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Extent161 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Italy: Contacts: general F-V
Descriptionff.1-68: Focolare Movement: 1962-1980: report from Canon Pawley on the Focolare Movement and the possible setting up of links with English evangelicals, 1962; correspondence with the Revd. Eric Wilkes about the work of the Focolare in Liverpool; letter of thanks from Chiara Lubich following a meeting with Archbishop Ramsey, 1 July 1966; reports of Focolare meetings in England; commendations of the Movement by Uvedale Lambert, 1966 & 1972; report of Chiara Lubich's meeting with the Ecumenical Patriarch, Athenagoras, 13 June 1977, in 'Living City'; letter to the Revd. John Stott from Canon John Findlow enclosing a note on the Focolare Movement, Feb. 1968, and introduction to Doriana Zamboni and Fr. Guido Brini, with list of clergy to whom similar letters were sent; Archbishop Ramsey's letter of greeting to the Focolare Summer Meeting, August 1968; letter from Chiara Lubich, 10 May 1971, about the activities of the Movement in England, with reply; report on the Ecumenical Week at the Mariapolis Centre, Rocca di Papa, Rome 3-9 April 1972, with a copy of the programme; letter from Chiara Lubich regretting that her ill health prevented her meeting Archbishop Ramsey in Nov. 1972; correspondence with Revd. Dimitri Bregant about Focolare Meetings; details of Gen Verde concert tour, Nov. 1975; congratulations on the enthronement of Archbishop Runcie and his message of greetings, 1980.

ff.69-72 Fr. Gustavo Galeota SJ: 1979: correspondence between Revd. Christopher Hill and Fr. Galeota on his article in 'Rassegna di Teologia' (3-1978), his appointment as Secretary of the Pontifical Gregorian University and the possibility of restoring the visiting Anglican Chair at the University.

ff.73-78: Br. Eugene Murtagh FSCJ:1968-1969: correspondence between Br. Eugene Murtagh (Missionari Comboniani) and Canon Satterthwaite about the keeping of the Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity in his community in Italy, and his ordination to the priesthood.

ff.79-87 William Phillips FSCJ: 1965-1967: letter about an exhibition on the Anglican Church by English theological students, with encouragement from Archbishop Ramsey; correspondence with Canon Satterthwaite referring to his visit to the Missionari Comboniani at Venegono Superiore in 1967 and to ecumenical hopes.

ff.99-130: [Papers removed for Data Protection reasons]

ff.131-137: Carmelo Testa: 1973-1974: request from the parish priest of Motta Sant' Anastasia, Sicily, for financial assistance to rebuild the parish church; correspondence with Revd, Philip Gresham, Anglican chaplain in Taormina, about an appropriate response and the dispatch of a signed photograph of Archbishop Ramsey.

ff.138-142: Sr. Assunta Ubertini: 1969: request from the Abbess of the Poor Clares' Convent of Santa Rosa, Viterbo, for financial assistance; letter from Mrs. Ramsey arranging for CFR to send £10, with a letter of thanks from Sr. Assunta Ubertini.

ff.142-147: Cardinal Ursi, Archbishop of Naples: 1971-1973: reports of meetings between Revds. Michael Moore and David Murfet with Cardinal Ursi and Fr. Gustavo Galeota SJ during a visit to Naples, Nov. 1971, and letters of thanks; letter from John Satterthwaite, Bishop of Fulham and Gibraltar, to the Revd. Michael Moore about a meeting with Cardinal Ursi and Fr. Galeota, Nov. 1973.

ff.148-155: Fr. Giuseppe Vallone: 1978-1979: letter from Fr. Giuseppe Vallone thanking Archbishop Coggan for his address in Westminster Cathedral during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Jan. 1978, with Easter and Christmas greeting for 1978 and 1979.

ff.156-161: Bishop of Viterbo: 1973: correspondence about an ecumenical pilgrimage to England led by Mgr. Luigi Boccadoro, Bishop of Viterbo, including a visit to Archbishop Ramsey, 10 July 1973; note of an interview given by Archbishop Ramsey for Italian Televison the same day.
LanguageSome Italian
RelatedMaterialFocolare pamphlet [1968] transferred to printed books

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