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TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: National Dialogues: France: Contacts: General contacts J-Z
DescriptionPapers relating to general contacts with the Roman Catholic church in France, including:
ff.1-12: Mme. André Jacquart: 1971-1973: arrangements for an ecumenical pilgrimage by the Group Œcuménique de Thiérarche, led by Mgr. Henri Jenny, Archbishop of Cambrai, with photograph of the group with Archbishop Ramsey at the Old Palace, Canterbury, 27 April 1973.

ff.13-28: Père Gilbert Lamande SJ, 1972-1981: correspondence and notes of meetings, generally about church schools and school chaplaincies.

ff. 29-30: Mgr. Armand le Bourgeois, Bishop of Autun, Chalon and Macon: 1980-1981: greetings to Archbishop Runcie on his enthronement and Christmas greetings 1981.

ff.31-39: Abbé Robert Liotard SJ; 1979-1980: arrangements for an ecumenical visit to England led by Abbé Liotard and Pasteur J.-P. Monsarrat, 7-16 April 1980.

ff.40-41; Cardinal Achille Liénart, Bishop of Lille; 1965: letters to Canon Ronald Pilkington about Cardinal Liénart's visit to London and Archbishop Ramsey's willingness to welcome him to Lambeth.

ff.42-58: Père Henri de Lubac SJ: 1948-1953: 'Controverse sur la nature et les méthodes de la Théologie', Fiches Documéntaires VI, C. 3, 02 Sources doctrinales 15-3-48; postcard from Samuel Gurney with a copy of Dom Bede Griffiths review of 'Catholicism: A Study of Dogma in relation to the Corporate Destiny of Mankind' in 'Westminster Cathedral Chronicle', Aug. 1950; review of the same title by Fr. Martin D'Arcy in 'The Month', Jan. 1951; comments on de Lubac and his writings; de Lubac's thanks for Christmas greetings from Revd Herbert Waddams, 1952 & 1953.

ff.59-70: Cardinal Joseph-Marie Martin, Archbishop of Rouen: 1965-1971: his thanks for news of Revd. Roger Greenacre's appointment as Rector of St. George's, Paris; Archbishop Ramsey's regrets at being unable to visit Bec for the 900th anniversary celebrations; arrangements for Archbishop Ramsey's visit to Rouen, 21 April 1967, with note of his private meeting with Cardinal Martin, his letter of thanks and reports on the success of the visit; Cardinal Martin's greetings and blessings from Lourdes, 10 Jan. 1971.

ff.71-73: Abbé Jean de Montclos: 1967; 1971: request to dedicate his thesis 'Lanfranc et Bérenger. La controverse eucharistique du XIe siècle' to Archbishop Ramsey, with Ramsey's letter of thanks for a copy of the book.

ff.74-89: Père M. Martin Olive OP: 1978: letter from Père Olive to Archbishop Coggan enclosing some of his writings on Cardinal Newman in 'Revue du Rosaire', Oct.-Nov. 1977 and Feb. 1978, with Archbishop Coggan's thanks.

ff.90-94: Abbé Robert Prévost: 1946: letter from Abbé Prévost to Archbishop Fisher about his message to the World Council of Churches, 21 Feb. 1946, and enclosing a copy of one from Cardinal Liénart, with Archbishop Fisher's reply; letter from Revd. Herbert Waddams to George Bell, Bishop of Chichester about Abbé Prévost.

ff.95-99; Père Jean Roche SJ; 1966-1971: letter from Père Roche, a colleague of Abbé Pierre Michalon in Lyon, with a note of meetings with him, 27 Sept. 1966 and 12 August 1971; copy of a letter from Archbishop Ramsey to Père Michalon regretting that he would be unable to visit Lyon in 1969.

ff.100-106: Mgr J. Rupp, Auxiliary Bishop of Paris: 1947-1959: letter from Revd. Herbert Waddams to William Wand, Bishop of London about Canon Rupp, 22 July 1947; Mr. Waddam's note on a meeting with Canon Rupp, Jan. 1949; condolences on the death of Mgr. Beaussart, March 1952, with reply; extract from a letter from Donald Lowrie to Paul Anderson about Mgr. Rupp, 3 Feb. 1955; cutting from 'The Tablet' about Mgr. Rupp's clarifying the circumstances of presence at St. George's Anglican Church in Paris, 5 Oct. 1957; extract from a letter from Revd. H.R.T. Brandreth about Mgr. Rupp, 8 June 1959.

ff.107-113: Cardinal Suhard: 1949: correspondence between Revd. H.R.T. Brandreth and Revd. Herbert Waddams, and Dr. Leonard Prestige and the Foreign Office, about a meeting between Cardinal Suhard and William Wand, Bishop of London; letter of thanks from Mgr. Beaussart to Archbishop Fisher for his condolences on the death of Cardinal Suhard; correspondence about Anglican representation at Cardinal Suhard's funeral.

ff.114-119; 'Unité des Chrétiens'; 1976: text of message from Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury for the special number of 'Unité des Chrétiens' commemorating the 30th anniversary of the death of Abbé Portal, April 1976, with thanks from Mgr. Armand le Bourgeois, Président de la Commission pour l'Unité des Chrétiens; copy of 'Le Père Portal, Serviteur de l'Unité' by Roger Greenacre.

ff.120-142: Cardinal Pierre Veuilllot: 1966-1968: appointment of Mgr Veuillot as Archbishop of Paris following the resignation of Cardinal Feltin; letter of congratulations from Archbishop Ramsey, with response; arrangements for a meeting between Archbishop Veuillot and Archbishop Ramsey, 1967, with a note of the meeting, and letters of thanks after the meeting; congratulations from Archbishop Ramsey on Mgr. Veuillot's appointment as Cardinal, with response; letter and telegram on Cardinal Veuillot's illness; condolences on his death; representation at the funeral by Alan Rogers, Bishop of Fulham and Revd. H.R.T. Brandreth.

ff,143-164: Père Maurice Villain SM: 1962-1977: notes on meetings with Père Villain, 1962 and 1966; letter to Revd. John Satterthwaite about Archbishop Ramsey's visit to Rome, 1966; translated extracts from an article by Père Villain in 'Le Figaro', 6 Dec. 1966; letter from Père Villain to Revd. Roger Greenacre regretting that his absence in Canada prevented his attending a meeting between Archbishop Ramsey and Archbishop Veuillot at the British Embasy in Paris, 1967; letter to Archbishop Ramsey about his failing eyesight and his joy at being awarded the Cross of St. Augustine, March 1973; arrangements to make the award at Taizé, 30 Sept. 1973; Christmas and New Year letters 1974 and 1975; obituaries of Père Villain by Roger Greenacre for the 'Church Times', March 1977, by Canon Jacques Desseaux, and by Mgr. Michel Darmancier; letter of thanks from Mgr. Darmancier for condolences on the death of Père Villain.

ff.165-168: Père Vincent [Jaur]: 1975: information from the Consul-General in Lyon about a ciborium given to Archbishop Ramsey by Père Vincent, a monk of Lérins, as a retirement gift; correspondence between Canon Michael Moore and Lord Ramsey.

Other correspondents include: Revd. Patrick McLauglin (f.56); Dom Paul Grammont, Abbot of Bec (f.61).
RelatedMaterial'Lanfranc et Bérenger : la controverse eucharistique du XIe siècle' by Jean de Montclos, Leuven : Spicilegium Sacrum Lovaniense, 1971. Copy in printed books at H2215.M6.

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GB/109/24493Jenny; Henri-Martin-Félix (1904-1982); Archbishop of Cambrai; Supreme Leader of Iran (1979-1989)1904-1982
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298Coggan; Frederick Donald (1909-2000); Baron Coggan; Archbishop of Canterbury1909-2000
GB/109/21858Greenacre; Roger Tagent (1930-2011); clergyman1930-2011
GB/109/24485Veuillot; Pierre Marie Joseph (1913-1968); Cardinal Archbishop of Paris1913-1968
524Satterthwaite; John Richard (1925-2014); Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe1925-2014
GB/109/12145Moore; Michael Mervlyn Hamond (1935-); General Secretary, Church of England Council on Foreign Relations1935-
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