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TitleAnglican churches and clergy in Canada; India; New Zealand; Australia; Africa; the West Indies; Hong Kong; Japan; Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America
Descriptionff.1-6 Letters on preferment for a clergyman from the Diocese of Montreal, and on the Montreal diocesan theological college; 1876, 1880. Correspondents include the Bishops of Montreal (some copies).
ff.7-8 Letter from Bishop Oxenden on the Bishop of Huron; 1878.
ff.9-10 Letter from Bishop Anderson on the appointment of a chaplain to Wiesbaden, Germany; 1869.
ff.11-12 Letter on the Saskatchewan Mission; 1875.
ff.13-76 Correspondence and papers on the Diocese of Calcutta; 1872-1884. Including letters on the work of the Church Missionary Society and other denominational missions, and the establishment of a mission and schools at Assam; letters from C.M.S., Assam and Cachar Missionary Society, Bishop of Calcutta, Colonial and Continental Church Society, the Rev. J. Bardsley, Lord Kimberley, the Bishop of Oxford, Bishop Claughton, Bishop McDougall and others on the appointment of and English preferment for colonial clergy including the Rev. J. Aberigh-Mackay, and on the legitimacy of colonial ordination, 1874-1884.
ff.77-122 Letters on the Diocese of Madras; 1871-1884. Including letters and papers on the appointment of chaplains and preferment for ex-colonial clergy, including from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the Earl of Clarendon (copies from 1854-1856), the Dean of Lichfield, Bishop of Madras, Marquis of Hartington [Cavendish], Suffragan Bishop of Dover, Lord Kimberley, the Rev. C.H. Turner. Clergy include the Ven.Vincent Shortland.
ff.123-147 Letters and papers on the Diocese of Bombay; 1871-1878. Including copy correspondence with the Governor of Bombay and papers on the churchmanship of the Bishop of Bombay, the Purchase judgement and the Public Worship Regulation Act, 1874; on provision for the widow of Bishop Douglas; on preferment for ex-colonial clergy; and from the Bishop of Bombay on the appointment and nomination of chaplains.
ff.148-220 Letters and papers on the Diocese of Colombo; 1876-1880. Including from Bishop Claughton. Letters on the ordination of colonial clergy and preferment for ex-colonial clergy, including from the Bishop of Colombo and the Church Missionary Society; on the jurisdiction of Indian Bishops including from the Bishop of Carlisle (printed); on the Bishop's visitation in 1879 and other diocesan affairs including jurisdiction over C.M.S. missionaries in Ceylon (printed: from the "Ceylon Diocesan Gazette" and "The Church Missionary Gleaner"), culminating in the advice (printed) of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, and the Bishops of London, Durham and Winchester.
ff.221-252 Letters on the appointment of chaplains in the Diocese of Lahore; 1883-1884. Correspondents include Lord Kimberley and the Bishop of Winchester.
ff.253-257 Letters on preferment for clergy from the Diocese of Toronto; 1878-1881.
ff.258-261 Letters from the Bishop of Nelson on the licensing of a clergyman in his diocese; 1880-1881.
ff.262-265 Letters from the Rev. R.H. Codrington and another on the appointment and ordination of a chaplain to Pitcairn Island in the diocese of Melanesia; 1884.
ff.266-277 Letters on the appointment, ordinations and later preferment of chaplains and C.M.S. missionaries in the Diocese of Sydney; 1878-1884.
ff.278-281 Letters from the Bishop of Tasmania on Jackson's translation to London and on the possibility of his working in the Diocese of London; 1869, 1883.
ff.282-289 Letters to Bishop Temple on a clergyman of the diocese of Sydney from the Archdeacon of Middlesex; 1885.
ff.290-299 Correspondence with the Bishop of Goulburn and others on Jackson's translation to London and on preferment for an ex-colonial chaplain; 1869, 1871.
ff.300-308 Letters from the Bishop of Grahamstown on Bishop Colenso, 1880, and from the Rev. A.T. Wirgman on a memorial church to Bishop Gray, 1882. Includes printed circular with copy letters from the Bishops of Grahamstown and Maritzburg and the Archdeacons of Bloemfontein and the Cape.
ff.309-322 Correspondence on the activities of Bishop Colenso in England, including with the Rev. E.C. Cure; 1874.
ff.323-326 Letters of introduction for the Bishop of Pretoria to Bishop Temple from the Bishop of Salisbury; 1885.
ff.327-328 Letter from Sir R.L. Playfair on the building of an Anglican church at Alexandria, Egypt; 1869.
ff.329-331 Letter criticising the appointment of the Bishop of Central Africa, and on membership of the Society of the Holy Cross; 1884.
f.332 Letter from the C.M.S. on the marriage of a missionary to West Africa; 1878.
ff.333-336 Letters from Bishop Tozer on a missionary; 1870.
ff.337-409 Correspondence with the Bishop of Kingston, the Archdeacon of Cornwall, Jamaica, and others on the Diocese of Jamaica; 1870-1884. Includes letters on the disestablishment of the church in Jamaica and the endowment of the see of Jamaica, with printed pamphlets, copy letters from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, 1870-1872; on the Bishop of Kingston's jurisdiction over the colony of British Honduras, 1872; on the actions and resignation of Bishop Tozer, 1880; on a clergyman, 1883-1884.
ff.410-418 Letters from the Bishop of Barbados and others on the employment in England of clergy of the Diocese of Barbados & the Windward Islands; 1871-1877.
ff.419-430 Letters on clergy in the Diocese of Antigua and on the endowment of the bishopric, including letters from the Bishop on his jurisdiction and resignation; 1869-1878. Includes "Rules of the Antigua Church Council adopted at a meeting of the Council..1875".
ff.431-444 Letters recommending a clergyman of the Diocese of Trinidad for the Bishopric of Sierra Leone, and on another clergyman; 1870-1877.
ff.445-449 Letters from the Diocesan Registrar, the Bishop of Victoria and Sir Travers Twiss on ordinations by the Bishop of Victoria; 1869.
ff.450-453 Letters on missionaries in Japan; 1870, 1880.
ff.454-502 Letters on clergy in the Diocese of the Falkland Islands, particularly at Bahia, Brazil, and Fray Bentos; 1873-1882. Correspondents include the Earl of Derby, Archdeacon Hessey, the Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy, the Bishop of the Falkland Islands, the South American Missionary Society, and the Bishops of Bangor and Manchester.
ff.503-506 Letters on "Historical Collections of the American Colonial Church", which used Fulham Papers (now at LPL), including from the Bishop of Kentucky; 1875.
ff.507-510 Letters of recommendation from the Bishop of New York; 1869, 1874.
ff.511-512 Letter from a clergyman in the Diocese of Oregon; 1884.

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1010Oxenden; Ashton (1808-1892); Bishop of Montreal and Metropolitan of Canada1808-1892
1011Montreal Diocesan Theological College; 1873-1873-
1012Bond; William Bennett (1815-1906); Metropolitan of Canda and Bishop of Montreal1815-1906
909Hellmuth; Isaac (1820-1901); Bishop of Huron1820-1901
1013Anderson; David (1814-1885); Bishop of Rupert's Land1814-1885
1014Church of England; Province of Lower Canada: Diocese of Montreal
1015Church of England; Province of Calcutta: Diocese of Calcutta
1007Church Missionary Society; 1799-1799-
1016Aberigh-Mackay; James (fl. 1820-1883); clergymanfl. 1820-1883
1017Assam and Cachar Missionary Society
1018Johnson; Edward Ralph (1819-1911); Metropolitan and Bishop of Calcutta1819-1911
908Colonial and Continental Church Society; 1861-1958; missionary society1861-1958
1019Bardsley; Joseph (?1829-?1894); Hon. Canon of Ripon?1829-?1894
1020Wodeshouse; Lord; John (1826-1902); 1st Earl of Kimberley; Statesman1826-1902
875Mackarness; John Fielder (1820-1889); Bishop of Oxford1820-1889
1021Claughton; Piers Calverley (1814-1884); Bishop of Colombo1814-1884
1022McDougall; Francis Thomas (1817-1886); Bishop of Labuan and Sarawak1817-1886
1023Church of England; Province of Calcutta: Diocese of Madras
82Musgrave; Thomas (1788-1860); Archbishop of York1788-1860
20Sumner; John Bird (1780-1862); Archbishop of Canterbury1780-1862
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
576Villiers; Lord; George William Frederick (1800-1870); 4th Earl of Clarendon1800-1870
965Champneys; William Weldon (1807-1875); Dean of Lichfield1807-1875
1024Shortland; Vincent (c.1800-c.1880); Archdeacon of Madrasc.1800-c.1880
1025Gell; Frederick (1820-1902); Bishop of Madras1820-1902
993Parry; Edward (1830-1890); Suffragan Bishop of Dover1830-1890
1026Turner; Charles Henry (1842-1923); Suffragan Bishop of Islington1842-1923
1027Church of England; Province of Calcutta: Diocese of Bombay
986Douglas; Henry Alexander (1821-1875); Bishop of Bombay1821-1875
1028Fitzgerald; Sir; William Robert Seymour Vesey (1818-1885); Knight; MP; Governor of Bombay1818-1885
989Mylne; Louis George (1843-1921); Bishop of Bombay1843-1921
1030Goodwin; Harvey (1818-1891); Bishop of Carlisle; mathematician1818-1891
1031Copleston; Reginald Stephen (1845-1925); Bishop of Calcutta1845-1925
81Thomson; William (1819-1890); Archbishop of York1819-1890
1032Lightfoot; Joseph Barber (1828-1889); Bishop of Durham1828-1889
94Browne; Edward Harold (1811-1891); Bishop of Winchester1811-1891
1033Church of England; Province of Calcutta: Diocese of Lahore; 1877-1877-
1034Church of England; Province of Canada: Diocese of Toronto
1035Church of England; Province of New Zealand: Diocese of Nelson
1036Suter; Andrew Burn (fl.1864-1895); Bishop of Nelsonfl.1864-1895
1037Church of England; Province of New Zealand: Diocese of Melanesia; 1861-1861-
1038Codrington; Robert Henry (1830-1922); Prebendary of Chichester; missionary1830-1922
1039Church of England; Province of Sydney: Diocese of Sydney
916Bromby; Charles Henry (1814-1907); Bishop of Tasmania1814-1907
895Hessey; James Augustus (1814-1892); Archdeacon of Middlesex1814-1892
16Temple; Frederick (1821-1902); Archbishop of Canterbury1821-1902
1040Thomas; Mesac (1816-1892); Bishop of Goulburn1816-1892
992Colenso; John William (1814-1883); Bishop of Natal1814-1883
1042Merriman; Nathaniel James (1810-1882); Bishop of Grahamstown1810-1882
1044Gray; Robert (1809-1872); Metropolitan and Bishop of Capetown1809-1872
1045Macrorie; William Kenneth (1831-1905); Bishop of Maritzburg1831-1905
1046Badnall; Hopkins (fl. 1820-1888); Archdeacon of Capetownfl. 1820-1888
1047Croghan; Davis George (?1840-c.1888); Archdeacon of Bloemfontein?1840-c.1888
890Cure; Edward Capel (?1829-); Canon of Windsor?1829-
449Moberly; George (1803-1885); Bishop of Salisbury1803-1885
1048Bousfield; Henry Brougham (1832-1902); Bishop of Pretoria1832-1902
1049Playfair; Sir; Robert Lambert (1828-1899); Knight; Author; Administrator1828-1899
1050Smythies; Charles Alan (1844-1894); Bishop of Zanzibar1844-1894
882Society of the Holy Cross; ?1855-?1855-
1003Tozer; William George (c.1829-1899); Bishop of Hondurasc.1829-1899
1053Cavendish; Lord; Spencer Compton (1833-1908); 8th Duke of Devonshire; Statesman1833-1908
1069Church of England; Province of the West Indies: Diocese of Jamaica
1070Courtenay; Reginald (1813-1906); Bishop of Kingston, Jamaica1813-1906
1071Rowe; William (fl.1870s); Archdeacon of Cornwall [Jamaica]fl.1870s
1073Mitchinson; John (1833-1918); Bishop of Barbados & the Windward Islands1833-1918
1074Church of England; Province of the West Indies: Diocese of Antigua
1075Jackson; William Walrond (1811-1895); Bishop of Antigua1811-1895
1076Church of England; Province of the West Indies: Diocese of Trinidad
1077Lee; John Benjamin (fl.1860s-1880s); Registrar of the diocese of Londonfl.1860s-1880s
1078Twiss; Sir; Travers (1809-1897); Knight; ecclesiastical lawyer; historian1809-1897
1079Alford; Charles Richard (1816-1898); Bishop of Victoria, Hong Kong1816-1898
1080Stanley; Lord; Edward Henry (1826-1893); 15th Earl of Derby; statesman1826-1893
1082Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy; 1655-1655-
1083Stirling; Waite Hockin (1829-1923); Bishop of the Falkland Islands; Canon of Wells1829-1923
1084South American Mission Society; 1844-1844-
1085Fraser; James (1818-1885); Bishop of Manchester1818-1885
1086Campbell; James Colquhoun (1813-1895); Bishop of Bangor1813-1895
1087Potter; Horatio (1802-1887); Bishop of New York1802-1887
1088Smith; Benjamin Bosworth (1794-1884); Bishop of Kentucky1794-1884
1089Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America
DS/UK/3645Church of England in Canada; -1955-1955
GB/109/8012Church of England; Province of the West Indies: Diocese of Barbados
GB/109/8556Church of England; Province of Calcutta: Diocese of Colombo
1144Wirgman; Augustus Theodore (1846-1917); Archdeacon of Port Elizabeth1846-1917
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