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TitleLambeth Conference
DescriptionIncludes photographs of the opening service in Canterbury Cathedral on 23 Jul 1978 (ff.1-13), Archbishop Coggan at the piano at evensong at the University of Kent on 23 Jul 1978 (f.14), an honorary degree ceremony on 26 Jul 1978, including the Rt Revd John Coburn (f.15), the Most Revd George Simms (f.16) and the Rt Revd Desmond Tutu (f.17), the taking of the commemorative photograph (ff.18-19, 22-23), a cricket match on 29 Jul (f.24), the London Day on 1 Aug 1978 (ff.25-33), a Lambeth Palace lunch (f.34), the Mayor of Canterbury's garden party on 12 Aug 1978 (f.35), the staff of the Press Office (ff.36-37), and printed photographs from a magazine of the Anglican Church of Japan, including Archbishop Coggan at the opening of the Conference (ff.38-39), the opening procession (ff.40-41), Bishop Eric Roberts with Archbishop Anthony Bloom (f.42), the Rt Revd Ronald Bowlby, Bishop of Newcastle and the Rt Revd Hugh Montefiore, Bishop of Birmingham (f.43), Presiding Bishop Allin, the Rt Revd John Savarimuthu, Bishop of West Malaysia and the Rt Revd John Kirkham, Bishop of Sherborne (f.44), the Rt Revd Joshua Ban It Chiu, Bishop of Singapore (f.45), Bishop Watanabe and Bishop Benjamin Nwankiti (f.47), the Rt Revd Mark Genge, Bishop of Central Newfoundland and the Rt Revd Sidney Payne, Bishop of West Newfoundland (f.48), the Rt Revd Lawrence B Zulu, Bishop of Zululand and Dr John Pobee (f.49), the Rt Revd Yokana Mukasa of Mityana and the Rt Revd John Wasikye of Mbale (f.50), Bishop Yonasani Rwakaikara of Ruwenzori, Bishop Yeremayo K Dotiro of Yambio and Bishop Benjamina W Yogusuk of Rumbek (f.51), Bishop Yustasi K Ruhindi of Bunyoro-Kitara, Miss Elizabeth Hale, Bishop Misaeri Kauma of Namirembe and John Bikangaga (f.52), Ugandan bishops (ff.53, 55), Bishop Eric Roberts (f.54), the Rt Revd John Howe (f.56), the Rt Revd Desmond Tutu, the Most Revd George Simms and the Rt Revd John Coburn (f.57), Bishops of NSKK (f.58), Bishops from the Philippines (f.59), Bishop Tutu and Mrs Marion Kelleran (f.60), Archbishop Alan J Knight of Guyana (f.61), Bishop Allin with other primates (f.62), the Rt Revd and Mrs Misaeri Kauma (f.63), the Rt Revd John Trillo, Bishop of Chelmsford (f.64), John Miles (f.65), the Rt Revd Joseph Harte, Bishop of Arizona and his wife (f.66), bishops of Igreja Episcopal Do Brasil (f.67), Japanese bishops (f.68), bishops from Papua New Guinea (f.69), Nobua Toda (f.70), Korean bishops (f.71), a plenary session at Rutherford College (ff.72-73), a procession of bishops in Westminster (f.74), bishops of the Church of the Province of Central Africa (f.75), Canadian bishops (f.76), Conference observers (f.77), Lambeth Palace from the River Thames (f.78), the Most Revd Edward Scott (f.79), Church House (f.80), the Very Revd Victor de Waal, Dean of Canterbury Cathedral and the Rt Revd Masanao Watanabe (f.81), Bishop Dean Stevenson with Bishop Ichiro Kikawada (f.82), Bishop Allin and Walter Boyd (f.83), Archbishop David Hand and Bishop Paul Lee (f.84), Bishops Yoshio Nakamichi, Saneaki Nakamura of Okinawa and Luke Chhoa of Sabah (f.85), the Groovers Steel Orchestra (f.86), Bishops William H Brady, Edward Mason Turner and Robert B Hall (f.87), Bishops from Melanesia (f.88), Bishop Watanabe and Bishop Ishaq Musaad (f.89), Bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada (f.90), Bishop John Conlin of Brandon, Canada and Bishop Masanao Watanabe (f.92), lunch on the London Day (f.93), the Conference staff (f.94), the opening eucharist in Canterbury Cathedral (f.95), a devotional lecture (f.96), conference sessions (ff.97-100), Bishop Tutu, Bishop Coburn and Archbishop Simms (f.101), the Conference cricket team (f.102), the procession into Westminster Abbey (f.103), evensong in Westminster Abbey (f.104) and the Buckingham Palace garden party (f.105).

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GB/109/17015Coburn; John Bowen (1914-); Bishop of Massachusetts1914-
DS/UK/4966Simms; George Otto (1910-1991); Archbishop of Armagh1910-1991
572Tutu; Desmond Mpilo (1931-); Archbishop of Capetown1931-
GB/109/17812Roberts; Eric Matthias (1914-1997); Bishop of St. Davids1914-1997
GB/109/18046Bloom; Andrei Borisovich (1914-2003); Metropolitan of the diocese of Sourozh1914-2003
GB/109/6710Bowlby; Ronald Oliver (1926-2019); Bishop of Southwark1926-2019
452Montefiore; Hugh William (1920-2005); Bishop of Birmingham1920-2005
DS/UK/4701Allin; John Maury (1921-1998); Bishop of Mississippi1921-1998
GB/109/14226Savarimuthu; John Gurubatham (fl.1951-1994); Bishop of West Malaysiafl.1951-1994
GB/109/14948Kirkham; John Dudley Galtrey (1935-2019); Suffragan Bishop of Sherborne1935-2019
DS/UK/4763Chiu Ban It; Joshua (1918-2016); Bishop of Singapore and Malaya1918-2016
GB/109/12241Watanabe; John Masanao (fl. 1969); Bishop of Hokkaidofl. 1969
DS/UK/5012Zulu; Alphaeus Hamilton (1905-1988); Bishop of Zululand and Swaziland1905-1988
GB/109/17925Mukasa; Yokana Balikudembe (fl. 1954-1971); Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral, Kampalafl. 1954-1971
DS/UK/4948Rwakaikara; Yonasani (1918-); Bishop of Ruwenzori1918-
DS/UK/4103Howe; John William Alexander (1920-2001); bishop of St. Andrew's, Dunkeld and Dunblane1920-2001
DS/UK/4213Knight; Alan John (1902-1979); Archbishop of the West Indies1902-1979
DS/UK/4992Trillo; (Albert) John (1915-1992); Bishop of Chelmsford1915-1992
GB/109/17599Miles; John Charles (1928-2017); Chief Press Officer1928-2017
DS/UK/4959Scott; Edward Walter (1919-); Archbishop, and Primate of all Canada1919-
GB/109/16364de Waal; Victor Alexander (1929-); Dean of Canterbury Cathedral1929-
DS/UK/4848Hand; Geoffrey David (1918-); Archbishop of Papua New Guinea1918-
GB/109/12715Lee; Paul C. (fl.1952-1974); Bishop of Seoulfl.1952-1974
GB/109/14682Nakamura; Paul Saneaki (fl.1972-1998); Bishop of Okinawafl.1972-1998
GB/109/12147Chhoa; Luke Heng Sze (fl. 1955-1974); Bishop of Sabahfl. 1955-1974
DS/UK/4719Brady; William Hampton (1912-); Bishop of Fond du Lac1912-
GB/109/16480Musaad; Ishaq (fl.1950-1974); Bishop in Egyptfl.1950-1974
GB/109/14738Lambeth Conference; 19781978
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PL204Cathedral Church of Christ/Canterbury/Kent
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