RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoFP Jackson 32
TitleSurnames Spencer, R - Toyne
Descriptionff.1-8 Correspondence on the "Talbot tabernacle" of in All Saints Notting Hill, and on preaching by a clergyman in an unlicensed Nonconformist chapel; 1874. Including "The jurisdiction of bishops and duties of incumbents" by the Protestant Evangelical Mission and Electoral Union.
ff.9-10 Letter on poor law legislation; 1870.
ff.11-12 Letter from A.C. Stanley on the resignation of his incumbency and conversion to the Roman Catholic Church, 1879
ff.13-15 Letters from the Suffragan Bishop of Bedford on a converted clergyman of the Roman Catholic Church, 1880.
ff.16-22 Letter from the Rev. G.H. Stanton on his appointment as Bishop of North Queensland, 1878.
f.23 Letter from the Bishop of Chichester on a clergyman in his diocese, 1877.
ff.24-27 Letters on a licence to preach for a minister of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA; 1873.
ff.28-39 Letters from the Bishop of the Falkland Islands: on his consecration and the legality of his episcopal acts between his licensing and consecration, 1869; on his preaching in Scottish episcopal chapels, 1870; on his ordination of a clergyman licensed by the Bishop of London, 1878; on his jurisdiction over Buenos Aires; 1878. Other correspondents include the Suffragan Bishop of Dover and the Foreign Office.
ff.40-45 Letters on licensing administration of Holy Communion in a penitentiary in St Thomas Shepherd's Bush, and on the licensing of a chapel in a penitentiary under the Private Chapels Act 1871; 1883.
ff.46-62 Correspondence on the advancement of the Rev. S.J. Stone: including letters of recommendation from the Rev. H.J. Ellison, 1869, 1872; letter from Viscount Knollys, 1872.
ff.63-66 Letter on services of Holy Communion at St Paul Dalston, particularly on reservation of the sacrament and consumption of the elements; 1876.
ff.67-73 Letters on preferment; 1884. Including (printed) letters of recommendation from the Rev. Prof. C.A. Heurtley, the Rev. E.Garbett, the Rev. W.B. Carpenter, and the Bishops of Chichester and Oxford.
ff.74-77 Letters from the Earl of Strafford and on the family mausoleum and the removal of commemorative tablets from St John Potter's Bar; 1880.
ff.78-83 Letters from the Hon. C.H. Strutt on his ordination and beliefs; 1873. Including subscription to the Thirty-Nine Articles, the Athanasian Creed, the suspiration of the Bible, and the theory of evolution.
ff.84-85 Letter from the Rev. W. Stubbs on his appointment as Bishop of Chester, 1884.
ff.86-92 Correspondence with the Rev. R.A. J. Suckling on his use of ritualist practices at St Peter London Docks; 1882. Including membership of the Society of the Holy Cross. Other correspondents include the Suffragan Bishop of Bedford.
ff.93-94 Letter of recommendation from the Archbishop of York; 1875.
ff.95-98 Letters on the work of the London Diocesan Home Mission at St Silas, Haverstock Hill; 1881.
ff.99-102 Letters from the Rev. J.E. Swallow and Archdeacon Hessey on the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion, 1873.
ff.103-106 Letters from the Bishop of Bath & Wells on an exchange of benefices by a clergyman in his diocese, 1870.
ff.107-114 Letters on preachers at the re-opening of Christ Church, St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex, 1877. Including membership of the Society of the Holy Cross. Correspondents include the Rev. J.M. Nisbet.
ff.115-119 Letters on the proposals of Sir T. Sykes to build new churches in Bethnal Green and Hackney, Middlesex, 1882. Correspondents include the Suffragan Bishop of Bedford.
ff.120-150 Letters from and on the Archbishop of Canterbury: from and on Lord Cairns and the Scottish Education Bill, 1869; on the Bishops Resignation Act, 1869; on procedure in Convocation, 1870; report on health of, 1870; on the Rev. J. Rumsey, 1875; on Queen Anne's Bounty, 1875; letter of recommendation from, 1878. Other correspondents include Evan Evans (also writing on family matters).
ff.151-157 Letter on the work in Paris and marriage of Père Hyacinthe; 1878.
ff.158-159 Letter from the Bishop of Ely on a clergyman in his diocese, nd.
ff.160-183 Letters and papers from and on the Rev. I. Taylor: letters of recommendation for, 1869; on parochial work in Bethnal Green, Middlesex, 1869; "The Little Lucifer Box Makers of Bethnal Green" 1868; on Settrington, Yorkshire, 1875; on dilapidations at Twickenham, Middlesex, 1876. Other correspondents include the Rev. W.F.E. Knollys.
ff.184-195 Letters on a request for ordination of a former Methodist, especially over the doctrine expressed in the Book of Common Prayer; 1878. Correspondents include Archdeacon Hessey, also writing on the Bishop's visit to Rouen, France, and on diocesan conferences of archdeacons and rural deans, and Archdeacon Gifford.
ff.196-198 Letter and paper from and on H.V. Tebbs: on the church in Genoa, 1875; obituary of, 1876 (printed):.
ff.199-200 Letter from the Rev. H.J. Tebbutt requesting preferment; 1870.
ff.201-210 Letters from the Bishop of Exeter: on clergymen in his diocese, 1869-1884; on "Essays and Reviews", 1869.
ff.211-214 Letters from the Bishops of Worcester and Lincoln on clergy in their dioceses; 1875.
ff.215-218 Letter from the Rev. F.H. Thicknesse on ecclesiastical law, 1884.
f.219 Letter from the Bishop of St David's on his resignation of the bishopric; 1874.
ff.221-221 Letter on the repairs of fabric and the abolition of church rate at St James Hampstead Road; 1878.
ff.222-227 Letters on a curate for the Noel Park Estate in St Paul Wood Green, 1884. Correspondents include the Suffragan Bishop of Bedford.
ff.228-256 Letters from the Rev. J.H. Thomas: on his proposal to return to missionary work in South Africa, 1869; on doctrine, 1869; on the financial affairs of Hillingdon, Middlesex, 1869; on ritualism (eastward position) and on the conduct of services, 1871; on the death of the Rev. J. C. Hilliard and on the rural deanery of Hillingdon, particularly St Laurence Cowley, 1882.
ff.257-269 Correspondence on a clergyman against whom a cautionary letter had been issued, 1880-1881, and on the conversion of a clergyman to the Roman Catholic Church. Correspondents include the Bishop of Chichester.
ff.270-271 Letters from Sir P. Thompson on his curacy and on titles for ordination; 1878-1879.
ff.272-281 Letters from the Bishop of Rochester: on the fabric of St Pancras parish church, particularly the creation of a niche in place of a credence table, 1872; letters of recommendation from, 1872, 1884; on the London Diocesan Home Mission, 1873.
ff.282-285 Letter on a service conducted by Bishop Mylne at St Agnes Kennington Park; 1884.
ff.286-287 Letter of recommendation from the Hon. Rev. W.H. Fremantle; 1882.
ff.288-293 Letters from the Magna Charta and Tichbourne Release Association on the imprisonment of A.Orton, 1876.
ff.294-306 Letters on a cautionary letter issued against a clergyman who had allegedly converted to Islam; 1874-1880. Correspondents include the Archbishop of Canterbury. Also on the chaplain of the Thames Church Mission.
ff.307-308 Correspondence on a candidate for ordination and on "St Andrew Tavistock Place"; 1877.
ff.309-311 Letters of recommendation from the Rev. J.H. Titcomb; 1875.
ff.312-313 Letter on the consecration of St Agnes Kennington Park; 1877.
ff.314-338 Correspondence and papers on the licensing to a preacher and assistantship at St James, Westminster; 1882-1883. Correspondents include the Rev. J.E. Kempe and J.B. Lee.
ff.339-346 Letters from and on preferment for the Rev. F.E. Toyne; 1879-1880. Also covers the ritualist eastward position. Other correspondents include the Rev. L.W. Owen.

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875Mackarness; John Fielder (1820-1889); Bishop of Oxford1820-1889
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NA1823Potter's Bar, Middlesex; St John the Baptist; 1835-; ecclesiastical parish1835-
NA1824Strutt; Charles Hedley (fl.1870s); MPfl.1870s
555Stubbs; William (1825-1901); Bishop of Oxford1825-1901
NA1825Suckling; Robert Alfred John (fl. 1868-1907); Vicar of St Alban Holborn, Middlesex; Superior-general of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacramentfl. 1868-1907
882Society of the Holy Cross; ?1855-?1855-
NA1579London Docks, Middlesex; St Peter; 1867-1951; ecclesiastical parish1867-1951
81Thomson; William (1819-1890); Archbishop of York1819-1890
NA1584London Diocesan Home Mission; 1857-1857-
NA1827Swallow; James Edward (fl. 1873); Chaplain to the Horbury House of Mercy; Commissary to the Bishop of Nassaufl. 1873
895Hessey; James Augustus (1814-1892); Archdeacon of Middlesex1814-1892
888Hervey; Lord; Arthur Charles (1808-1894); Bishop of Bath and Wells1808-1894
NA1442Nisbet; John Marjoribanks (fl. 1826-1867); Canon of Norwichfl. 1826-1867
NA1829Sykes; Sir; Tatton (1826-1913); 5th Baronet1826-1913
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
NA1770Cairns; Lord; Hugh McCalmont (1819-1885); 1st Earl Cairns; Lord Chancellor1819-1885
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NA1475Queen Anne's Bounty; 1704-19481704-1948
NA1830Rumsey; James (fl.1870s); Vice-principal of St Edmund Hall, Oxfordfl.1870s
996Loyson; Charles Jean Marie (1827-1912); Père Hyacinthe; French priest1827-1912
869Woodford; James Russell (1820-1885); Bishop of Ely1820-1885
NA1512Taylor; Isaac (fl.1870s); Canon of Yorkfl.1870s
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NA1832Settringham, Yorkshire; parish
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NA1834Tebbutt; Henry Jemson (fl.1870s); Canon of Southwellfl.1870s
16Temple; Frederick (1821-1902); Archbishop of Canterbury1821-1902
185Wordsworth; Christopher (1807-1885); Bishop of Lincoln1807-1885
1063Thicknesse; Francis Henry (?1830-); Suffragan Bishop of Leicester?1830-
1117Thirlwall; Newell Connop (1797-1875); Bishop of St David's; historian1797-1875
NA1730Hampstead Road, Middlesex; St James; 1864-1954; ecclesiastical parish1864-1954
NA1463Wood Green, Middlesex; St Michael; ecclesiastical parish
NA1797Thomas; John Harries (1822-1903); Archdeacon of Capetown1822-1903
NA1630Hillingdon, Middlesex; St John the Baptist; ancient parish
NA1835Hilliard; John Crosier (-1882); Rural Dean of Uxbridge-1882
560Thompson; William Jameson (1885-1975); Bishop in Iran1885-1975
NA1837Thompson; Sir; Peile (1844-1918); 2nd Baronet1844-1918
93Thorold; Anthony Wilson (1825-1895); Bishop of Winchester1825-1895
NA1624St Pancras, Middlesex; ancient parish
989Mylne; Louis George (1843-1921); Bishop of Bombay1843-1921
1154Fremantle; William Henry (1831-1916); Dean of Ripon1831-1916
NA1840Magna Charta and Tichbourne Release Association
NA1841Orton; Roger (1834-1898); the Tichborne Claimant1834-1898
NA1842Thames Church Mission
NA1843Titcomb; Jonathan Holt (1819-1887); Bishop for North and Central Europe1819-1887
1185Kempe; John Edward (1810-1907); Prebendary of St Paul's; Royal Chaplain1810-1907
NA1844Westminster, Middlesex; St James; 1685-; ecclesiastical parish1685-
1077Lee; John Benjamin (fl.1860s-1880s); Registrar of the diocese of Londonfl.1860s-1880s
NA1845Toyne; Frederick Elijah (-1927); Hon. Canon of Winchester-1927
NA1846Owen; Lewis Welsh (fl.1870s); Hon. Canon of Winchesterfl.1870s
1187aPhilpott; Henry (1807-1892); Bishop of Worcester1807-1892
893Kennington Park, Surrey; St Agnes; 1874-; ecclesiastical parish1874-
GB/109/10362Kentish Town, Middlesex; St Silas; 1884-; ecclesiastical parish1884-
NA1441Woburn Square, Middlesex; Christ Church; ecclesiastical parish
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