RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCoggan 106, ff.36-106
TitleAppointment as Archbishop of York
DescriptionIncludes letters from, amongst others, the Most Revd Archbishop of Central Africa (f.36), the Most Revd Archbishop of Sydney (f.37), the Rt Revd William Greer, Bishop of Manchester (f.38), the Rt Revd Oliver Tomkins, Bishop of Bristol (f.39), Revd Canon Sydney Evans (ff.40-41), the Rt Revd Kenneth Ramsey, Bishop of Hulme (f.42), the Rt Revd Henry Campbell, Bishop of London (f.44), the Rt Revd Bishop of Sudan (f.45), the Rt Revd Bishop of Cariboo (f.46), the Rt Revd John Phillips, Bishop of Portsmouth (f.47), the Rt Revd Noel Hudson, Bishop of Ely (ff.48-49), the Most Revd Frank Woods, Archbishop of Melbourne (ff.50, 93), the Rt Revd Tom Longworth, Bishop of Hereford (f.51), the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Liverpool (f.52), the Rt Revd Maurice Harland, Bishop of Durham (f.53), the Ven Carl Witton-Davies (f.54), the Rt Revd Clifford Martin, Bishop of Liverpool (f.55), the Rt Revd Charles Claxton, Bishop of Blackburn (f.56), the Rt Revd Frank Barry, Bishop of Southwell (f.57), the Rt Revd Evered Lunt, Bishop of Stepney (f.58), the Rt Revd Ronald Williams, Bishop of Leicester (f.59), the Rt Revd Harold Morris, Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich (f.62), the Rt Revd Philip Wheeldon, Bishop of Whitby (f.66), the Rt Revd Cuthbert Bardsley, Bishop of Coventry (ff.67-68, 99), the Rt Revd Russell White, Bishop of Tonbridge (f.69), Lord Reith (f.70), the Archbishop of Dublin (f.71), the Most Revd Leslie Brown, Archbishop of Uganda (f.74), the Revd John Stott (f.75), the Rt Revd Gerald Ellison, Bishop of Chester (f.76), the Rt Revd Gerald Burch, Bishop of Edmonton (f.77), the Rt Revd Walter Gray, Bishop of Connecticut (f.78), the Bishop of Wellington (f.79), T S Eliot (f.80), the Bishop of Huron (f.81), the Rt Revd Eric Sabiti (f.83), the Rt Revd Eric Gowing, Bishop of Auckland (f.84), the Revd Benjamin Nwankiti (ff.85, 89), the Rt Revd Leonard Wilson, Bishop of Birmingham (f.86), the Revd Canon Eric Saxon (ff.87, 104), the Rt Revd Leslie Hunter, Bishop of Sheffield (f.88), the Rt Revd John Ramsbotham, Bishop of Wakefield (f.90), the Bishop of Yukon (f.92), the Rt Revd Marcus Loane, Bishop of Sydney (f.97) and the Rt Revd Nelson Burroughs, Bishop of Ohio (f.98).

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Related name records
DS/UK/3925Greer; William Derrick Lindsay (1902-1972); Bishop of Manchester1902-1972
567Tomkins; Oliver Stratford (1908-1992); Bishop of Bristol1908-1992
342Evans; Sydney Hall (1915-1988); Dean of Salisbury1915-1988
GB/109/20822Ramsey; Kenneth Venner (1909-1990); Bishop Suffragan of Hulme1909-1990
282Campbell; Henry Colville Montgomery- (1887-1970); Bishop of London1887-1970
DS/UK/4933Phillips; John Henry Lawrence (1910-1985); Bishop of Portsmouth1910-1985
DS/UK/3172Hudson; Noel Baring (1893-1970); Bishop of Ely1893-1970
DS/UK/5009Woods; Sir; Frank (1907-1992); Archbishop of Melbourne1907-1992
DS/UK/4340Longworth; Tom (1891-1977); bishop of Hereford1891-1977
DS/UK/4979Harland; Maurice Henry (1896-1986); Bishop of Durham1896-1986
607Witton-Davies; Carlyle (1913-1993); Archdeacon of Oxford1913-1993
DS/UK/4419Martin; Clifford Arthur (1895-1977); Bishop of Liverpool1895-1977
DS/UK/3698Claxton; Charles Robert (1903-1992); bishop of Blackburn1903-1992
DS/UK/3561Barry; (Frank) Russell (1890-1976); bishop of Southwell1890-1976
GB/109/20828Lunt; Francis Evered (1900-1982); Bishop Suffragan of Stepney1900-1982
DS/UK/3472Williams; Ronald Ralph (1906-1979); Bishop of Leicester1906-1979
DS/UK/4560Morris; Arthur Harold (1898-1977); bishop of St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich1898-1977
GB/109/11223Wheeldon; Philip William (1913-1992); Suffragan Bishop of Kimberley and Kuruman1913-1992
DS/UK/3554Bardsley; Cuthbert Killick Norman (1907-1991); bishop of Coventry1907-1991
GB/109/20831White; Russell Berridge (1896-1978); Suffragan Bishop of Tonbridge1896-1978
NA2457Reith; Sir; John Charles Walsham (1889-1971); 1st Baron Reith1889-1971
271Brown; Leslie Wilfrid (1912-1999); Archbishop of Uganda1912-1999
GB/109/10876Stott; John Robert Walmsley (1921-2011); Anglican minister, preacher and writer1921-2011
338Ellison; Gerald Alexander (1910-1992); Bishop of London1910-1992
DS/UK/3919Gray; Walter Henry (1898-1973); bishop of Connecticut1898-1973
DS/UK/4953Sabiti; Erica (1904-1988); Archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi1904-1988
DS/UK/4816Gowing; Eric Austin (1913-); Bishop of Auckland1913-
DS/UK/5006Wilson; John Leonard (1897-1970); Bishop of Birmingham1897-1970
526Saxon; Eric (1914-2002); Canon; Chaplain to The Queen1914-2002
388Hunter; Leslie Stannard (1890-1983); Bishop of Sheffield1890-1983
DS/UK/5416Ramsbotham; John Alexander (1906-1989); bishop of Wakefield1906-1989
DS/UK/4338Loane; Marcus Lawrence (1911-2009); Archbishop of Sydney1911-2009
DS/UK/3629Burroughs; Nelson Marigold (fl. 1958); bishop of Ohiofl. 1958
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