RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoFisher 313
Extent78 ff.
TitlePhotograph album, including photographs of Geoffrey Francis FISHER, Archbishop of Canterbury
DescriptionPhoto album depicting the Archbishop Canterbury, Contemporary people and Events

ff1 - Queen Victoria Leaving St Paul's Cathedral after the Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving Service 1897
ff2 - Newspaper drawing of a speech in the House of Lords for the Education Bill
ff3 - A Record Episcopal Gathering : 157 Prelates in one Group
ff4 - A collection of four photos including King George and the Archbishop of York (Lang), Postcard sent by Dr Armitage Robinson to Archbishop Davidson, King George and Queen Mary on first Royal Industrial Tour [two photos]
ff5 - Archbishop Davidson at the opening of Wembley and his address to the crowd
ff6 - Archbishop Davidson and the Locum Tenens of Constantinople
ff7 - The Consultative body of the Lambeth Conference, 1920 (includes Bishop Coppleston, Primus Robberds, Bishop Furse, Bishop Walpole, Bishop Donaldson, Bishop Price, Bishop Burge, Archbishop D'Arcy, Archbishop Lang, Archbishop Davidson, Primate Matherson, Archbishop Edwards)
ff8 - Archbishop Lang with the Bishop of Dover, Rose, and the Bishop of Croydon, Anderson
ff9 - Archbishop Lang with the Canterbury Diocesan Staff, 1940 (Canon Bradfield, Archdeacon Sopwith, Archdeacon Sargent, Reverend Thomson, Bishop Rose, Archbishop Lang, Bishop Anderson)
ff10 - London Diocesan Staff (Archdeacon Phillimore, Bishop Gresford Jones, Archdeacon Sharpe, Archdeacon Lambert, Bishop Balty, Bishop Fisher, Bishop Montgomery-Campbell)
ff11r - Opening Service - Lambeth Palace Conference
ff11v - The Archbishop addresses the opening session
ff12 - A collection of two pictures showing the Lambeth Conference 1948 Bishop and Mrs P. J. Jones from Sierra Leone with the Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, and The Assistant Bishop of Colombo (De Mel), the Bishop of Delhi (Mukerjee), the Bishop of Assam (Biswas)
ff13 - Archbishop Fisher in his reconstructed study at Lambeth Palace, Newspaper
ff14 - The visit of the Omujama of Toro and his wife to Lambeth Palace in the summer of 1950, seen with the Archbishop and Mrs Fisher in the Courtyard
ff15 - Lambeth Palace floodlit for the festival of Britain, 1951
ff16 - Formation of the Province of West Africa, 1951 (Archbishop of West Africa Vining, Mayor of Freetown, Archbishop Fisher, Canon Howells, Reverend Long)
ff17 - Archbishop Fisher preaching in Boston Massachusetts, Old North Church
ff18 - Blank
ff19 - Mr Nkojo, Priminister of Toro and 9 other Uganda Chiefs and leading citizens including Mrs Kisinkole, visit Lambeth Palace 1952
ff20 - Archbishop Fisher dedicating the window in Westminster hall
ff21 - Dean of Canterbury Hewlett Johnson
ff22 - The Archbishop talks to two Pages after the final rehearsal
ff23 - Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen and Duke of Edinburgh drive to the Abbey in the Coronation Coach
ff24 - Queen arrives at Westminster Abbey
ff25 - The presenting of the Bible by the Moderator of the Church of Scotland
ff26 - Two pictures showing the Anointing and the investing of the Queen in the supertunia during the Coronation
ff27 - A series of three pictures (one loose) showing the crowning
ff28 - The Archbishop places St Edward's Crown on the Queen's head
ff29 - Two photos showing the Queen receiving the Homage of the Archbishop and the Procession down the Abbey
ff30 - Procession down the Nave
ff31 - On the Balcony at Buckingham Palace
ff32 - A Royal group photograph at Buckingham Palace
ff33 - Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh in the throne room at Buckingham Palace
ff34 - Three pictures of the Royal Tour to Australia and New Zealand 1953 including, The Queen and Duke being entertained in tonga by Queen Salote, The Maori Reception at Rotorud, The Queen leaving the Cathedral Church of St Mary Auckland with Bishop Simkin
ff35 - Two pictures showing the State Opening of Parliament in New Zealand and the Queen laying the foundation stone of Wellington Cathedral 1954
ff36 - Blank
ff37 - Three photos showing the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and the Royal children, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh retuning to Buckingham Palace, the Welcome Home luncheon to the Queen at Mansion House 1954
[ff38 not present]
ff39 - The Archbishop of Canterbury attends the Anglican Congress at Minneapolis and the Second Assembly of the World Council of Churches at Evansont 1954 photos showing, The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Reverend Sherrill Walking in procession to attend service, The retiring Presidents of the World Council of Churches, Bishop Berggrav, Archbishop Athenagoras of Thyateira, Dr Marc Beogner, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Bishop Bromley Oxnam
ff40 - The Archbishop of Canterbury's visit to Western Canada 1954 , showing, the dedication of the Winnington Ingram Tower and Window in Victoria B.C, the Archbishop preaching at the Diocesan Service in Victoria
ff41 - The Archbishop and Mrs Fisher sail for home on the Queen Elizabeth 1954
ff42 - The Archbishop and Mrs Fisher receive the Emperor of Ethiopia at Lambeth Palace
ff43 - The Queen And the Duke of Edinburgh leaving 10 Downing Street after dining with Winston and Lady Churchill before their resignation. 1955
ff44 - Winston Churchill leaving 10 Downing Street to tender his resignation to the Queen
ff45 - The Inauguration of the Province of Central Africa in Salisbury Cathedral, Southern Rhodesia (2 pictures)
ff46 - After the Inauguration, two photos showing, the Bishop Hughes, Archbishop Paget, Archbishop Clayton, Archbishop Fisher, Bishop Thorne, Bishop Green-Wilkinson, the Archbishop of Canterbury shares a joke with the Archbishops of Cape town and Central Africa and the Bishop of Matabeleland
ff47 - The Archbishop of Canterbury laying the Foundation stone of the Memorial Church at Fort Hall, Mrs Fisher greeting women at Fort Hall
ff48 - The Consecration of four African Assistant Bishops in Namirembe Cathedral Uganda, Mrs Fisher speaks to women’s organisations in Kampala Uganda
ff49 - The Archbishop and Mrs Fisher with their Chaplains, Secretaries, and Domestic Staff
ff50 - The Rededication of Lambeth Chapel, the Scene in the Chapel at the Moment of Rededication
ff51 - The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh walking along the Picture Gallery
ff52 - The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret after the service followed by the Archbishop's Chaplain
ff53 - The Queen Leaving Lagos Cathedral with Archbishop Horstead of West Africa followed by the Duke of Edinburgh and Bishop Howells, the Archbishop of Canterbury with the Archbishop of York (Ramsey) after the latter’s Confirmation of Election in Lambeth Palace Chapel
ff54 - Visit of the Supreme Catholicos of All Armenians, three photos showing, the Archbishop with His Holiness Vazgen I, the Archbishop and the Supreme Catholicos in procession to the Armenain Church of St Sarkis, the Archbishop with Bishop Bessak Toumayan, Vazgen I, Bishop Serope Manougian and Reverend Parkey Gevorkian
ff55 - Reverend Jean Marcel talking to the Archbishop after his consecration as the first Malagasy Assistant Bishop in Madagascar in Lambeth Palace Chapel 1956, Meeting of the Consultative Body of the Lambeth Conference.
ff56 - Bishops of the Chung Huaa Sheng Kung Hui (the Holy Catholic Church in China)
ff57 - The Bishop of London, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of Cape Town on the occasion of the conferring of a Lambeth D.D on the latter, the Archbishop of Canterbury entertains the Patriarch of the Armenians
ff58 - Lambeth Conference 1958, two photos showing Fulham Gardens, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Reverend Mother Clare of the Deaconess Community of St Andrew and Mrs Ridley after the conferment of Lambeth M.A degrees
ff59 - Two photos of the opening service in Canterbury Cathedral for the Lambeth Conference
ff60 - Two photos showing part of the procession into the Cathedral at Canterbury, the withdrawal from Canterbury Cathedral
ff61 - Reception of Delegates from other Churches, the Anglican Delegation, the Reverend Alexander Jonescu and Metropolitan Joseph Varna and Metropolitan Justin of Moldavia and Metropolitan Pitirim of Minsk
ff62 - The Bishop of Kurunagala (DeMel) and the presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the USA (Sherrill), the Archbishop of York and Mrs Ramsey with the Metropolitan Pitirim of Minsk
ff63 - The Archbishop of York and the Presiding Bishop of the Church in Japan (Yashiro), Bishops entering St Pauls for the Eucharist on 6th July
ff64 - Two pictures of St Pauls Cathedral 6th July
ff65 - Two pictures of the Great Hall during the opening sessions of the Lambeth Conference 1958
ff66 - Bishop Yashiro, Bishop of Adelaide, Bishop of South Tokyo, Assistant Bishop of Calcutta, and Bishop of the Arctic entertained by the Missions to Semen, Old Marlburian Bishops
ff67 - The Closing Service at Westminster Abbey 1958
ff68r - Bishop Sherrill preaching at the closing service in Westminster Abbey
ff68v - Inauguration of the Church of the Province of East Africa 1960, the Archbishop of Canterbury presents the First Archbishop of East Africa (Beecher) to the people
ff69r - The Archbishop of Canterbury in East Africa, Arrival at Masasi
ff69v - The Archbishop of Canterbury visits Jerusalem, Istambul, and Rome 1961, in Sumaria
ff70r - Jacobs Well Archbishop of Canterbury and Canon Edward Every, The bishop in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria (Najib Cuba'in) and the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop in Jerusalem (MacInnes) in the Via Dolorosa, The Archbishop of Canterbury celebrates at the Orthodox Altar in the Chapel of Abraham above Calvary
ff70v - Archiepiscopal animals
ff71r - The Archbishop with Sephardi Chief Rabbi Isaac Nissim, The Archbishop leaving the Tomb inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, The Archbishop talking to the Apostolic Delegate and the Latin Patriarch in Jerusalem
ff71v- Istanbul
ff72r - Greeting by the Oecumenical Patriarch, The Armenian Patriarch in Istanbul (Karekin) with Revrend Temple, Reverend Piper
ff72v - Rome the Archbishop (Fisher) drives to the Vatican to meet with Pope John Paul, Making Friends with young Roman Citizens
ff73v - Inauguration of the Church of the Province of Uganda, Rwanda and Burindi, Conference of African Archbishops
ff74r - Laying the Foundation stone of Mbale Cathedral, At Mbale Uganda
ff74v - The retiring Archbishop of Canterbury (Fisher) with the Archbishop-Elect of Canterbury (Ramsey) and Archbishop-Elect of York (Coggan), Archbishop and Mrs Fisher photographed with some of their staff before leaving Lambeth Palace
Copiesff. 19, 48, 74a
Negative Microfilm: Lambeth Palace Library, Box 871

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971Diocese of London; Cathedral Church of St. Paul
NA1691Victoria (1819-1901); Queen of Great Britain and Ireland1819-1901
14Lang; William Cosmo Gordon (1864-1945); Archbishop of Canterbury1864-1945
15Davidson; Randall Thomas (1848-1930); Baron Davidson of Lambeth; Archbishop of Canterbury1848-1930
DS/UK/5823Williamson; Edward William (-1953); Bishop of Swansea and Brecon-1953
DS/UK/3735D'Arcy; Charles Frederick (1859-1938); Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland1859-1938
DS/UK/3780Edwards; Alfred George (1848-1937); Archbishop of Wales1848-1937
DS/UK/3833Rose; Alfred Carey Wollaston (-1971); Suffragan Bishop of Dover-1971
DS/UK/3756De Mel; Hiyanirindu Lakdasa Jacob (1902-1976); metropolitan of the Church of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon1902-1976
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
DS/UK/5343Vining; Leslie Gordon (-1955); Archbishop of the Province of West Africa-1955
398Johnson; Hewlett (1874-1966); Dean of Canterbury1874-1966
DS/UK/3805Elizabeth II (1926-); Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland1926-
GB/109/6696Philip (1921-2021); Duke of Edinburgh1921-2021
DS/UK/4420Martin; Thomas (fl. 1920); moderator of the Church of Scotlandfl. 1920
DS/UK/5585Sopwith; Thomas Karl (1873-1945); Archdeacon of Canterbury1873-1945
DS/UK/5480Sargent; Alexander (1895-1989); Archdeacon of Canterbury1895-1989
NA2789Margaret Rose (1930-2002); Princess1930-2002
DS/UK/3571Berggrav; Eivind Josef (1884-1959); bishop of Oslo1884-1959
255Kokkinakis; Athenagoras II (1912-1979); Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain1912-1979
DS/UK/5392Selassie; Haile (1892-1975); Emperor of Ethiopia1892-1975
DS/UK/4861Hughes; John Taylor (1908-2001); suffragan Bishop of Croydon1908-2001
DS/UK/5168Paget; Edward Francis (1886-1971); archbishop of Central Africa1886-1971
DS/UK/3699Clayton; Geoffrey Hare (1884-1957); Archbishop of Cape Town1884-1957
DS/UK/3848Fisher; Lady; Rosamond Chevallier (1890-1986); née Forman; wife of Archbishop Fisher1890-1986
DS/UK/4093Horstead; James Lawrence Cecil (1898-1989); archbishop of West Africa1898-1989
GB/109/9515Howells; Adelukun Williamson Fowell Olumide (1905-1963); Bishop of Lagos1905-1963
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
GB/109/16397George VI of Armenia (fl. 1945-1954); Supreme Catholicos of All Armeniansfl. 1945-1954
GB/109/10963Vazgen I (1908-1994); Catholicos of the Armenian Apostolic Church1908-1994
298Coggan; Frederick Donald (1909-2000); Baron Coggan; Archbishop of Canterbury1909-2000
GB/109/21930Karekin II Kazanjian (1927-1988); Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople1927-1988
DS/UK/4356MacInnes; Angus Campbell (1901-1977); archbishop in Jerusalem1901-1977
DS/UK/6275Cuba'in; Najib Atallah (fl. 1957-1968); Bishop in Jordan, Lebanon and Syriafl. 1957-1968
DS/UK/3566Beecher; Leonard James (1906-1987); Archbishop of East Africa1906-1987
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