RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR RC 194/2
Extent109 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Italy: General correspondence
DescriptionPapers relating to the Roman Catholic church and political affairs in Italy, including: resumé of a pastoral letter of the Italian episcopate on laicism, April 1960 (ff.1-4); report on the political and religious background of the work of the British and Foreign Bible Society in Italy, Dec. 1960 (ff.6-8); information on the Focolare movement for Donald Coggan, Archbishop of York (ff.12-14); correspondence between Falkner Allison, Bishop of Winchester, the Revd. P. McLaughlin and Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury on acceptance by the Holy See of Anglican baptism (ff.15-21); translation of 'The Pontiff and the Queen' by Alberto Spada in 'L'Europeo', 24 March 1963 (ff.22-32); greetings from Ermengildo Florit, Archbishop of Florence, to Archbishop Ramsey, Jan. 1964, with a copy of his book 'Unità Christiana', April 1964 (ff.33,37); correspondence with the periodical 'Dialogo' on reviews and translations of Anglican theological works (ff.34-36); translation into Italian of Archbishop Ramsey's interview for Radio Televisione Italiano, 1965 (ff.41-42); arrangements for three priests of the diocese of Udine to visit Archbishop Ramsey with greetings from Giuseppe Zaffonato, Archbishop of Udine, June 1966 and gift from Mgr. Guglielmo Biasutti (ff.43-47,49-53); arrangements for Ettore Mo to interview Archbishop Ramsey, Aug. 1966, for 'Famiglia Cristiana', with English text (ff.48,54-58); note on an interview granted by Pope Paul VI to 'Corriere della Sera', 3 Oct. 1965 (f.59);sympathy and offers of assistance following the Florentine floods, Dec. 1966-Jan. 1967 (ff.60-62); letter of thanks from Archbishop Ramsey to Canon Douglas Duncan on his ecumenical work in Milan, 17 Jan. 1967 (f.64); press-cutting of an interview with Archbishop Ramsey by Alfredo Pieroni in 'Corriere della Sera', 15 Jan. 1967 (ff.65-67); extracts from a letter to Canon Ronald Pilkington from Dr. Serge Bolshakoff, about Mgr. Michele Pellegrino, Archbishop of Turin and his possible attendance at a Patristics Conference in England (ff.68-70); correspondence with Fr. Berardo Capezzali OFM about an Anglican-Roman Catholic meeting in Assisi in April 1968 (ff.71-77); correspondence with Revd. Bernard Tidball about the appointment of Dr. Renzo Bertalot as Executive Secretary of the Bible Society, Oct. 1967 (ff.78-79); letter from Prof. Dennis Nineham to Archbishop Ramsey about a confernece of New Testament scholars in Rome, April 1969, with copies of papers (ff.80-92); Archbishop Ramsey's blessing to the 7th session of 'Ecumenical Formation', 8 Aug. 1969 (ff.94-95); correspondence with Canon John Findlow, Br. David SSF and Archbishop Ramsey about possible repercussions over the ecumenical activities of Fr. Peter SSF at San Miniato, Florence, 1969 (ff.97-104); letter from Russell Foreman in 'The Times' about Fr. Peter's funeral at San Miniato, 29 Sept. 1969 (f.105); Christmas letter from Foyer Unitas, Rome, Dec. 1969 (ff.106-109).
LanguageSome Italian, German and French

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