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Alt Ref NoFP Jackson 24
TitleSurnames Isaacson - Kernahan
Descriptionff.1-5 Letters on a proposed exchange of benefices, including from the Bishop of Norwich; 1878.
ff.6-20 Correspondence on preaching, including with the Bishop of Rochester; 1880.
ff.21-28 Letters from the Rev. B. Jackson on parochial matters at Stoke Newington, Middlesex; 1877, 1884. Also from the Suffragan Bishop of Bedford.
ff.29-31 Letters of testimonial from the Bishops of Truro and Exeter; 1883.
ff.32-37 Correspondence on a dispensation from a vow of celibacy made by a member of the clergy, and on sisterhoods; 1878. Including from the Bishop of Lincoln.
ff.38-39 Letter on Bishop Jackson's translation to London; 1869.
ff.40-41 Letter from Evan Evans on the diocese of London and recommending a clergyman; 1876.
ff.42-44 Correspondence on the patronage of the Bishop of London, particularly on the episcopal sanction of clergy presented to benefices; 1882.
ff.45-46 Letter on an immorality case in the Court of Arches; 1870.
ff.47-57 Letters on an exchange of benefices, including from the Archbishop of York; 1869.
ff.58-59 Letter of recommendation for the Rev. W.L.B. Janvrin from the Rev. C.H. Turner; 1879.
ff.60-65 Letter from the Rev. F.J. Jayne on the ordination of graduates of St David's College, Lampeter, including printed prospectus; 1880.
ff.66-71 Letters from the Rev. J. Jeakes on St Matthias, Bethnal Green, Middlesex, and on the allocation of pews at Hornsey, Middlesex; 1877, 1884.
ff.72-81 Letters on clergymen, including from the Chancellor of Dublin; 1876-1883.
ff.82-91 Correspondence on Bishop Jenner's officiating within the diocese of London and in Europe, including on a dedication service of St Augustine Kilburn, Paddington, Middlesex; 1870-1877.
ff.92-94 Letters of testimonial from the Bishop of Oxford; 1878-1879.
ff.95-100 Letters from Lady Caroline Maxse and others on Bures St Mary w. Bures Hamlet, Suffolk; 1883.
ff.101-106 Letters from and on the Rev. W.M. Johnston, including from the Bishop of Down, Connor & Dromore; also on a convert from the Roman Catholic Church, and on re-marriage of the parties following a divorce; 1880, 1882.
ff.107-115 Letters of recommendation and on preferment, including from the Bishop of Truro and the Archdeacon of London; 1882.
ff.116-125 Letters on the Rev. C.P. Jones; 1873, 1875. Correspondents include the Rev. F.J.C. de Crespigny and the Rev. R.J. Simpson.
ff.126-136 Letters from the Rev. N. Wade, the Bishops of Llandaff and Bath & Wells
ff.137-146 Letters from the Rev. H. Jones on the provision of churches in the parish of St George in the East, Middlesex, and his acceptance of a prebend; 1877, 1880.
ff.147-151 Letters on St Mark Myddleton Square, Clerkenwell, Middlesex; 1878.
ff.152-163 Letters on proposed exchanges of benefices; 1870, 1882. Including from the Bishops of Bangor, Chester and Winchester.
ff.164-171 Letters from the Bishop of St David's on clergy in his diocese and on the Burials Act 1880; 1880.
ff.172-174 Letter of testimonial for the Rev. F.P.L. Josa; 1880.
ff.175-186 Correspondence with Benjamin Jowett and others; 1874, 1874. Including criticism of Jowett's preaching, and on the preaching of the Bishop of Natal at Balliol College Oxford.
ff.187-201 Correspondence on the conversion of a clergyman from the Roman Catholic Church, including from the Archbishop of Westminster; 1879-1880.
ff.202-207 Correspondence on a clergman officiating at Montrose, Scotland; 1880-1881.
ff.208-211 Letters of testimonial, including from the Bishop of Carlisle and the Rev. R.J. Simpson; 1876, 1878.
ff.212-217 Letters from Canon Kaye on the visitation of cathedrals including on the statutes of St Paul's, on the institution of the Rev. T.P. Dale, and on the resignation of his archdeaconry; 1873- 1881.
ff.218-268 Letters on the institution of the Rev. T.P. Dale, and on the status of clergymen sentenced under the Public Worship Regulation Act 1874; 1881. Including from the Bishop of Lincoln.
ff.269-291 Correspondence on a fraudulent clergyman, including with the Dean of Chichester; 1869-1879.
ff.292-299 Letters on a petition on divorce; 1872-3.
ff.300-311 Letters on the ordination of a former Presbyterian minister, including from the Archbishop of York and Archdeacon of Middlesex; 1878.

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879Pelham; John Thomas (1811-1894); Bishop of Norwich1811-1894
93Thorold; Anthony Wilson (1825-1895); Bishop of Winchester1825-1895
NA1369Jackson; Blomfield (1839-1905); Prebendary of St Paul's1839-1905
935Stoke Newington, Middlesex; St Mary; ancient parish
17Benson; Edward White (1829-1896); Archbishop of Canterbury1829-1896
16Temple; Frederick (1821-1902); Archbishop of Canterbury1821-1902
185Wordsworth; Christopher (1807-1885); Bishop of Lincoln1807-1885
851Evans; Evan (1813-1891); Master of Pembroke College, Oxford1813-1891
137Diocese of London
164Province of Canterbury; Court of Arches
81Thomson; William (1819-1890); Archbishop of York1819-1890
NA1370Janvrin; William Langston Benest (1853-1927); Prebendary of Hereford1853-1927
1026Turner; Charles Henry (1842-1923); Suffragan Bishop of Islington1842-1923
NA1371Jayne; Francis John (1845-1921); Bishop of Chester1845-1921
NA1373St David's College; 1827-1827-
NA1374Jeakes; James (1829-1915); Prebendary of St Paul's1829-1915
NA1375Bethnal Green, Middlesex; St Matthias; 1844-1951; ecclesiastical parish1844-1951
NA1298Hornsey, Middlesex; St Mary; ancient parish
NA1376Tisdall; Charles Edward (fl.1870s); Chancellor of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublinfl.1870s
997Jenner; Henry Lascelles (1820-1898); Bishop of the Gallican Catholic Church1820-1898
NA1377Kilburn, Middlesex; St Augustine; 1870-1972; ecclesiastical parish1870-1972
875Mackarness; John Fielder (1820-1889); Bishop of Oxford1820-1889
NA1378Maxse; Lady; Caroline (fl.1880s); Daughter of the 5th Earl of Berkeleyfl.1880s
NA1379Bures, Essex; St Mary; ancient parish
NA1380Johnston; William Murdoch (1847-1905); Prebendary of St Paul's1847-1905
NA1381Knox; Robert Bent (1808-1893); Archbishop of Armagh1808-1893
208Roman Catholic Church
NA1382Wilkinson; George Howard (1833-1914); Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld & Dunblane1833-1914
NA1383Sinclair; William Macdonald (1850-1917); Biblical and theological scholar1850-1917
NA1384Jones; Charles Parry (fl.1870s); Canon of St David'sfl.1870s
NA1386Champion de Crespigny; Frederick John (-1887); Vicar of Hampton Wick, Surrey-1887
NA1281Wade; Nugent (1809-1893); Canon of Bristol1809-1893
994Ollivant; Alfred (1798-1882); Bishop of Llandaff1798-1882
888Hervey; Lord; Arthur Charles (1808-1894); Bishop of Bath and Wells1808-1894
NA1387Jones; Harry (1823-1900); Prebendary of St Paul's and Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen1823-1900
NA1388St George in the East, Middlesex; St George; 1729-1951; ecclesiastical parish1729-1951
NA1389Clerkenwell, Middlesex; St Mark; 1829-; ecclesiastical parish1829-
1086Campbell; James Colquhoun (1813-1895); Bishop of Bangor1813-1895
1177Jacobson; William (1803-1884); Bishop of Chester1803-1884
94Browne; Edward Harold (1811-1891); Bishop of Winchester1811-1891
NA1391Jones; William Basil Tickell (1822-1897); Bishop of St David's1822-1897
NA1392Josa; Fortunato Pietro Luigi (fl. 1880s); Archdeacon of of Demerarafl. 1880s
992Colenso; John William (1814-1883); Bishop of Natal1814-1883
1150Manning; Henry Edward (1808-1892); Cardinal; Archbishop of Westminster1808-1892
1030Goodwin; Harvey (1818-1891); Bishop of Carlisle; mathematician1818-1891
NA1385Simpson; Robert James (fl.1870s); Vicar of St Clement Danes, Westminster.fl.1870s
950Kaye; William Frederick John (fl. 1876-1913); Archdeacon of Lincolnfl. 1876-1913
971Diocese of London; Cathedral Church of St. Paul
1141Dale; Thomas Pelham (1821-1892); Rector of St Vedast, London; Hebrew Scholar1821-1892
NA1395Diocese of Lincoln; Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
NA1351Hook; Walter Farquhar (1798-1875); Dean of Chichester1798-1875
895Hessey; James Augustus (1814-1892); Archdeacon of Middlesex1814-1892
NA1394University of Oxford; Balliol College; c.1263-c.1263-
176Jowett; Benjamin (1817-1893); Biblical and Classical Scholar; Master of Balliol College, Oxford1817-1893
DS/UK/3998How; William Walsham (1823-1897); Bishop of Wakefield1823-1897
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