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Alt Ref NoFP Winnington-Ingram 4
DescriptionGeneral correspondence mainly with clergy, 1901-7, including the following correspondents or subjects:
BLAXLAND (Rev. George Cuthbert) (ff.48-9).
BROWN (Rev. Richard Howel) (ff.81-2).
CONGREVE (Rev. George) (ff.83-4).
CORNISH (Rev. Charles William) (ff.8-9).
CRONSHAW (Rev. Herbert Priestley), 1901 (ff.1-5).
ELLIS (Rev. Richard Prosser) (ff.85-6).
ELLISON (Rev. Douglas) (ff.10-11).
ELWIN (Rev. Arthur) (ff.87-91).
ENGSTROM (Rev. Charles Robert Lloyd), secretary of the Christian Evidence Society (ff.12-15).
EVANS (Rev. David) (ff.16-19).
EVANS (Rev. E.) (ff.50-3).
FLYNN (Rev. John Stephen) (ff.20-1).
GREENUP (Rev. Albert William) (f.94).
GRENSIDE (Rev. Charles Edward) (ff.54-7).
HAMILTON (Rev. William Henry) (ff.22-31).
HODGE (Rev. Edward Grose) (f.99).
HUDSON (Rev. John) (ff.100-3).
JENNER-FUST (Rev. Denton) (ff.95-8).
KELK (Rev. Harold) (ff.58-63).
LEGGE (Augustus), bishop of Lichfield (ff.104-5).
LIGHTFOOT (Rev. John Alfred) (ff.106-7).
MACCOLL (Canon Malcolm) (ff.108-9).
M'CORMICK (Rev. Joseph) (ff.110-11).
MOSSE (Rev. Edward Henry) (ff.112-13).
ORMSBY (Rev. William Watson King) (ff.42-5).
PARRY (Rev. John), rural dean of Hammersmith (ff.114-15).
PURCELL (Rev. Philip) (ff.32-5).
QUIBELL (Rev. Cecil Leavers) (ff.36-8).
RADCLIFFE (Rev. ---) (ff.64-5).
RAYMOND (Rev. William Maynard) (ff.66-8).
RICHARDS (Rev. William) (ff.69-71).
RIDGEWAY (Frederic Edward), suffragan bishop of Kensington (ff.116-19).
ROBERTS (Rev. Charles Herbert) (ff.72-3).
ROWLEY (Rev. William) (ff.74-6).
SAUNDERS (Rev. Henry Martyn) (ff.120-4).
SEYMOUR (Rev. Victor Alexander) (ff.125-6).
SHARP (Rev. Benjamin Oswald) (ff.127-38).
SHAW (Rev. Bernard Day Douglas) (ff.139-42).
SMITH (Rev. Thomas Landulph) (ff.143-50).
SWANN (Rev. Nathanael Emilius Egerton) (ff.151-4).
TAYLER (Rev. Richard Stephen Grillia) (ff.155-6).
TAYLOR (Rev. John Horace Newsham) (ff.77-80).
TODD (Rev. James Cameron) (ff.157-9).
TURNER (Charles Henry), suffragan bishop of Islington (ff.160-1).
WACE (Henry), dean of Canterbury (ff.39-41).
WILLOUGHBY (Rev. James Mason) (ff.46-7).
Report of commission of enquiry into the spiritual needs of Millbank, 1903 (ff.162-6).
Correspondence on education, including Society for physical voice training, 1896-1901 (ff.167-79);
religious instruction in schools and diocesan inspectors, 1902, 1904 (ff.180-200);
London colleges, 1904-5, including, King's College, St. Mark's Chelsea, and Whitelands College (ff.203-24).
Correspondence on marriage, 1902-5 (ff.225-46)
Retails Traders' protest against the LCC General Powers Bill, 1904 (ff.247-8).
Correspondence on continental chaplaincies, 1901-5, including Innsbruck, 1901 (ff.249-55);
Brussels, 1901, 1905 (ff.256-73);
Paris, 1905 (ff.274-5).
Correspondence on the Church overseas including the ordination of Canadians, 1904 (ff.276-80);
History of the Church of Canada, by Bishop Winnington-Ingram, 1907 (ff.281-325);
Falkland Isles chaplaincy, 1905 (ff.326-9);
Indian chaplaincies (ff.330-4);
St. Andrew's College, Grahamstown, South Africa
missions to Jews in Palestine, 1902 (ff.342-9).
349 ff.
CustodialHistoryPart formerly FP 414

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