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TitleAnglican churches and chapels in Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland
Descriptionff.1-7 Letters on the chaplain at Ghent, Belgium; 1877, 1884. Correspondents include the Colonial and Continental Church Society.
ff.8-21 Letters on services and church work at Ostende, Belgium, and on the fabric of the church; 1875, 1877. Includes stray on the amount of subscription received by the Incorporated Church Building Society from the diocese of London.
ff.22-23 Letter on the church at Spa, Belgium; 1882.
ff.24-38 Correspondence on the building of a church and on the appointment of a chaplain at Avranches, France, and on a proposed chapel at Dinard, France; 1869-1881.
ff.39-42 Letters on the tenure of continental chaplaincies, in particular at Biarritz, France; 1884.
ff.43-69 Correspondence on the appointment of the Rev. W. Maule to the chaplaincy at Boulogne-sur-mer, France, and of subsequent chaplains; 1879-1884. Correspondents include the Governor and Bishops of Bombay, and the Bishops of Norwich and Rochester.
ff.70-73 Letters on the chaplaincy at Cherbourg, France; 1880.
ff.74-82 Letters on the chaplaincy at Dieppe, France; 1874-1883. Correspondents include the Bishop of Bath and Wells.
ff.83-100 Letters on the appointment of a chaplain at Dinard, France, and on his work; 1877-1884. Correspondents include the Bishop of Winchester and the Rev. E.R. Wilberforce.
ff.101-107 Letters on a locum tenens for the chaplain at Havre, France; 1877. Correspondents include the Bishop of Gloucester & Bristol.
ff.108-113 Letters on the building of a church at Mentone, France, and on the appointment of the Rev. H. Sidebotham as assistant chaplain; 1869, 1876. Correspondents include the Bishop of Gibraltar.
ff.114-132 Correspondence on the validity of the ordination by Bishop Colenso of the chaplain at St Servan Monplaisir, France; 1883.
ff.133-136 Letter to Archbishop Tait on the provision of services in a Home for orphaned and deserted English children at Neuilly, France; 1876. Writer is Ada M. Leigh - sisterhood?
ff.137-146 Letters from the Bishops of Dover, Gibraltar and Argyll & The Isles on the English church at Nice, France; 1874.
ff.147-148 Letter on the resignation of the chaplain at Orleans, France; 1882.
ff.149-155 Letters on the provision of clergy for the English church at Pan, France; 1876, 1878.
ff.156-178 Letters on the provision of clergy and a church building at Paris, France, on the conversion of a clergyman from the Roman Catholic Church, and on Pere Hyacinthe; 1869-1882. Correspondents include the Bishop of Edinburgh and Bishop Jenner.
ff.179-182 Letters on the chaplaincy at Rouen, France, including from the Archbishop of York; 1883.
ff.183-200 Letters on the celebration of a marriage by the chaplain at Baden-Baden, Germany, including letters to Archbishop Tait, and on the proposed building of a church with the Old Catholics in Baden-Baden, including from the Bishop of Winchester; 1872, 1881.
ff.201-202 Letters on the admission to Holy Communion of a resident of Berlin, Germany; 1881.
ff.203-214 Letters on missionaries and on the chaplain at Cologne, Germany, and on the preferment of colonially-ordained clergy; 1872-1880.
ff.215-217 Letters on the appointment of a chaplain at Darmstadt, Germany; 1881. Correspondents include the Bishop of Norwich.
ff.218-225 Letters on Dresden, Germany; 1880-1881. Correspondents include the Bishop of Rochester.
ff.226-229 Letters on the appointment of a chaplain at Gotha, Germany, including from the Bishop of Bath & Wells; 1881.
ff.230-233 Letters on the English chaplain at Hamburg, Germany, including from the German Ambassador; 1882.
ff.234-235 Letter on the validity of a Church of England marriage service to be performed in Heidelburg, Germany; 1869.
ff.236-239 Letters of testimonial from Bishop Staley and the Bishop of Gibraltar for the appointment of a chaplain at Leipzig, Germany; 1881.
f.240 Letter from the S.P.G. on the English church at Hanover, Germany; 1883.
ff.241-244 Letters including from the S.P.G. on the chaplain at Schwalbach, Germany; 1873.
ff.245-250 Letters on the chaplain at Stuttgart, Germany, including from the Suffragan Bishop of Guildford; 1877.
ff.251-256 Letters on the proposed Church of England church and on the University at Tübingen, Germany; 1877.
ff.257-258 Letter on the conversion of a Roman Catholic to the Church of England at Mosens, Italy; 1877.
ff.259-263 Letters from the chaplain at Siena, Italy, on his churchmanship and that of the Colonial and Continental Church Society; 1881.
ff.264-265 Letter from Sir C.E. Mansfield, Consul General, on the resignation of the chaplain of Warsaw, Poland; 1875.
ff.266-271 Letter on the chaplaincies at Madeira and on licences granted to chaplains, in particular the chaplain at Béco, Russia; 1875.
ff.272-275 Letters on the appointment and circumstances of the chaplain at Constadt, Russia, including from the Bishop of British Columbia; 1878-1879.
ff.276-279 Letters on confirmation candidates at Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia; 1882.
ff.280-320 Letters on the chaplaincy at St Petersburg, Russia; 1869-1884. Including on confirmations held by the Primus of Scotland at Berlin, Germany, and at St Petersburg, Russia; from the Bishop of Winchester and others on the appointment of a chaplain; from Bishop Tozer and the chaplain on a schoolmaster; on the provision of Anglican services in Finland, including building a church at Åbo; from Earl Granville, Sir E. Thornton and the Bishop of Aberdeen & Orkney on the burial of W.H. Hunt, the United States Minister to Russia.
ff.321-324 Letters from the Bishop of Gibraltar on the chaplain at Malaga, Spain; 1879-1880.
ff.325-336 Correspondence on missionary work in Spain, including on the ordination of Spanish missionaries in the Church of England, and on the former chaplain at Seville, Spain; 1875-1878. Includes printed paper on the Spanish Evangelical Church Missions at Mahon, Minorca, and Palma, Majorca.
ff.337-339 Letter from the chaplain at Gothenburg, Sweden; 1873.
ff.340-357 Letters and papers on Sweden; 1870-1881. Including on pastoral care for German wounded on the battle fields of Weissenburg and Wörth by an ordained deacon from the Church Missionary Society, including the administration of Holy Communion to the dying; the appointment of a chaplain at Stockholm; on German churches in London; and on the later employment of the former C.M.S. missionary.
ff.358-361 Letters on the appointment of a chaplain at Berne, Switzerland, including from the Bishop of Chichester; 1875.
ff.362-399 Correspondence on the chaplaincy at Geneva, Switzerland; 1873-1879. Including the appointment, licensing, and ordination of chaplains, with a letter from the Earl of Carnavon and; the ordination of an American clergyman; the patronage of the chaplaincy claimed by the S.P.G.
ff.400-404 Letters on the licensing of and exchange of benefices by the chaplain at Lausanne, Switzerland; 1875-1882. Correspondents include the Suffragan Bishop of Dover.
ff.405-408 Letters on the dedication of All Saints church, Veuvay, Switzerland, by the Bishop of Pennsylvania, and on an exchange of benefices by the chaplain; 1882.
ff.409-418 Letters on a missionary of the Colonial and Continental Church Society and on chaplains at Zurich, Switzerland; 1866
(copy) - 1870.

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983Maule; William (fl.1870s-1880s); Archdeacon of Bombayfl.1870s-1880s
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958Sandford; Charles Waldegrave (1828-1903); Bishop of Gibraltar1828-1903
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
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943Mackarness; George Richard (1823-1883); Bishop of Argyll and the Isles1823-1883
GB/109/7355Terrot; Charles Hughes (1790-1872); Scottish Episcopal Bishop of Edinburgh1790-1872
995Cotterill; Henry (1812-1886); Bishop of Edinburgh1812-1886
997Jenner; Henry Lascelles (1820-1898); Bishop of the Gallican Catholic Church1820-1898
81Thomson; William (1819-1890); Archbishop of York1819-1890
998Staley; Thomas Nettleship (1823-1898); Bishop of Honolulu1823-1898
1000Mansfield; Sir; Charles Edward (1828-1907); Knight; army officer; diplomat1828-1907
1003Tozer; William George (c.1829-1899); Bishop of Hondurasc.1829-1899
1004Thornton; Sir; Edward (1817-1906); Knight; Diplomat1817-1906
NA1292Suther; Thomas George (1814-1883); Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney1814-1883
NA1390Hunt; William Henry (1823-1884); United States Minister to Russia1823-1884
1006Spanish Evangelical Church Missions
1007Church Missionary Society; 1799-1799-
847Durnford; Richard (1802-1895); Bishop of Chichester1802-1895
226Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; 1701-19651701-1965
1009Stevens; William Bacon (1815-1887); Bishop of Pennsylvania1815-1887
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