RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoFP Jackson 51
TitleChurches in the patronage of the Bishop of London; churches in other English dioceses; Anglican churches and chapels in Europe
Descriptionff.1-3 Letter on Bishop Jackson's views of patronage for family members; 1876.
ff.4-11 Letters and papers on the condition of the church and congregation of Bishopstone, Sussex; 1883.
ff.12-14 Letter on rates and tithes at Bladon, Somerset; 1880.
ff.15-21 Letters on the appointment of an incumbent, and on repairs and tithe at Cowfold, Sussex; 1876.
ff.22-23 Letter on the appointment of an incumbent to East Wittering, Sussex; 1880.
ff.24-25 Letter on the incumbent of Much Hadham, Hertfordshire, including copies of letters from the Archbishop of Canterbury; 1868-1869.
ff.26-85 Letters and papers on Ilchester, Somerset: tithes, proposed union of benefices with Sock Dennis, and appointment of an incumbent; 1876-1883. Correspondents include the Bishop of Bath and Wells, the Rev. A. Cazenove and the Rev. E.C. Cure.
ff.86-91 Letters on a proposed scheme for building a chapel of ease in South Lancing (or Lancing by the Sea), Sussex; 1879. Includes letter from the Bishop of Chichester.
ff.92-114 Correspondence and papers on the consecration, licensing, fabric (particularly a memorial stained glass window) and furnishings of St Agnes Kennington, Surrey; 1874-1877. Correspondents include the Rev. J.A. Hessey.
ff.115-147 Correspondence and papers on the times and style of services at St John Putney; 1873-1874. Includes printed copies.
ff.148-149 Letter on the restoration of the chancel of Southfleet, Essex; 1879.
ff.150-178 Letters and papers on the pew rents of Roehampton, Surrey, and on the appointment of an incumbent; 1872-1873. Includes copy of opinion by T.H.Tristram and letters from the Rev. G.E. Biber.
ff.179-267 Correspondence and papers on the formation of a district of Holy Trinity South Wimbledon out of the parish of Wimbledon, Surrey, on the style and provision of services, on chapels of ease, and on burial fees; 1871-1877. Correspondents include the Rev. J. Sinclair, the Rev. H.W. Haygarth, T.H. Tristram.
f.268 Letter on a trust established for Cleethorpes church, Lincolnshire; 1874.
ff.269-272 Letter on the new church of St Swithin, Lincoln; 1873.
ff.273-275 Letter on the fulfilment of the Bishop's Commission on the Lower Danube by the Bishop of Gibraltar; 1869
ff.276-277, 280-282 Letters from the Bishops of Gibraltar and Winchester and from S.P.G. on overseas chaplains; 1877, 1881.
ff.278-279 Paper on the proposed Continental Chaplains Society; 1878 (printed).
ff.283-337 Letters and papers on the proposed new Suffragan Bishopric of North and Central Europe (Heligoland); 1880-1883. Correspondents include the Prime Minister, the Colonial and Continental Church Society, the Bishop of Huron, and Baron Ampthill. Letters addressed to Earl Granville and the Archbishop of York.
ff.338-339 Letter on services at Bruges, Belgium; 1881.
ff.340-374 Letters on chaplains and services at Brussels, Belgium; 1874-1884. Correspondents include the Bishop of Norwich.

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883Bishopstone, Sussex; ancient parish
884Bladon, Somerset; parish
885Cowfold, Sussex; ancient parish
886East Wittering, Sussex; ancient parish
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
887Much Hadham, Hertfordshire; ancient parish
888Hervey; Lord; Arthur Charles (1808-1894); Bishop of Bath and Wells1808-1894
889Cazenove; Arthur (fl. 1869-1876); Vicar of St Mark, Reigate, Surreyfl. 1869-1876
890Cure; Edward Capel (?1829-); Canon of Windsor?1829-
847Durnford; Richard (1802-1895); Bishop of Chichester1802-1895
892Lancing, Sussex; St James the Less; ancient parish
893Kennington Park, Surrey; St Agnes; 1874-; ecclesiastical parish1874-
895Hessey; James Augustus (1814-1892); Archdeacon of Middlesex1814-1892
897Putney, Surrey; St John; 17th century-; ecclesiastical parish17th century-
898Southfleet, Essex; ancient parish
899Roehampton, Surrey; 1845-; ecclesiastical parish1845-
900Biber; George Edward (1801-1874); clergyman and writer1801-1874
901Tristram; Thomas Hutchinson (1825-1912); ecclesiastical lawyer1825-1912
902South Wimbledon, Surrey; Holy Trinity; 1872-; ecclesiastical parish1872-
903Haygarth; Henry William (fl.1870s); Vicar of Wimbledon, Surreyfl.1870s
905Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire; parish
906Lincoln, Lincolnshire; St Swithin; ancient parish
907Harris; Charles Amyand (1813-1874); Bishop of Gibraltar1813-1874
94Browne; Edward Harold (1811-1891); Bishop of Winchester1811-1891
226Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; 1701-19651701-1965
353Gladstone; William Ewart (1809-1898); statesman1809-1898
908Colonial and Continental Church Society; 1861-1958; missionary society1861-1958
909Hellmuth; Isaac (1820-1901); Bishop of Huron1820-1901
910Russell; Odo William Leopold (1829-1884); 1st Baron Ampthill; Diplomat1829-1884
80Magee; William Connor (1821-1891); Archbishop of York1821-1891
879Pelham; John Thomas (1811-1894); Bishop of Norwich1811-1894
912Reformed Church of France
NA1352Ilchester, Somerset; St Mary the Virgin; ancient parish
GB/109/10072Leveson-Gower; Granville George (1815-1891); 2nd Earl Granville; politician1815-1891
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