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Alt Ref NoCFR RC 196/1
Extent118 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Italy: Contacts: general A-C
Descriptionff.1-5:Mgr. Alberto Ablondi, Bishop of Livorno: 1979: papers relating to a visit of Mgr. Ablondi to England and arrangements for a brief meeting with Archbishop Coggan on 1 May 1979, with an introduction from Dom Victorino Aldinucci OSB.

ff.6-36: Mgr. Giuliano Agresti, Archbishop of Lucca, and Vittorino Aldinucci OSB, Abbot of San Miniato: 1978-1979: papers relating to the study-visit of the Archbishop of Lucca and the Abbot of San Miniato, with the encouragement of Dr Harry Reynolds Smythe; biographical notes; programme for the visit; letters of thanks.

ff.37-54: Albiolo School: 1966-1968: request from the children of year 5 of Albiolo Elementary School to Archbishop Ramsey for his photograph and autograph, and subsequent 'pen pal' arrangements with St. Michael's Church of England School, Highgate.

ff.55-68: Giuseppe Arpioni: 1980-1981: letters from Giuseppe Arpioni, President of Opera per la Giovent├╣ "Giorgio La Pira"; greetings from Archbishop Runcie for the summer meeting at La Vela and arrangements for the Revd. Peter Hughes to attend the two-week camp.

ff.69-77: [Papers removed for Data Protection reasons]

ff.78-95: Cardinal Benelli, Archbishop of Florence: 1979-1980: papers relating to the visit of Cardinal Benelli and a hundred Italian theological students to London and Canterbury, 15-18 Nov. 1979; programme for the visit; gift of books by Giorgio La Pira passed on to the Centre for the Advanced Study of Italian Society, University of Reading; photograph of Cardinal Benelli following the enthronement of Archbishop Runcie.

ff.96-109: Fr. [Mario] Borrelli: 1964: correspondence between Fr. Hugh Bishop CR and Canon Satterthwaite about Fr. Borrelli's request for a contribution from Archbishop Ramsey to the periodical 'Il Tetto'; list of questions and Archbishop Ramsey's replies, with Italian translations; letter from Archbishop Ramsey commending Fr. Borrelli's work among destitute children in Naples at Casa dello Scugnizzo.

ff.110-118: Mgr. Mario Castellano OP, Archbishop of Siena: 1979-1980: correspondence between Dr. Harry Reynolds Smythe and the Revd. Christopher Hill about an invitation from the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Archbishop of Siena and one of his clergy to visit England, possibly after Archbishop Runcie's enthronement; comments from Dr.Smythe on the ARCIC Venice documents.

Correspondents include: Revd. David Wheaton (f.32); Revd. David Hope (f.35); Archbishop Bruno Heim (f.85); Dr. Paul Corner (f.97)

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