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TitleCorrespondence and papers
DescriptionCorrespondence and papers concerning benefices in the diocese of London, and including:
Matching, Essex: right of presentation and the appointment of the Rev. Stephen Law as vicar, 1755 (ff.1-20).
Meesden, Herts.: account of the curacy, 1752-3 (ff.21-4).
Mount Bures, Essex: permission to sell a church bell to `beautify the inside of the church', 1759 (f.25).
Netteswell, Essex: removal of the curate, 1755-6 (ff.26-30).
Pattiswick, Essex: status as a donative, 1750, and appointment the minister, 1753 (ff.31-7).
Pontisbright, Essex: non-residence of the Rev. William Stringer, 1750, 1751 (ff.38-44).
Rawreth and Benfleet, Essex: value of the livings, 1750 (ff.45-6).
Redbourn, Herts.: curacy of the Rev. Frederick Ildeston, 1751 (ff.47-54).
St. Albans, Herts., St. Stephen: testimonial of the Rev. George Wilkinson, former curate, 1752;
and non-residence of the Rev. Daniel Bellamy, vicar, 1755 (ff.55-8).
Salcot Virley, Essex: financial straits of the Rev. Robert Macro, 1758 (ff.59-60).
Sandridge, Herts.: licensing to be non-resident in the dilapidated the vicarage house, 1756 (ff.61-2).
Sawbridgeworth, Herts.: report of the death of the the Rev. Jeremiah Nicolson, incumbent, 1754 (ff.63-4).
Snoreham, Essex: legal opinion on the presentation of the Rev. Paul Wright as rector, 1751-2 (ff.65-71).
Springfield, Essex: union of the benefices of Springfield Bosville and Springfield Richards, 1753 (ff.72-3).
Staines, Middx.: bequest of the Rev. [Robert] Watts, 1751, 1754 (ff.74-8).
Stambridge, Great, Essex: sale of church bells to `beautify the church', 1751, 1754 (ff.79-83).
Stambridge, Little, Essex: non-residence of the Rev. Thomas Loveder, 1761 (ff.84-8).
Totham, Great, Essex: exclusion of a parishioner from holy communion, 1759 (f.89).
Wapping, Middx.: election of the Rev. John Smith as lecturer, 1752-4 (ff.90-110).
Westminster, Middx., St. Paul, Covent Garden: act of parliament for the constitution of parish, 1748 (printed) (ff.111-21).
St. Margaret: George Whicker's charity, 1748 (f.122).
St. Martin-in-the-Fields: churchwardens' presentment, 1753 (f.123).
Wethersfield, Essex: disputed over the appointment of lecturer, 1753 (ff.124-9).
Wigborough, Essex: dilapidated state of the church, (ff.130-2).
Wivenhoe, Essex: advice on an intended marriage with deceased wife's sister at, 1758 (ff.133-4).
General correspondence on diocesan administration, 1750-60, (ff.135-57), including:
Legal opinion on the registration of ordinations by the bishop of Bangor in lieu of the bishop of London, 1750 (ff.135-8).
Application of James Bailly for ordination, 1750 (ff.139-40).
Accounts of the Charterhouse, 1752-3 (ff.142-3).
Bond on the appointment of the Rev. Tristram Evans as surrogate, 1754 (ff.144-5).
Legal opinion on the right of a registrar to withold records from the bishop, 1760 (ff.146-7).
Papers concerning visitations of the diocese of London, 1748-59, including visitation return, 1750 (ff.148-66).
Correspondence and papers on the pay of naval chaplains, c.1749-61 (ff.167-82).
Accounts of the income of the see of London, 1750-9 (ff.183-98).
198 ff.
CustodialHistoryAt least part formerly FP 455

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