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Extent194 ff.
TitleLambeth Conference 1968: Conference planning and business: Agenda & preparatory work
DescriptionPapers relating to preparatory work on, and discussions of, the agenda for the 1968 Lambeth Conference, including: note of discusions at the Lambeth Consultative Body, April 1964 (ff.1-2); papers and correspondence with Dr. Kathleen Bliss, the Revd. Dewi Morgan, Robert Stopford, Bishop of London, and SPCK staff on education as a conference theme (ff.3-8, 19-21,25-30,32-38,48-54,68-75); correspondence between Bishop Dean and Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, on themes and structure for the Conference (ff.9-12, 79-81,91,111); Bishop Dean's preparatory memorandum, Feb. 1965 (ff.13-16); correspondence with Canon Jasper on liturgical matters, 1965 (ff.17-18); letters from Donald Coggan, Archbishop of York, Frank Woods, Archbishop of Melbourne on duration, date, themes, membership and place of meeting, (ff.22-24,40-43,45-46); correspondence with Walter H. Gray, Bishop of Connecticut on expenses of bishops attending the conference, 1965 (ff.44,47); correspondence with the Revd. Dewi Morgan on a possible book 'My Hopes for Lambeth 1968' (ff.56-57); letter from Norman Lesser, Archbishop of New Zealand, to Archbishop Ramsey asking that baptismal reform should be on the agenda, with response, 1965 (ff.58-60); notes from discussions between Archbishop Ramsey and Bishop Dean, Sept. 1965 (ff.61-63); correspondence between the Revd. Raymond Turvey (National Evangelical Anglican Alliance) and Bishop Dean about the agenda, 1966 (ff.64-65, 83-84); unsigned letter to Gerald Ellison, Bishop of Chester, about sharing the Report of the Commission on Women and Holy Orders with the Secretary of the Methodist Commission, 23 Feb. 1966 (f.66); unsigned letter to Bishop Ralph Dean about the inclusion of Ministry and the Order of Deaconesses, 23 Feb. 1966 (f.67); Bishop Dean's reflections on the agenda, 24 April 1966 (ff.76-77); note on Archbishop Ramsey's wish to include the Thirty-Nine Articles, 5 May 1966 (f.78); synopsis of theologians' meeting, 17 June 1966 (ff.85-90); correspondence between Canon Paton, Bishop Dean and Archbishop Ramsey about a request from Fr. Benedikt Reuter for access to the proceedings of the Lambeth Conferences 1920-1930 (refused) (ff.92,99,101,110); Bishop Dean's proposed outline for Lambeth, 24 June 1966 (ff.94-96); correspondence between Bishop Dean and the Revd. David Jenkins on a breakdown on Section I (ff.97,100); Memorandum to the Clergy by Dr. Peter Day, with a response from Bishop Dean, July 1966 (ff.103-106); breakdown of sections (ff.107-108); letter from Archbishop Coggan to Archbishop Ramsey with ideas for Conference planning, 26 July 1966 (f.112); invitation from Archbishop Ramsey to the Most Revd. H.H. Clark to chair the section on Faith, 3 Aug. 1966 (f.113); discussion between Bishop Dean, Canon Paton and Archbishop Ramsey on using preparatory material for the fourth assembly of the World Council of Churches in the Lambeth Conference (ff.114-116); letter from Canon Paton about the production of preparatory material with copy of a letter from Canon Moss and Minutes of the MECCA Advisory Group on Study and Research, 20 Sept. 1966 (ff.119-125); Canon Paton's Notes on the preparation of the programme of the Lambeth Conference 1968, 27 Sept. 1966 (ff.127-136); notes on timetable, dress, groups, services (ff.137-143); list of names of thise who attended the World Council Conference on the Church and Society (ff.144-147); correspondence about the possible inclusion of liturgical matters (ff.148,151-53,158-163); correspondence about the possible inclusion of international affairs, aid and development (ff.149-150,164-172); letter from Wilburn C. Campbell, Bishop of West Virginia, on the possible inclusion of the ministry of healing (ff.154-156); letter from Edwin Barker enclosing his paper 'Notes on the Morality of Nations', with response (ff.173-176); letter from John C. Vockler, Bishop in Polynesia, asking for polygamy and the baptism of polygamists to be included, with response (ff.178,181); correspondence between Bishop Dean and Archbishop Ramsey about daily devotional sessions (ff.179,182-184); correspondence between the Revd. Stephen Foster and Bishop Dean about discussing international economic justice, 1968 (ff.185-187); correspondence between Foster Murray, British Council of Churches, and Bishop Dean about discussing world poverty, 1968 (ff.188-189); An Open Letter to the Members of the Lambeth Conference from the Churches' Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies, 1 August 1968 (ff.190-194).

Correspondents include: Ralph S. Dean, Bishop of Cariboo (passim); Archbishop Ramsey (passim); Bishop Stephen F. Bayne (ff.31,39,180); Revd. Professor Howard Root (ff.93,98); Kenneth Skelton, Bishop of Matabeleland (ff.152-153,157); Canon Ronald Jasper (ff.17-18159-161); Sir Kenneth Grubb (ff.164-166); Canon R.S.O. Stevens (ff.167-168,170); Revd. John Wilkinson, USPG (ff.168-169,171); J.W. Sadiq, Bishop of Nagpur (ff.172,177);
AdminHistoryOriginal file title: Agenda & preparatory

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552Stopford; Robert Wright (1901-1976); Bishop of London1901-1976
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GB/109/12738Barker; Edwin (fl.1972); secretary of the Board for Social Responsibilityfl.1972
577Vockler; John Charles (1924-2014); Bishop in Polynesia1924-2014
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DS/UK/6231Grubb; Sir; Kenneth George (1900-1980); missionary and public servant1900-1980
GB/109/24218Wilkinson; John Donald (1929-); Anglican clergyman1929-
DS/UK/4954Sadiq; John William (fl. 1935-1968); Bishop of Nagpurfl. 1935-1968
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