inman, Bishop of Natal (ff.81,85,94-95,101); Ronald Bryan, Bishop of Barrackpore (ff.92-93).
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321de Soysa; Charles Harold Wilfred (1909-1971); Bishop of Colombo1909-1971
DS/UK/4872Krischke; Egmont Machada (1909-); Primate of Southern Brazil1909-
DS/UK/4960Scott; Moses Nathaniel Christopher Omobiala (1911-1988); Archbishop of West Africa1911-1988
DS/UK/6349Yashiro; Michael Hinsuke (fl. 1948-1968); bishop of the Nippon Sei Ko Kwaifl. 1948-1968
DS/UK/4789Davis; William Wallace (1908-1987); Archbishop of Canada1908-1987
DS/UK/5796Jones; Edward Michael Gresford (1901-1982); Bishop of St. Albans1901-1982
DS/UK/4725Bryan; Ronald Winston (1906-); Bishop of Barrackpore1906-
DS/UK/4213Knight; Alan John (1902-1979); Archbishop of the West Indies1902-1979
GB/109/6601Nineham; Dennis Eric (1921-2016); Professor of Theology and Head of Theology Department, Bristol University, 1980–861921-2016
GB/109/14214Thorp; Almus Morse (1912-); Director, Board of Theological Education1912-
DS/UK/4791Dean; Ralph Stanley (1913-1987); archbishop of Cariboo1913-1987
DS/UK/3554Bardsley; Cuthbert Killick Norman (1907-1991); bishop of Coventry1907-1991
GB/109/11480Howard; Dame; Rosemary Christian (1916-1999); Secretary of the Board of Women's Work1916-1999
GB/109/12741Verney; Stephen Edmund (1919-2009); suffragan bishop of Repton1919-2009
DS/UK/3561Barry; (Frank) Russell (1890-1976); bishop of Southwell1890-1976
GB/109/11833Woollcombe; Kenneth John (1924-2008); Bishop of Oxford1924-2008
DS/UK/3810Emrich; Richard Stanley Merill (1910-1997); bishop of Michigan1910-1997
DS/UK/4083Hollis; (Arthur) Michael (1899-1986); Bishop in Madras; Moderator of the Church of South India1899-1986
DS/UK/4997Vaughan; Benjamin Noel Young (1917-2003); Bishop of Swansea and Brecon1917-2003
DS/UK/5425Jenkins; David Edward (1925-2016); Bishop of Durham1925-2016
DS/UK/5006Wilson; John Leonard (1897-1970); Bishop of Birmingham1897-1970
298Coggan; Frederick Donald (1909-2000); Baron Coggan; Archbishop of Canterbury1909-2000
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
DS/UK/4721Brown; Laurence Ambrose (1907-1994); Bishop of Birmingham1907-1994
484Paton; David Macdonald (1913-1992); Secretary of Council for Ecumenical Co-operation of Church Assembly1913-1992
DS/UK/4966Simms; George Otto (1910-1991); Archbishop of Armagh1910-1991
DS/UK/4937Ray; Chandu (1923-); Bishop of Karachi1923-
GB/109/9544Moncreiff; Francis Hamilton (1906-1984); bishop of Glasgow and Galloway, and primus of the Episcopal Church in Scotland1906-1984
458Morris; Alfred Edwin (1894-1971); Bishop of Monmouth, and Archbishop of Wales1894-1971
DS/UK/3756De Mel; Hiyanirindu Lakdasa Jacob (1902-1976); metropolitan of the Church of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon1902-1976
DS/UK/4356MacInnes; Angus Campbell (1901-1977); archbishop in Jerusalem1901-1977
DS/UK/4713Baker; John Gilbert Hindley (1910-1986); Bishop of Hong Kong and Macao1910-1986
DS/UK/4986Taylor; Robert Selby (1909-1995); Archbishop of Cape Town1909-1995
DS/UK/3566Beecher; Leonard James (1906-1987); Archbishop of East Africa1906-1987
DS/UK/4968Skelton; Kenneth John Fraser (1918-2003); Bishop of Lichfield1918-2003
DS/UK/5208Lesser; Norman Alfred (1902-1985); Archbishop of New Zealand1902-1985
DS/UK/4981Strong; Sir; Philip Nigel Warrington (1899-1983); Primate of Australia1899-1983
DS/UK/5476Roseveare; (Reginald) Richard (1902-1972); bishop of Accra1902-1972
DS/UK/5015Odutola; Solomon Odunaiya (fl. 1951-1968); bishop of Ibadanfl. 1951-1968
DS/UK/4962Shearburn; Victor George (1900-1975); Bishop of Rangoon1900-1975
DS/UK/4763Chiu Ban It; Joshua (1918-2016); Bishop of Singapore and Malaya1918-2016
DS/UK/5424Hines; John Elbridge (1910-1997); presiding bishop of P.E.C.U.S.A.1910-1997
GB/109/9185Inman; (Thomas George) Vernon (1904-1989); Bishop of Natal1904-1989
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