RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCoggan 88, ff.1-94
Date2 Apr 1979-21 Jan 1980
DescriptionIncludes correspondence between Archbishop Coggan and the Prime Minister, James Callaghan (ff.2, 5), Margaret Thatcher MP and her office (ff.3-4, 6-7, 27, 29-30), and the College of Arms (f.18); announcements of Coggan's resignation (ff.8-10); goodwill correspondence, including with the Rt Revd Gerald Ellison, Bishop of London (ff.11-12, 93-4), the Rt Revd Colin James, Bishop of Wakefield (f.13), the Rt Revd David Say, Bishop of Rochester (f.14), the Rt Revd John Gibbs, Bishop of Coventry (f.15), the Rt Revd Douglas Feaver, Bishop of Peterborough (f.16), the Rt Revd John Trillo, Bishop of Chelmsford (f.17), the Rt Revd Vernon Nicholls, Bishop of Sodor and Man (f.19), the Rt Revd Simon Phipps, Bishop of Lincoln (f.20), the Rt Revd David Brown, Bishop of Guildford (ff.21, 24), the Rt Revd John Bickersteth, Bishop of Bath and Wells (f.22), the Rt Revd John Waine, Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich (f.23), the Rt Revd Eric Mercer, Bishop of Exeter (f.25), the Rt Revd Ronald Gordon, Bishop of Portsmouth (f.26), the Rt Revd Peter Walker, Bishop of Ely (f.28) and the Rt Revd Robert Runcie, Bishop of St.Albans (f.94); papers relating to events to mark Coggan's retirement, including correspondence with the Most Revd Stuart Blanch, Archbishop of York, Bishop Ellison, John Miles, Chief Information Officer, the Very Revd Edward Carpenter, Dean of Westminster, and the Free Church Federal Council, and minutes of meetings regarding Coggan's fairwell eucharist (ff.31-76, 92); messages of thanks from Coggan, including to Cardinal Basil Hume (ff.77-9); and an interview given by Coggan and Mrs Coggan to the Revd Canon John Poulton (ff.80-91).

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DS/UK/6197Callaghan; Leonard James (1912-2005); Baron; Prime Minister1912-2005
GB/109/14014Thatcher; Margaret Hilda (1925-2013); Baroness; Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1979-1990)1925-2013
338Ellison; Gerald Alexander (1910-1992); Bishop of London1910-1992
GB/109/18052James; Colin Clement Walter (1926-2009); Bishop of Winchester1926-2009
105Say; Richard David (1914-2006); Bishop of Rochester1914-2006
GB/109/14054Gibbs; John (1917-2007); Bishop of Coventry1917-2007
GB/109/7921Feaver; Douglas Russell (1914-1997); Bishop of Peterborough1914-1997
DS/UK/4992Trillo; (Albert) John (1915-1992); Bishop of Chelmsford1915-1992
GB/109/17650Nicholls; Vernon (1917-1996); Bishop of Sodor and Man1917-1996
DS/UK/4934Phipps; Simon Wilton (1922-2001); Bishop of Lincoln1922-2001
GB/109/14021Brown; David Alan (1922-1982); Bishop of Guildford1922-1982
GB/109/8009Bickersteth; John Monier (1921-2018); Bishop of Bath and Wells1921-2018
GB/109/17768Waine; John (1930-2020); Bishop of Chelmsford1930-2020
GB/109/14016Mercer; Eric Arthur John (1917-2003); Bishop of Exeter1917-2003
GB/109/14018Gordon; (Archibald) Ronald McDonald (1927-2015); Bishop of Portsmouth1927-2015
GB/109/8147Walker; Peter Knight (1919-2010); Bishop of Ely1919-2010
516Runcie; Robert Alexander Kennedy (1921-2000); Archbishop of Canterbury1921-2000
260Blanch; Lord; Stuart Yarworth (1918-1994); Baron of Bishopsthorpe; Archbishop of York1918-1994
GB/109/17599Miles; John Charles (1928-2017); Chief Press Officer1928-2017
DS/UK/3508Carpenter; Edward Frederick (1910-1998); Dean of Westminster1910-1998
GB/109/13806Free Church Federal Council; 1940-1940-
DS/UK/3441Hume; (George) Basil (1923-1999); Cardinal-Archbishop of Westminster1923-1999
GB/109/10753Poulton; John Frederick (1925-1987); clergyman1925-1987
GB/109/17275College of Arms; 1484-1484-
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