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Alt Ref NoCOMM XIIa/2
1 Bakewell Rectory &
members, Derby. Made Oct 1649
Bakewell, with Over &
Nether Haddon, Great Rowsley, Alport, Conksbury, Harthill, Hassop, Rowland, Birchill, &
Ashford, with Monsal Dale, Bush Field, &
Wardlow chapels
Great Longstone chapel, with Little Longstone
Barslow, with Bubnell
Curbar, `Carver', Froggatt, &
Charsworth chapels
Beeley, with Chatsworth, Harwood Grange, &
Monyash chapel
Sheldon chapel
Taddington chapel, with Priestcliffe, &
Blackwell chapels
Chelmorton chapel, with Flagg, Sterndale &
Cowdale chapels
Bakestone chapel, with Stanton chapel
Tideswell chapel, with Litton, Wheston, Dalehead, Hardwick Hall, Hill, Millhouse Dale, Tunstead, Far &
Near Great Rocks, Meadow, &
Hope chapel, with Wardlow, Abney Grange, Shatton, Abney, Alfreton, Great Bradwell, Highlow, Haselback, Great &
Little Hucklow, Thornhill, &
Stoke Hall, W. Shaw, History of the English Church during the Civil Wars and under the Commonwealth, 2 vols, London 1900 chapel &
`Leefrith' called Kinston Fairfield chapel, with Pig Tor
6 Harborne Rectory, with Smethwick, Staffs.
Made 5 March 1650
9 Areley Rectory, with Kinver, Staffs, &
Worfield Rectory Salop. Made 7 March 1650
12 Kynaston manor &
prebend, in the parish of Wolverhampton, &
belonging to the Wolverhampton Royal Free Chapel. Made June 1651
20 Curbar, Froggatt, Stoke, Monsal Dale &
Longstone Dale tithes, parcel of Bakewell, Derby. Made April 1650
27 Prees Rectory, &
manor, Salop. Made 11 March 1647
30 Wybunbury Rectory, &
manor, with the advowson of Coppenhall, &
tithes in Chorlton, Goostrey, Blackenhall, Doddington, Bridgemere, Hunsterson, Walgherton, Birches, Checkey, Lea, Wryne Hall, Haywood, Shavington, Hough, Rope, `Saltersh chapel', Wisaston, Willaston, Batherston, Basford, &
Weston, Cheshire. Made 22 March 1647
36 Longdon prebend, Staffs. Returned 12 Dec 1649
41 Alderwasley prebend, with tithes in Pipe Ridware &
Edingale, Derby &
Staffs. Returned 12 Dec 1649
46 Upper &
Lower Penn Rectory Staffs. Returned 6 April 1650
49 Gaia Minor prebend, Staffs, &
Pipa Parva prebend, Staffs, with lands in Lichfield and Longdon. Returned 22 April 1650
55 A copy of the above survey of Gaia Minor &
Pipa Parva prebends
62 Boenhull prebend, Warwick. Returned 22 April 1650
67 Tachbrook Rectory &
prebend, Warwick. Returned 6 April 1650
71 Freeford prebend, with the tithes of Hammerwich, Horton, `Goulding', Bispill, Lichfield &
Haselour lordship, Staffs. Returned 11 June 1650
86 Bishop's Itchington Rectory &
prebend, with tithes in Chadshunt, Warwick. Returned 25 June 1650
96 Curborough prebend, with tithes in `Gayfield' in Lichfield, Staffs. Returned 22 April 1650
101 Adbaston Rectory, with tithes in Knighton, Bishop's Offley, Tunstall, Flashbrook, Ellaston, &
Batchacre, Staffs. Returned 11 June 1650
106 Chebsey Rectory, with tithes in Slindon, Badnall, Brockton, `Acherton', Norton Worth, Hilcott, Shawford, `Garrards', `Bramley', Radmore, Aspley, `Ishall', `Millmees', `Clodmees', `Cotes Worth', Chatcull, &
Whittington, Staffs. Returned 11 June 1650
112 Cannock Rectory Staffs. Returned 11 June 1650
115 Edgbaston Rectory Warwick. Returned 11 June 1650
118 Lichfield tithes in `Maiden's Well, Gayfield, Baconstreet, Smithfield, and Lingcroft'. Returned 11 June 1650
121 Rugeley Rectory Staffs. Returned 11 June 1650
125 Prees prebend, with tithes in Sandford, Ashley, Darliston, Faulsgreen, `Mitley', Heath Woolston, Calverhall, &
Whixall, Salop. Returned 11 June 1650
131 Prees Rectory, with `Typpon' parcel, Salop. Returned 11 June 1650
134 Lichfield tithes, in Pipe, `Boley Botham', &
`Hartslade' belonging to Prees. Returned 11 June 1650
142 Eccleshall prebend, with tithes in `Beachurst', Walton, `Ancot', Wootton, Horsley, `Longley', Croxton, `Tratwood', Blore Pipe, &
Johnson Hall, Staffs. Returned 25 June 1650
148 Chesterton Rectory, with Kingston, Warwick, formerly belonging to the Succentor &
Vicars of the Cathedral. Returned 20 June 1650
169 Stotfold prebend, with part of Itchington prebend, &
tithes in Fisherwick, `Timhorne', Haselour, Tamhorn, Streethay, &
Lichfield, Staffs. Returned 11 June 1650
183 Bishop's Itchington prebend, with tithes in Streethay, Staffs. Returned 11 June 1650
189 Sawley prebend, &
manor, with Wilne, Long Eaton, Draycott, Breaston, Risley, Wilnsthorpe, Hopwell, &
Hopton, Derby. Returned 12 Dec 1649
212 Sandiacre Rectory &
prebend, with tithes in Stanton &
Risley, Derby. Returned 12 Dec 1649
220 Wellington prebend, with tithes in Aston on Wrekin, Apley, Eyton on the Weald Moors, Preston on the Weald Moors, Arleston, Lawley, Ketley, Hadley, Horton, Leegomery, Walcot, Wappenshall, &
Dothill, Salop. Returned 12 Dec 1649
230 Brewood Rectory, prebend &
manor, with tithes in Horsebrook, Summerford, `Ingerton', Coven, Hatton, `Hides', Radmore, `Brumwell Hall', `Hankshead', &
`Leyfield', Staffs. Made 12 March 1650 (incomplete)
237 St Bees manor, rectory &
cell, with Hensingham, Preston, Whitehaven, Sandwith, `Coaderton', &
Eskdale, Wasdale Head, &
Ennerdale chapels, Cumberland. n.d.
243 Amberley Rectory Sussex. Made 1651 (Bishop)
244 Henfield Rectory Sussex. Returned 20 Nov 1650 (Bishop)
247 Rudgwick Rectory Sussex. n.d. (Bishop)
254 Streatham Rectory Sussex. Made 2 Sept 1649 (Bishop)
255 Bargham &
Bury prebends, with Jevington &
Ham tithing, Sussex. Returned 18 April 1650 (Prebend)
261 Ditchling &
Peckham Rectory, &
manor, Sussex. Returned 18 June 1650 (Chancellor)
265-282 Survey extracted from a return made 14 May 1650
265 Hove Villa &
Ecclesia, &
Bolney prebends, &
tithes in Preston, Sussex. (Prebend)
269 Ferring prebend, with Eastridge manor, Kingston, East Preston, in the rape of Arundel, &
Billingshurst tithes, Sussex. (Prebend)
276 Woodhorn prebend, with Erlington Rectory, &
manor, Sussex. (Prebend)
279 Bargham prebend, with Sutton Hospital in Seaford, Sussex. (Prebend)
282 Sidlesham prebend, with Bishopstone Rectory, &
Norton tithes, Sussex. (Prebend)
283 Exceat prebend, Sussex. (Prebend)
286 Beddingham, West Preston, Amberley, Alciston, Eastdean, Lullington, Friston, Willingdon, &
Firle, rectories in the rapes of Pevensey &
Lewes, Sussex. (Dean and Chapter)
303 Pensions in Boxgrove, Michelham, Alfriston, Fletching, St Augustine's chantry, Rustington, Hampden, Kirdford, Frindon, Lancing, Firle, Mid Lavant. Mendlesham. (Dean and Chapter)
305 Felpham Rectory Sussex. Returned 23 May 1650 (Dean and Chapter)
306 Eastbourne Rectory, &
manor, with Netherin, Pevensey Rectory, Heathfield Rectory &
manor, with Selmeston, Sutton prebend, Seaford prebend, &
Hempstead prebend, Sussex. Returned 28 May 1650 (Dean and Chapter)
325 Mendlesham Rectory Suffolk, &
Bapchild Rectory Kent Returned 23 July 1650 (Dean and Chapter)
329 Hounslow Heath, Sunbury, Feltham, &
Colkerington lands, Middlesex. Returned 21 Nov 1651 (Dean and Chapter)
333v List of lands belonging to Chichester deanery
334 West Wittering Rectory &
prebend, Sussex. n.d. (Dean and Chapter)
339 Selsey prebend, with tithes in Birdham, Sussex. Returned 9 Oct 1649 (Dean and Chapter)
343 East Thorne prebend &
manor, in East Wittering &
Selsey, Sussex. n.d. (Dean and Chapter)
345 Bracklesham prebend, in the parish of St Peter the Great, Chichester. (Dean and Chapter)
348 Sidlesham prebend in Sidlesham &
Earnley, with tithes in Burpham, Ferring, Bishopstone, &
Littlington, Sussex. (Dean and Chapter)
350 Highleigh prebend, in Sidlesham, Sussex (given in 1497 for the maintenance of Chichester Grammar School). Returned 2 Nov 1649 (Dean and Chapter)
354 Bosham prebend, with tithes in Walton, Westbrook, Southwood, Funtington, East &
West Ashling, &
Appledram, Sussex. Returned 29 Nov 1649 (Dean and Chapter)
358 Oving Rectory, &
manor, Sussex. Returned 10 Jan 1650 (Precentor)
362 St Bartholomew Rectory, Chichester (destroyed during the late wars) (Dean and Chapter)
364 Aldingbourne Rectory, with tithes in Westergate, Sussex. Returned 31 Jan 1649 (Dean and Chapter)
368 West Dean manor, with tithes in East &
West Dean, Charlton, Singleton, Binderton, Chilgrove, Stoughton, Didling in Treyfird parish, Dumpford in Trotton parish, &
East &
Up Marden, Sussex. Returned 2 July 1651 (Dean and Chapter)
371 East Dean Rectory, with tithes as above (f 368). Returned 16 Feb 1649 (Dean and Chapter)
381 Wisborough prebend, in the parish of Wisborough Green, with the tithing of Lidsey, in Aldingbourne parish, Sussex. Returned 26 March 1650 (Dean and Chapter)
386 Tithes forming St Mary &
St Cuthbert parishes in Carlisle &
its neighbourhood: Westward, Rosley, Reathwaite, Brocklebank, Hazelspring, Cleahall, `Ellen', `Ravensheedes', `Braid', `Slacke', Weary Hall, `Grumbill meadow', Hesket, Itonfield in Hesket parish, Trough, Petterilbank, Slack Houses, Sewell Houses &
Moore Houses in Inglewood forest, Newby Hemington, Bassenthwaite, &
Burntippet, Plumpton, `Barnstead', Armathwaite, `Minclose', Aiketgate, Wreay Hall, `Wool Laytes' &
`Watter Wickett', Morton Skeugh, East &
West `Curthwaite', Briscoe, Scugger Houses, Mill Dam, Barrock Fell, Ellerton, Southwaite, Bleaberry, Botcherby, Ruddings, Harraby, Tarraby, `Annrisholme', Petteril, Caldew, Herriby Grange, Castle Fields, Swifts, Great &
Little Braithwaite, &
Hay Close, Cumberland (Dean and Chapter)
416 Rental of St Mary &
St Cuthbert parishes (Dean and Chapter)
418 Meal Garner Office properties: Hayton, Petteril, Swinsty, Cumwhitton, Blackhall, Cumrew, Carleton Woodside, Middleskeugh, &
Rockcliffe (Dean and Chapter) includes payments of Dean and Chapter to cath. officials.
426 Little Salkeld Rectory, &
manor, including Addingham, with Unthank, Gamblesby, Robberby, Farmanby, Hunsonby, Winskill, Maughonby, &
Edenhall, with Langwathby;
Kirkland, with Skirwith, Culgaith, Bankrigg, Skelling, &
Blencarn, Cumberland. Returned 25 Feb 1650 (Dean and Chapter)
437 Sebergham manor, with High Head &
Ivegill, Castle Sowerby, &
Bampton, Cumberland. Returned 5 March 1650 (Dean and Chapter)
444 Wetheral manor, with Warwick, Cumwhitton, Laton in Gilsland, Cumrew, Lanerton in Gilsland, &
Kirkcambeck chapels, Cumberland. Made April 1650 (Dean and Chapter)
451 Lorton &
Allerdale manor, with Ireby, Crosscanonby, Allerthwaite, Crosby &
Birkby, Camerton &
Seaton, &
Bassenthwaite, Cumberland. Made Nov 1649 (Dean and Chapter)
458 Corbridge, Whittingham, &
St Michael, Newcastle rectories, with Halton, Aydon Castle, Great &
Little Whittington, Carrhouses, `Blarewood', Lumley, Dilston, `Elsington', Great Ryle, `Thraynton', Branton, Shawdon, Callaly, Yetlington, Little Ryle, Glanton, `Caresley', &
`Lower Bottle', Northumberland. Returned 1 Aug 1650 (Dean and Chapter)
467 Corbridge manor, with Corbridge &
Whittingham vicarages, Northumberland. Made July 1650 (Dean and Chapter)
470 Appleby St Laurence Vicarage, with Netherhouse, Drybeck, &
Scalergate, Colby &
Burrels, Westmorland. Returned 11 Feb 1650 (Dean and Chapter)
477 Appleby St Michael Rectory, in Bongate, with Crackenthorpe, Murton, Langton, &
Hilton, Westmorland. Returned 11 Feb 1650 (Dean and Chapter)
482 Melbourne Rectory Derby. Made 23-24 Jan 1649 (Bishop)
483 Leases of tithes in Cumberland &
Northumberland belonging to the bishop: Upmanby, All Hallows, Brayton, Allerby, Aspatria, `Little Rotten', Rickerby, High &
Low Crosby, Linstock, Penrith, Highgate, Ivegill, Swift, Cummersdale, Brownelson, Brunskaith, `Wanby' Newton, Catterlen, Cardew, Cardewlees, Little Dalston, Hatton, `Quinsby', Gatesgill, `Rumpton Moor', Caldewstones, Skiprigg, Hallthwaite, Fletchers, Brocklebank, Hawksdale;
pensions in Scaleby, Lanercost, Crosby, Stanwix, Kirk Brampton, Holme Cultram, Thursby, Greystoke, Ackton, Barton, Burgh, Warcop, Cumberland. Warkworth, Newcastle upon Tyne, &
Newburn, Northumberland. Bromfield, Ousby, Denton, Selby, Dalton, Stanwix, Crosthwaite, Torpenhow, Lazonby, Penrith, &
Gilcrux. Livings in the gift of the Bishop: Caldbeck, Aspatria, Salkeld, Musgrave, Ormeside, Bondgate, Clifton, Cliburn. c.1647
492 Morland Rectory, &
manor, with Newby Stones, King's Meaburn, Sleagill, Thrimby, Bolton, &
Little Strickland, Westmorland. Made Jan 1650 (Dean and Chapter)
503 Melbourne, Newton, Chellaston, &
Barrow on Trent rectories, Derby. An additional survey made May 1656 (Bishop)
CustodialHistoryFormerly MS 903
CopiesMicrofilm: Lambeth Palace Library MS Film 1204a

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