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TitleAnglican churches and clergy in Australia, Pacific islands, Hawaii, New Zealand, China, Japan, Java, South America and the Falkland Islands
Descriptionff.1-13 Letters on the consecration of the Bishop of Natal and on grants by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel to the Diocese of Melbourne, and on the title of the colonial church after Irish disestablishment; 1869-1870. Correspondents include the Bishops of Sydney, Melbourne and Cape Town.
ff.14-52 Correspondence and papers on Fiji; 1874-1884. Including proposal to endow the Bishopric of Fiji, episcopal oversight of the islands, ecclesiastical work in, S.P.G. missionaries, and matters in the districts of Levuka, Rewa and Suva. Correspondents include the Bishops of Auckland, Melbourne and Tasmania, and the Colonial Bishoprics Council of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.
ff.53-113 Correspondence and papers on the Diocese of Honolulu; 1869-1873. Including the visitation of Buenos Aires, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco and Monte Video [Montevideo]; the proposed establishment of a diocese of the Falkland Islands; the appointment and resignation of the Dean of Honolulu, and the appointment of the Bishop of the Falkland Islands; the Melanesian Mission; the South American Mission Society; resignation of the Bishop of Honolulu. Correspondents include the Bishops of Honolulu and Lichfield, Earl Granville, and the Archbishop of Canterbury.
ff.114-149 Correspondence and papers on the appointment of the Bishop of Dunedin; 1870-1875. Correspondents include the Archbishop of Canterbury.
ff.150-155 Correspondence on the appointment of a chaplain for the Azores; 1870. Correspondents include Earl Granville and Sir E.J. Monson.
ff.156-225 Correspondence and papers concerning China; 1869-1880. Including the appointment of a chaplain at Kin Kiang; financial support for the chaplain at Foochow; the death of Bishop Russell; the missionary status of St Paul's College Hong Kong and episcopal jurisdiction over missionaries; report from St Paul's College and mission on work in 1879. Correspondents include Lord Clarendon, the Church Missionary Society (copy), Archbishop Tait as Bishop of London, Baron Tenterden, and the Bishop of Hong Kong.
ff.226-246 Correspondence on episcopal jurisdiction over Yokohama, Japan; 1874-5. Correspondents include the Earl of Derby, J.B.Lee, and the C.M.S.
ff.247-273 Letters on the chaplaincy at Batavia, Java; 1870-1872. Correspondents include J.B. Lee, Earl Granville, and the Moslem Mission Society.
ff.274-315 Correspondence on Buenos Aires, Argentina; 1870-1873. Including provision for the widow and family of a former chaplain at Buenos Aires; and the appointment of a successor chaplain; marriages according to the rites of the Church of England and their legality in Argentina; episcopal jurisdiction including confirmations. Correspondents include the Society for Promoting the Employment of Additional Curates.
ff.316-352 Correspondence and papers on Bahia, Brazil; 1869-1876. Including Roman Catholic and other sponsors at baptism; vestments and legality of services; the appointment of a chaplain. Correspondents include Earl Granville.
ff.353-354 Letter on a missionary at British Honduras; 1869.
ff.355-367 Letters from Bishop Tozer, S.P.C.K. and S.P.G. on Cuba; 1874.
ff.368-408 Correspondence on the jurisdiction of the Bishop of the Falkland Islands, particularly over licensing and visitation; 1873-1874. Correspondents include the Bishop of the Falkland Islands, Earl Granville, and J.B. Lee.
ff.409-416 Letters on a chaplain at Collao, Peru; 1870-1871. Correspondents include the South American Missionary Society and the Bishop of the Falkland Islands.

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226Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; 1701-19651701-1965
1090Barker; Frederick (1808-1882); Bishop of Sydney and Metropolitan of Australia1808-1882
1091Church of England; Province of Sydney: Diocese of Melbourne
1044Gray; Robert (1809-1872); Metropolitan and Bishop of Capetown1809-1872
1094Perry; Charles (1807-1891); Bishop of Melbourne and Metropolitan of Australia1807-1891
1095Church of Ireland
1096Cowie; William Garden (1831-1902); Bishop of Auckland1831-1902
916Bromby; Charles Henry (1814-1907); Bishop of Tasmania1814-1907
998Staley; Thomas Nettleship (1823-1898); Bishop of Honolulu1823-1898
919Selwyn; George Augustus (1809-1878); Bishop of Lichfield1809-1878
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
1099Willis; Alfred (1836-1920); Bishop of Honolulu1836-1920
1100Church of England; Diocese of Honolulu; -1902-1902
1101Church of England; Province of New Zealand: Diocese of Dunedin
997Jenner; Henry Lascelles (1820-1898); Bishop of the Gallican Catholic Church1820-1898
1083Stirling; Waite Hockin (1829-1923); Bishop of the Falkland Islands; Canon of Wells1829-1923
1102Nevill; Samuel Tarratt (1837-); Primate of New Zealand1837-
1103Monson; Sir; Edmund John (1834-1909); Knight; Diplomat1834-1909
576Villiers; Lord; George William Frederick (1800-1870); 4th Earl of Clarendon1800-1870
1007Church Missionary Society; 1799-1799-
1104Russell; William Armstrong (1821-1879); Bishop of North China1821-1879
1105Abbott; Sir; Charles Stuart Aubrey (1834-1882); 3rd Baron Tenterden; Civil servant1834-1882
1106Burdon; John Shaw (1826-1907); Bishop of Hong Kong1826-1907
1107St Paul's College, Hong Kong
1080Stanley; Lord; Edward Henry (1826-1893); 15th Earl of Derby; statesman1826-1893
1077Lee; John Benjamin (fl.1860s-1880s); Registrar of the diocese of Londonfl.1860s-1880s
1108Moslem Mission Society
1109Additional Curates Society; 1837-; charity1837-
1003Tozer; William George (c.1829-1899); Bishop of Hondurasc.1829-1899
1110Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge; 1698-; publishing house1698-
1084South American Mission Society; 1844-1844-
GB/109/13888Melanesian Mission; 1849-1849-
GB/109/10072Leveson-Gower; Granville George (1815-1891); 2nd Earl Granville; politician1815-1891
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