RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Extent46 ff.
Title"Orders, Licenses, Institutions and Collations in the Time of the Rt. Rev. Edmund Gibson, Lord Bishop of London, viz, from 1723 to 1748, drawn up from the Subscription Books, during that period, by Wm. Dickes, Secr'y."
DescriptionLists of ordinations, licences, institutions and collations during the episcopate of Edmund Gibson, bishop of London, 1723-48, compiled from the London diocesan subscription books, by William Dickes, secretary to Richard Terrick, bishop of London, 1764-77. The volume follows the same alphabetical format as Fulham Papers 38 and 39 (see: The Fulham Papers in the Lambeth Palace Library. American colonial section. Calendar and indexes, by W. W. Manross, 1965). It comprises:
Ordinations, 1723-47 - alphabetical list of ordinands and dates (ff.1-16).
Licences for curates, lecturers, preachers, schoolmaster, 1723-48 (ff.17-28).
Licenses to North America (ff. 29-34a): licences to officiate in the colonies, 1723-48:
Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, North and South Carolina, Connecticut, East Indies, Georgia, Jamaica, Leeward Islands, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montserrat, Nevis, New England, New Jersey, New York, Nova Scotia, Pennsylvania, Providence, St. Christophers (St. Kitts), Spanish Town, Virginia (ff.28-33).
Institutions and collations, 1723-48 (ff.34b-46).
FindingAidsCatalogue descriptions based on Thomas Nelson Rightmyer, 'Fulham Papers Volumes XLI & XLII: An Addition to Manross' and 'Fulham Papers Volume 42: Licences to North America in the Time of Bishop Gibson', in Anglican and Episcopal History, vol. 62, 1993, pp. 237-265, 429-446. The latter pages transcribe ff. 28v-33v of this volume. Other item descriptions based on card index to personal names in Fulham Papers and related collections at Lambeth Palace Library.
CustodialHistoryFormerly FP 521

Also cited as FP 42
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 771

Copies of the microfilm may be available in other libraries including a number of American Libraries.
RelatedMaterialSupplementing the lists in John Clement, "Clergymen Licensed Overseas by the Bishops of London, 1696-1710," Historical Magazine, 16 (1947): 328-345, John Clement, "Anglican Clergymen Licensed to the American Colonies 1710-1744," Historical Magazine, 17 (1948): 207-250, and George Woodward Lamb, compiler, "Clergymen Licensed to the American Colonies by the Bishop of London: 1745-1781." Historical Magazine, 13 (1944): 128-143. Some entries on ff. 28v-33v were not found in these sources. The dates in Lamb's list and the Collections list from which it was taken and the dates in catalogue records for ff. 28v-33v are the dates when the bishop's license was granted. The dates in Clement's list are dates when the men signed for the royal bounty of £20 for travel expenses. Men not found on Clement's list may have come to America as ships chaplains or in some other way. The list follows the Julian calendar which begins the new year on March 25; for ease of use, adjustments are made below to the January new year of the Gregorian calendar by adding a / and the new year.
PublnNoteJames B. Bell, "Anglican clergy in colonial America ordained by Bishops of London", 'Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society', April 1973, pp. 103-161 [H5133 1076.20]. Partly based on the Fulham Papers American section.

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75Gibson; Edmund (1669-1748); Bishop of London1669-1748
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