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Alt Ref NoFP Jackson 29
TitleSurnames Napier - Perry
Descriptionff.1-2 Letter from Sir J. Napier on a judgement of the judicial committee of the Privy Council, nd.
ff.3-38 Letters from and on preferment for the Rev. J.J.G. Nash, in particular as a curate of Christ Church Mayfair; 1871-1882. Correspondents include the Archdeacon of Middlesex.
ff.39-44 Letters on the prosecution of the Rev. A.H. Mackonochie for ritualism, including from the Suffragan Bishop of Bedford; 1883 1883.
ff.45-48 Letters from the Bishop of St David's and others on the conversion of a Roman Catholic priest, 1877.
ff.49-59 Letters from C.N. Newdegate on schools at Harefield, Middlesex, 1869; on the appointment of a curate at Harefield, Middlesex, 1870.
ff.60-65 Letters on the prosecution of ritualists, including the Rev. A.H. Mackonochie; 1882. correspondents include the Bishop of Rochester (also writing on the death of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the appointment of a successor).
ff.66-67 Letter from the Bishop of Rochester on a clergyman in his diocese; c.1874.
ff.68-69 Letter on curates of St Stephen Old Ford; 1883.
ff.70-78 Letters on preferment for a clergyman, including from the Bishops of Down & Connor and Rochester; 1870, 1872.
ff.79-83 Letter son services and pew rents at St Saviour, Paddington; 1875, 1881.
ff.84-85 Letter of recommendation from the Dean of Chester; 1872.
ff.86-87 Letter on the resignation of a curacy; 1877.
ff.88-89 Letter of recommendation from the Rev. F.W. Farrar; [1877].
ff.90-96 Letters and papers from the Church of Ireland Sustentation Fund: on the licensing of deacons in Irish orders, 1872; on missionary chaplains, 1874.
ff.97-119 Correspondence on the conduct of a curate; 1876-1880. Correspondents include the Bishops of Lichfield, Chester and Rochester (both Claughton and Thorold).
ff.120-121 Letter on preaching by Bishop Jackson; 1878.
ff.122-125 Letter on the papal bull Apostolicae Sedis Moderationi of Piux IX and the prohibition on bringing legal proceedings against a Roman Catholic clergyman; 1872.
ff.126-127 Letter from the Bishop of Derry on clergy in his diocese, 1877.
ff.128-134 Letters on the conduct of a curate, including from the Bishop of Peterborough; 1873.
ff.135-145 Letters on St David Holloway: patronage, 1869; doctrine expressed in "Hymns Ancient and Modern", 1873; parochial schools, 1873.
ff.146-148 Letters from the Archbishop of Dublin and Bishop of Ossory on clergy in their dioceses; 1882.
ff.149-157 Letters from the Rev. W.A. Osbourne: on the Anglican chaplaincy of Wiesbaden, particularly episcopal supervision and on the use of the church by ministers of the German Lutheran Church, 1870, 1879; on his family and circumstances, 1875-1883.
ff.158-160 Letter requesting preferment; 1883.
ff.161-166 Letters from the Rev. J.N. Ouvry-North on the rural deanery of Ealing, 1869-1872. Particularly schools at Brentford and the vicarage house at Hounslow.
ff.167-170 Letters from the Rev. J.L. Davies and the Rev. J.A. Owen requesting preferment for the latter; 1879.
ff.171-183 Letter on preaching by Bishop Jackson; 1879.
ff.184-188 Letters from the Bishops of Norwich and Peterborough on clergy in their dioceses, including one acting as an unlicensed curate at St Margaret Uxbridge; 1872.
ff.189-198 Letters from the Rev. G.T. Palmer: district boundaries of St James Norland and St Clement, Kensington, 1874; attendance at a ritualistic service by the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1875; on the new church of St Mary with St Gabriel, Newington, Kent, 1876; on temperance, 1876; on his leaving the diocese, 1877.
ff.199-200 Letter from the Earl of Selborne on grants from the Mercers' Company towards schools; 1879.
ff.201-204 Letter on the eastward position and the Purchas and Ridsdale Judgements; 1877.
ff.205-222 Letter on separation from the Church of England; 1875. Also covers baptism, Holy Communion, the provision of churches, patronage, the exchange of benefices, use of the confessional, and the work and attributes of clergy.
ff.223-232 Letters on St Stephen Old Ford, particularly finances, and requesting preferment; 1878, 1880. Correspondents include the Rev. J. Bardsley.
ff.233-243 Letters from the Suffragan Bishop of Dover: on an illness of Archbishop Tait and the organisation of lay helpers, 1869-1870; on the style of suffragan bishops including of Nottingham, 1870; on clergy in the diocese, 1870, 1882.
ff.244-249 Letters on the Anglican Chaplaincy at Geneva; 1875. Including from the Bishop of Chichester.
ff.250-255 Letters on the licence and mission work of the Rev. J. Passalenti; 1877, 1883. Covering Italian services in St Thomas Liberty of the Rolls (and also the union of benefices with St Dunstan in the West).
ff.256-257 Letter from the Bishop of Chichester on a clergyman in his diocese; 1875.
ff.258-261 Letters on the financial circumstances of clergy and on preferment; 1878, 1882.
ff.262-271 Letters on churches in the diocese: exterior fabric of St Mary le Strand, 1872; churchyard of St Peter Cornhill, 1872; alterations to the fabric of St Mary Woolnoth, 1875; the destruction of St Antholin, 1875; the closure and re-use of fabric & fittings of St Michael Queenhithe (including drawings), 1875; a new district of St John Chelsea, 1875.
ff.272-275 Letters on the service of a chaplain in the Royal Navy and the work of an Army chaplain in New Zealand; 1874.
ff.276-280 Letters and papers from Sir H.W. Peek on St Mary at Hill, London, and on relief work and the union of benefices, 1880.
ff.281-282 Letter on clergy of St Paul Hampstead; 1873.
ff.283-285 Letter on the preparation for ordination, and on the ordination of the Hon. F.G. Pelham; 1870.
ff.286-303 Letters from the Bishop of Norwich: on the consecration of the Bishop of Truro, 1869; on clergymen in his diocese, 1872-1884; on a proposed exchange of benefices by Bishop Beckles, 1882.
ff.304-329 Correspondence on the activities of the Rev. W. Pennington; 1877-1882. Including a proposed new church in the district of St Stephen Hammersmith and St Philip Earl's Court; also financial affairs. Correspondents include the Archdeacon of Middlesex, J.B. Lee and H.W. Lee.
ff.330-333 Letter of recommendation from the Rev. B. Lambert; 1873.
ff.334-347 Letters from the Bishop of Melbourne: on services at St Paul's including the annual service of the SPG and the use of ritualist practices, 1877, 1884; on the proposed established of theological halls at Oxford and Cambridge, 1879; on the consecration of the bishop of Riverina, 1884. Other correspondents include Dean Church and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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NA1646Napier; Sir; Joseph (1804-1882); 1st baronet; Lord Chancellor of Ireland1804-1882
205Great Britain and Ireland; Privy Council; Judicial Committee; 1801-19221801-1922
NA1647Nash; Joseph John Glendinning (fl.1870s-1880s); Prebendary of St Paul'sfl.1870s-1880s
895Hessey; James Augustus (1814-1892); Archdeacon of Middlesex1814-1892
NA1648Mayfair, Middlesex; Christ Church; 1865-; ecclesiastical parish1865-
NA1361Mackonochie; Alexander Heriot (1825-1887); Anglo-Catholic leader1825-1887
208Roman Catholic Church
NA1391Jones; William Basil Tickell (1822-1897); Bishop of St David's1822-1897
NA1649Newdegate; Charles Newdigate (1816-1887); Politician1816-1887
93Thorold; Anthony Wilson (1825-1895); Bishop of Winchester1825-1895
18Tait; Archibald Campbell (1811-1882); Archbishop of Canterbury1811-1882
825Claughton; Thomas Legh (1808-1892); Bishop of St Albans1808-1892
841Old Ford, Middlesex; St Stephen; 1858-1966; ecclesiastical parish1858-1966
NA1381Knox; Robert Bent (1808-1893); Archbishop of Armagh1808-1893
NA1554Paddington, Middlesex; St Saviour; 1856-; ecclesiastical parish1856-
NA1650Howson; John Saul (1816-1885); Dean of Chester; Biblical Scholar; Archaeologist1816-1885
NA1651Farrar; Frederic William (1831-1903); Dean of Canterbury1831-1903
NA1652Church of Ireland Sustentation Fund
79Maclagan; William Dalrymple (1826-1910); Archbishop of York1826-1910
1177Jacobson; William (1803-1884); Bishop of Chester1803-1884
NA1653Pius IX (1792-1878); Pope1792-1878
NA1654Alexander; William (1824-1911); Archbishop of Armagh1824-1911
80Magee; William Connor (1821-1891); Archbishop of York1821-1891
NA1655West Holloway, Middlesex; St David; 1869-; ecclesiastical parish1869-
NA1563Trench; Richard Chenevix (1807-1886); Archbishop of Dublin1807-1886
NA1656Walsh; William Pakenham (1820-1902); Bishop of Ossory, Ferns & Leighlin1820-1902
NA1657Osborne; William Alexander (fl.1870-1883); Rector of Dodington, Somersetfl.1870-1883
NA1658Evangelical Church in Germany
NA1445Ouvry-North; John North (?1817-?1877); Rural Dean of Ealing?1817-?1877
NA1659Owen; James Albert (?1842-); Fellow of University College, Oxford?1842-
879Pelham; John Thomas (1811-1894); Bishop of Norwich1811-1894
NA1661Uxbridge, Middlesex; St Margaret; ecclesiastical parish
NA1662Palmer; George Thomas (fl.1870s); Rector of Newington, Kentfl.1870s
NA1415Norlands, Middlesex; St James; 1846-; ecclesiastical parish1846-
NA1413Kensington, Middlesex; St Clement; 1867-1951; ecclesiastical parish1867-1951
NA1663Newington next Sittingbourne, Kent; St Mary; ancient parish
1197Church of England Temperance Society; -1967-1967
NA1665Worshipful Company of Mercers
NA1238Purchas; John (1823-1872); Anglican Clergyman; Poet; Controversialist1823-1872
NA1666Ridsdale; Charles Joseph (1840-1929); Anglican Clergyman; Controversialist1840-1929
1019Bardsley; Joseph (?1829-?1894); Hon. Canon of Ripon?1829-?1894
NA1293Mackenzie; Henry (1808-1878); Suffragan Bishop of Nottingham (1870)1808-1878
993Parry; Edward (1830-1890); Suffragan Bishop of Dover1830-1890
847Durnford; Richard (1802-1895); Bishop of Chichester1802-1895
NA1667Passalenti; James (fl.1870s-1880s); Chaplain to the Italians in Londonfl.1870s-1880s
NA1668City of London; St Thomas in the Liberty of the Rolls; 1842-1886; ecclesiastical parish1842-1886
NA1669St Dunstan in the West, Middlesex; ancient parish
NA1673City of London; St Antholin; -1670; ancient parish-1670
NA1674City of London; St Michael Queenhithe; -1670; ancient parish-1670
1202St Mary le Strand, Middlesex; -1953; ancient parish-1953
NA1671City of London; St Peter Cornhill; ancient parish
NA1675Chelsea, Middlesex; St John; 1877-1973; ecclesiastical parish1877-1973
NA1677Peek; Sir; Henry William (1825-1898); 1st Baronet; MP1825-1898
NA1678City of London; St Mary at Hill; -1670; ancient parish-1670
NA1532Hampstead, Middlesex; St Paul; 1860-1957; ecclesiastical parish1860-1957
NA1332Beckles; Edward Hyndman (1816-1902); Bishop of Sierra Leone1816-1902
16Temple; Frederick (1821-1902); Archbishop of Canterbury1821-1902
NA1680Pennington; Walter (fl.1870s); Vicar of St Philip Earl's Court, Kensington, Middlesexfl.1870s
NA1405Hammersmith, Middlesex; St Stephen; 1850-1963; ecclesiastical parish1850-1963
1077Lee; John Benjamin (fl.1860s-1880s); Registrar of the diocese of Londonfl.1860s-1880s
NA1419Kensington, Middlesex; St Philip Earl's Court; 1858-; ecclesiastical parish1858-
NA1432Lee; Harry Wilmot (fl.1860s-1895); Registrar of the Diocese of Londonfl.1860s-1895
NA1681Lambert; Brooke (1834-1901); Vicar of Greenwich, Kent; Social Reformer1834-1901
1094Perry; Charles (1807-1891); Bishop of Melbourne and Metropolitan of Australia1807-1891
971Diocese of London; Cathedral Church of St. Paul
226Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; 1701-19651701-1965
970Church; Richard William (1815-1890); Dean of St Paul's; Historian1815-1890
17Benson; Edward White (1829-1896); Archbishop of Canterbury1829-1896
NA1682University of Cambridge
180University of Oxford
NA1683Linton; Sydney (-1894); Bishop of Riverina-1894
NA1679Pelham; Francis Godolphin (1844-1905); 5th Earl of Chichester; clergyman1844-1905
NA1664Palmer; Roundell (1812-1895); 1st Earl of Selborne; Lord Chancellor1812-1895
DS/UK/5190Great Britain and Ireland; Royal Navy
1145Davies; John Llewelyn (1826-1916); theologian; social reformer1826-1916
GB/109/10325Hounslow, Middlesex; Holy Trinity; 1836-; ecclesiastical parish1836-
GB/109/8409City of London; St Mary Woolnoth with St Mary, Woolnoth Haw; 1670-1954; ecclesiastical parish1670-1954
DS/UK/3998How; William Walsham (1823-1897); Bishop of Wakefield1823-1897
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