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Extent95 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Great Britain: Commission on Roman Catholic Relations (CRCR): Miscellaneous correspondence
DescriptionPapers relating to:
The Second Vatican Council:
f.1: Archbishop Ramsey's decision not to send a message to the English Roman Catholic bishops at the beginning of the Fourth Session of the Second Vatican Council, 30 July 1965.

Converts to the Roman Catholic Church:
ff.2-4: correspondence with the editor of "The National Catholic Reporter" about a report that "hundreds of converted Anglican clergy could work as Roman Catholic deacons", 1965
ff.5-6: memorandum and press-cutting about the reception of Canon and Mrs. Brigstocke into the Roman Catholic church, 1965
ff.7-10: letters from the Revd. Victor de Waal and Canon Ronald Preston about the re-baptism of converts to the Roman Catholic church, 1966
f.11-13: memorandum on the content of the long form of profession of faith for Roman Catholic converts, with copy of the text, 1966
ff.14-35: correspondence with members of the Roman Catholic hierarchy about Tom Bowles's views on the Anglican Confirmation rite, especially his dissemination of them to Eton schoolboys, and the recognition, or otherwise, of Anglican Orders by the Ecumenical Patriarch, 1966-1967.
ff.36-44: correspondence about Fr. Gordon Albion's statement in "The Universe" about the 'vacancy' in the See of Canterbury since the death of Cardinal Pole, 1967.

Joint services and agreed joint liturgical texts:
ff.45-50: possible Roman Catholic participation in the British Legion Festival of Remembrance, 1965
ff.51-68: consideration of joint texts with the Liturgical Commission and with Peter Mahon MP about the text of the Lord's Prayer, 1965-1966

Ecumenical ventures and gatherings:
f.69: report of the setting up of an ecumenical commission in each Roman Catholic diocses in England and Wales, 1965
ff.70-71: report by Preb. Gordon Phillips of a meeting of Anglican and Roman Catholic scholars at the university church of Christ the King, Gordon Square, Dec. 1965.
f.72; contacts between Anglican theological colleges and Roman Catholic seminaries in Oxford, 1966
f.73: note of enthusiastic reception at Lambeth Consultative Council for proposed Anglican Roman-Catholic dialogue, 1966
f.74: proposal for an ecumenical centre in Westminster, 1967
ff.75-77: report from Oliver Tomkins, Bishop of Bristol, about an ecumenical conferenceorganished by the dioces of Clifton, 1968.
ff.78-79: notes of the third and fourth annual conference between the Anglican and Roman Catholic dioceses of Southwark, 1967-1968

Reports and interviews on Anglican Roman-Catholic relations:
ff.80-81: memorandum on Roman Catholic relations for Bishop Dean, May 1966.
ff.82-88: answers by William Chadwick, Bishop of Barking, to a set of questions on Roman Catholic relations submitted by Kathlene Britten, 1968.

Concerns over closer Anglican Roman-Catholic relations:
ff.89-90: letter from A.L. Kensit to Michael Ramsey, Archbisihop of Canterbury requesting a meeting for members of the Protestant Truth Society to discuss the issues, 1967-1968.
ff.91-95: Memorandum on relations between English Churchmen and Roman Catholics by Dr. J.I. Packer and issued by the Church Society, 1968.

Correspondents include: Revd. Herbert Keldany (ff.18,20 ); Canon John Findlow (ff.19,23); Fr. David Norris (f.21): Mgr. Igino Cardinale (f.22); John Heenan, Archbishop of Westminster (ff.24,45,48-49); Canon Satterthwaite (passim); Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury (ff.37,46-47,50-54,57-60,65-68); Canon William Purdy (ff.38-39,43-44); Canon Ronald Jasper (ff.51-54,57,59-60); Rt. Revd. Augustine Morris (ff.61-62); Fr. Geoffrey Curtis CR (f.63); G.P. Dwyer, Archbishop of Birmingham (f.67); Canon Frank Colquhoun (f.79).

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