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TitleSurnames Headlam - Heywood
Descriptionff.1-154 Correspondence on sermons and lectures by, and activities of, the Rev. S.D. Headlam; 1871-1880. Including "Theatres and Music Halls: a lecture", 1877 (printed). Correspondents include the Rev. R.G. Maul, the Rev. S.C.H. Hansard, the Lord's Day Observance Society, parishioners of St Matthew Bethnal Green, Middlesex, W.T.M. Torrens, C. Bradshaw, Prof. F.W. Newman, Lord Hamilton, W.E. Gladstone, the Rev. R.T. Davidson and the Rev. M. Maccoll. Topics include Sunday Observance; secular lectures delivered at St Thomas' Charterhouse Schools, St Luke Old Street, Middlesex, the Hall of Science, Old Street, Middlesex; parochial societies; the proposed repeal of the laws against heresy and blasphemy.
ff.155-170 Letters on church unity and erastianism, including from the Bishop of Ely; 1873-1878.
ff.171-174 Letters on a clergyman, including from the Bishop of Ripon; 1881.
ff.175-186 Letters requesting preferment for a clerygman, including from the Dean of Llandaff, the Rev. M.S.A. Walrond, Miss F.E. Longley, and parishioners of Holy Trinity Gough Square, London; 1875-1881.
ff.187-200 Letters from the Rev. T. Helmore on services at the Chapel Royal St James, on the education of choristers of the Chapels Royal, and requesting preferment; 1869-1874.
ff.201-242 Letters on parochial matters of Holy Trinity Shoreditch, Middlesex, and on membership of the Society of St Joseph and the Society of the Holy Cross; 1870-1878.
ff.243-252 Correspondence on personal and parochial matters at Kingsbury, Middlesex; 1875-1879. Correspondents include the Archdeacon of Middlesex.
ff.253-254 Letter from the Hon Rev R. Henley, declining the offer of a rural deanery; 1870.
ff.255-256 Letter from Baron Henniker on preferment for a clergyman; 1880.
ff.257-276 Correspondence on obtaining a curacy, including with the Bishops of Llandaff and Bangor, and the Rev. W. Adamson; 1882-1883.
ff.277-284 Letters on an exchange of benefices; 1876. Correspondents include the Rev. F.G. Blomfield.
ff.285-300 Letters from the National Association for Freedom of Worship and from the Archdeacon of Middlesex on pew rents and the sale of sittings at St Mary Abbots Kensington, Middlesex; 1870-1871.
ff.301-302 Letter from the Rev. H.M. Villiers on the licensing of a curate; 1884.
ff.303-306 Letters from Lord Hervey on school inspections of St Peter's Schools, Great Windmill Street, St James Piccadilly, Westminster, Middlesex; 1879.
ff.307-313 Letters on the use of ritualistic practices at St Augustine Haggerston, Shoreditch, Middlesex; 1869-1870.
ff.314-331 Letters from the Archdeacon of Middlesex; 1870-1879. On lectureships and preacherships; examinations for ordination; Bishop Beckles; the doctrine of the Rev. T.T. Carter; church fabric and ritualistic furnishings at St Mary Magdalen Paddington, Middlesex; ritualistic furnishings at St John the Baptist, Kentish Town, Middlesex.
ff.332-339 Letters on the ordination and curacy of a former missioner in Glasgow, including from the Bishop of Norwich; 1878.
ff.340-348 Letters on the licensing of a curate, including from the Rev. W.S. Simpson; 1884.

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953Headlam; Stewart Duckworth (1847-1924); Christian Socialist1847-1924
NA1307Maul; Richard Graham (1820-1895); Rector of Hopesay, Shropshire1820-1895
1056Hansard; Septimus Cox Holmes (fl. ?1824-1894); clergymanfl. ?1824-1894
NA1280Lord's Day Observance Society; 1831-1831-
NA1308Bethnal Green, Middlesex; St Matthew; 1743-; ecclesiastical parish1743-
NA1310St Luke Old Street, Middlesex; 1733-1952; ecclesiastical parish1733-1952
NA1311Torrens; William Torrens McCullagh (1813-1894); Politician; Author1813-1894
954Bradlaugh; Charles (1833-1891); freethought advocate and politician1833-1891
NA1312Newman; Francis William (1805-1897); scholar and man of letters1805-1897
NA1313Hamilton; Lord; George Francis (1845-1927); Principal Secretary of State for India1845-1927
353Gladstone; William Ewart (1809-1898); statesman1809-1898
15Davidson; Randall Thomas (1848-1930); Baron Davidson of Lambeth; Archbishop of Canterbury1848-1930
NA1314Maccoll; Malcolm (1838-1907); Canon of Ripon1838-1907
94Browne; Edward Harold (1811-1891); Bishop of Winchester1811-1891
1179Bickersteth; Robert (1816-1884); Bishop of Ripon1816-1884
NA1315Vaughan; Charles John (1816-1897); Dean of Llandaff1816-1897
NA1316Walrond; Maine Sweete Alexander (?1835-); clergyman?1835-
NA1317Longley; Frances Elizabeth (fl. 1850s-1870s); daughter of Archbishop Longleyfl. 1850s-1870s
NA1318City of London; Holy Trinity Gough Square; 1842-1906; ecclesiastical parish1842-1906
NA1319Helmore; Thomas (1811-1890); Choirmaster of the Chapels Royal1811-1890
1169Chapel Royal; St James' Palace
NA1320Shoreditch, Middlesex; Holy Trinity; 1866-; ecclesiastical parish1866-
882Society of the Holy Cross; ?1855-?1855-
NA1321Society of St Joseph
895Hessey; James Augustus (1814-1892); Archdeacon of Middlesex1814-1892
NA1322Kingsbury, Middlesex; St. Andrew; ancient parish
NA1323Henley; Hon; Robert (fl. 1870); Vicar of Putneyfl. 1870
NA1324Henniker-Major; Sir; John Major (1842-1902); 5th Baron Henniker; politician1842-1902
994Ollivant; Alfred (1798-1882); Bishop of Llandaff1798-1882
1086Campbell; James Colquhoun (1813-1895); Bishop of Bangor1813-1895
831Adamson; William (c.1841-); clergymanc.1841-
NA1325Blomfield; Frederick George (1823-1879); Prebendary of St Paul's1823-1879
NA1326Herford; Edward (fl.1870-1882); Chairman of the National Association for Freedom of Worshipfl.1870-1882
NA1327National Association for Freedom of Worship
904Sinclair; John (1797-1875); Archdeacon of Middlesex; educationist1797-1875
872Villiers; Henry Montagu (fl. 1838-1901); clergymanfl. 1838-1901
NA1329Hervey; Lord; Francis (1846-1931); 4th son of the 2nd Marquis of Bristol; MP; Historian1846-1931
NA1330St Peter's Schools, Great Windmill Street
NA1331Haggerston, Middlesex; St Augustine; 1863-; ecclesiastical parish1863-
NA1332Beckles; Edward Hyndman (1816-1902); Bishop of Sierra Leone1816-1902
NA1328Kensington, Middlesex; St Mary Abbots; ancient parish
NA1333Carter; Thomas Thellusson (1808-1901); clergyman1808-1901
NA1334Paddington, Middlesex; St Mary Magdalene; 1864-; ecclesiastical parish1864-
NA1335Kentish Town, Middlesex; St John the Baptist; ecclesiastical parish
875Mackarness; John Fielder (1820-1889); Bishop of Oxford1820-1889
NA1336Simpson; William Sparrow (?1828-1897); Sub-Dean of St Paul's; Honorary Lambeth Librarian?1828-1897
GB/109/8439Charterhouse, Middlesex; St Thomas; 1843-1906; ecclesiastical parish1843-1906
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