RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoEV 2/123
Extent96 ff.
TitleEpiscopi Vagantes: Charles Brearley
Date26/11/1953 - 25/09/1978
DescriptionCharles Brearley.

File notes (ff. 1-3, 11, 15-16, 26, 28, 36-7, 51-2, 54, 59-60, 63-4, 69-70 and 77); correspondence involving Walter Schumann (ff. 4-8); correspondence involving Gordon Fallows, Bishop of Sheffield (ff. 9-10); letter to J. Dessain (f. 12); letter from Archeveche de Malines-Bruxelles (f. 13); article in 'Times', 4.2.75 (f. 14); letter from Michael Shrewsbury (f. 17); correspondence involving Rev N Daines (ff. 18-20 and 22-3); letter from Major-General Adam Block, Chief Information Officer, Church Information Office (f. 21); correspondence involving Bishop Bronislaw Dabrowski, secretary of Episcopate of Poland (ff. 24-5 and 27); correspondence involving Andreas Rinkel, Archbishop of Utrecht (ff. 29-33); correspondence involving Peter Anson (ff. 34-5); letter from E. Hochleitner (ff. 38-9); correspondence involving Elfriede Kreuzeder (ff. 40-1); correspondence involving Rev J. Burley (ff. 42-3); booklet 'Societe Francaise de Naturopathie (ff. 44-7); letter to Rev Ernst-Wilhelm Heese (ff. 48-50); letter from Gordon Savage, Bishop of Southwell (f. 53); letter from W. Pearson (ff. 55-6); article in 'The People', 1st Dec 63 (ff. 57-8); letter to Rev J. Andrew (f. 61); correspondence involving Rev C. Cashmore (ff. 62 and 65); letters from Ignatius Carolus (ff. 66-7); letter from M. Wallace (f. 68); letter from Henry Chellew (f. 71); correspondence involving Leslie Hunter, Bishop of Sheffield (ff. 72-6, 78-83, 88 and 92-3); letter from Charles Brearley (f. 84); pamphlet 'The Free Protestant Episcopal Church (ff. 85-7); letter from Henry Dashwood (f. 89) and correspondence involving, Bertram Simpson, Bishop of Southwark (ff. 90 and 94-6).

[Note: papers filed with latest dates at the beginning of the file and earliest at the end.]

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