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Alt Ref NoCFR RC 156/1
Extent101 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: National Dialogues: Germany: General correspondence
DescriptionPapers relating to the Roman Catholic church in Germany, including: script of 'The Nazi Persecution of the Roman Catholic Church' by Fr. M. C. D'Arcy, BBC Home Service, 18 July 1941 (ff.1-3); copy of the Christmas Pastoral Letter of Conrad, Graf von Preysing, Bishop of Berlin, 1942, with covering letter from the Ministry of Information (ff.4-5); 'The Attitude of the German Catholics towards the Third Reich and the War' by J. Winiewicz for the Inter-Allied Research Committee, 21 Feb. 1944 (ff.7-17); 'The Attitude of the German Protestants towards the Third Reich and the Present War' by J. Winiewicz for the Inter-Allied Research Committee, 20 April 1944 (ff.18-31); Catholic Voices Raised for Reconstruction [1945] (ff.32-37); translation of a speech by Dr. Josef Frings, Cardinal Archbishop of Cologne, at the University of Cologne, 7 April 1946 (ff.38-41); visit of Cardinal Prings to Britain, 24-19 September 1946 (ff.42-43); Cologne Cathedral Jubilee celebrations, August 1948 (ff.44-47); arrangements for a meeting between Cardinal Prings and William Wand, Bishop of London, 28 Sept. 1948 (ff.48-51); 'Exchange of Courtesies with Germany' by Sir Walter Selby, 8 Oct. 1948 (f.52); letter from Dr. Herder-Dorneich enclosing a message from the Catholic Congress of 1948 at Mainz (ff.53-54); 'The Oikumene and the Catholic Church' from the Ecumenical Press Service, 13 Jan. 1950 (f.55); translation of the Pastoral Letter of the Bishops of East Germany, May 1953, from 'L'Osservatore Romano' (ff.56-58); letter from J.H. Peck, Foreign Office, to Revd. Herbert Waddams about the Katholische Nachrichten Agentur, 15 June 1953 (f.59); Revd. E.H. Gordon's translation of passages from the 122nd Pastoral Letter of the Bishop of Mainz (1 June 1952), with decision of George Bell, Bishop of Chichester not to include them in 'Documents on Christian Unity', 1957 (ff.60-65); statistics on the practice of religion in Germany from 'The Tablet', 18 May 1957 (f.66); 'Catholic and Evangelical. 100 Years at the same Church', article in 'The Manchester Guardian' on Altenberg Abbey, 23 July 1957 (f.67); 'The Relationship between the Evangelical Church and Roman Catholicism in Germany' in 'Faith and Unity', Spring 1959, No. 3, Vol. V (ff.68-70); memorandum by Revd. M.A.H. Halliwell on Oberammergau, 7 July 1960 (ff.71-72); report by Kurt Petry on the Eucharistic Congress in Munich, Sept. 1960 (f.73); 'The Interconfessional Dialogue in Germany' , Sept. 1960 (ff.74-77); note of meetings in Berlin addressed by Cardinal Bea on 'The Council and Unity', June 1962 (f.79); reports from the German Catholic News Agency, 1962 (ff.80-81); letter from Revd. Michael Halliwell to Revd. David Tustin on ecumenical relations, May 1964 (f.82); report by Revd. Ernest Gordon on his visit to Berlin, 7-11 Sept. 1964 (ff.83-86); report by Revd. David Tustin on a visit to Sulz, Sept. 1964 (f.87); letter from Revd. M.A.H. Halliwell on the Cusanuswerk and its sessions abroad, 1965 (ff.88-89); report by Roderic Coote, Bishop of Fulham, on a visit to Maria Laach Abbey, Sept. 1965 (f.90); German press reports (ff.91-92,96); note of a conversation between Revd. David Tustin and Prof. von Lilienfeld on the situation of the Roman Catholic church in East Germany, Sept. 1966 (f.93); message of ecumenical goodwill from Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, on the consecration of St Mark's Church, Recklinghausen, Sept. 1966 (ff.94-95,97-99); possible student exchange with the Roman Catholic seminary at Fulda, 1967 (ff.100-101).

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GB/109/14540Moos; Conrad Graf von Preysing Lichtenegg- (1880-1950); Cardinal; Catholic Bishop of Berlin1880-1950
GB/109/24503Frings; Josef Richard (1887-1978); Cardinal Archbishop of Cologne1887-1978
581Wand; John William Charles (1885-1977); Bishop of London1885-1977
DS/UK/5999Waddams; Herbert Montague (1911-1972); Canon of Canterbury Cathedral1911-1972
135Bell; George Kennedy Allen (1883-1958); Bishop of Chichester1883-1958
GB/109/7984Bea; Agostino (1881-1968); Cardinal1881-1968
GB/109/21806Halliwell; Michael Arthur (1928-); Canon1928-
DS/UK/3713Coote; Roderic Norman (1915-2000); OBE; Bishop of Colchester1915-2000
GB/109/10953Tustin; David (1935-); Suffragan Bishop of Grimsby1935-
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
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