RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCoggan 60, ff.145-399
TitleSouth Pacific, Tour of
Date9 May 1975-27 Jul 1977
DescriptionPapers relating to Archbishop Coggan's tour of Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, between 21 Feb-25 Mar 1977, including itineraries (ff.241-270 and passim) and correspondence relating to practical arrangements; correspondence with Rt Revd Jabez Bryce, Bishop in Polynesia (ff.145-9, 151, 155-6, 161, 165-7, 175-7), and G K Cakobau, Governor General of Fiji (ff.150, 152); an outline of Fijian ceremonies of welcome (ff.162-3); a letter from Coggan sent to his secretary from the Solomon Islands (f.164); letters of thanks from Coggan to officials in Fiji (ff.168-173); correspondence with Most Revd Allan Johnston, Archbishop of New Zealand (ff.179-187, 190-2, 197-200), Very Revd Walter Hurst, Dean of Wellington (ff.188-9), Rt Revd Edward Norman, Bishop of Wellington (ff.193-6), Rt Revd W A Pyatt, Bishop of Christchurch (f.203) and the office of Robert Muldoon, Prime Minister of New Zealand (ff.204, 206); a speech of welcome made for Coggan in New Zealand (ff.201-2); correspondence with Rt Revd David Hand, Bishop of Papua New Guinea (ff.208-210, 212-3, 218-222); papers from a press conference in Papua New Guinea where Coggan spoke on Uganda and the ordination of women (ff.224-233); a speech of welcome from the Santa Ysabel Council President given at Jejevo in the Solomon Islands (ff.234-5); correspondence with Rt Revd Dudley Tuti, Bishop of Melanesia (ff.271, 273), Very Revd Norman Palmer, Archbishop Elect of Melanesia (ff.274-6); detailed arrangements for Coggan's visit to the church of the province of Melanesia (ff.282-304); correspondence with Most Revd Frank Woods, Archbishop of Melbourne (ff.307-312, 315, 323-7, 331-2, 367-9, 376-7), John Kerr, Governor General of Australia (ff.313-4), Revd Keith Cole of Nungalinya College, Darwin (ff.316-8, 344, 359, 371-2), Rt Revd Ian Shevill, Bishop of Newcastle (ff.319-320), Most Revd Marcus Loane, Archbishop of Sydney (ff.321-2, 330, 333, 338-9, 356, 383, 386); John G.Denton, General Secretary of the General Synod of the Church of England in Australia (ff.334-6, 340, 347-8, 352-4, 361-3, 366, 395), Very Revd Robert Beal, Dean of Newcastle (f.337), Most Revd Felix Arnott, Archbishop of Brisbane (f.341), Rt Revd Ken Mason, Bishop of the Northern Territory (ff.349-350, 358, 394, 396, 398), Very Revd Lance Shilton, Dean of Sydney (ff.355, 357), Rt Revd Cecil Warren, Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn (ff.375, 381, 385), Most Revd Keith Rayner, Archbishop of Adelaide (ff.380, 387) and others; and a report of a press conference given by Coggan at Sydney on 16 Mar 1977 (f.379).

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GB/109/12161Bryce; Jabez Leslie (fl. 1960-1971); Archdeacon in Polynesiafl. 1960-1971
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GB/109/19422Kerr; Sir; John Robert (1914-1991); Governor-General of Australia1914-1991
DS/UK/4965Shevill; Ian Wotton Allnutt (1917-1988); Bishop of North Queensland1917-1988
DS/UK/4338Loane; Marcus Lawrence (1911-2009); Archbishop of Sydney1911-2009
GB/109/12936Arnott; Felix Raymond (1911-1988); Archbishop of Brisbane1911-1988
GB/109/16641Rayner; Keith (1929-); Primate of Australia1929-
GB/109/19575Cakobau; Sir; George Kadavulevu (1911-1989); Knight; Governor General of Fiji1911-1989
GB/109/19576Tuti; Dudley (1919-2006); Bishop of Santa Ysabel1919-2006
GB/109/14028Palmer; Norman Kitchener (1928-); Archbishop of Melanesia1928-
GB/109/19578Denton; John Grant (1929-); General Secretary, General Synod of Anglican Church of Australia1929-
GB/109/19579Beal; Robert George (1929-); Bishop of Wangaratta1929-
GB/109/19581Warren; Cecil Allan (1924-); Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Derby1924-
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