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Extent284 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: National Dialogues: France: Contacts: General contacts: A-C
DescriptionPapers relating to general contacts with the Roman Catholic church in France, including:

ff.1-34: Amitié: 1964-1976: correspondence with Annie Perchenet about the ecumenical work of Amitié; note on its aims (ff.11-12); her project on Anglican religious communities (ff.13-32), with texts of a foreward by Archbishop Ramsey (f.27), commendation by Cardinal Willebrands (ff.28-29) and preface by Prof. Jean Bosc (ff.30-31; Amitié Newsletter Oct.-Nov. 1970 (f.33).

ff.35-54: Mgr Jean Badré, Bishop of Bayeux and Lisieux: 1976-1977: correspondence about Anglican representation at the 900th anniversary of the consecration of Bayeux Cathedral, 14 July 1977; arrangements for Robert Runcie, Bishop of St. Albans to represent Archbishop Coggan (ff.37-41); arrangements for a meeting between Bishop Badré and Archbishop Coggan, 30 Sept. 1976 (ff.42-43); formal invitation to the celebration (ff.49-50).

ff.55-60: Père René Beaupère OP: 1962-1963: correspondence about providing him with Christian literature published in Great Britain and 'Lumière et Vie' a review edited by him, with letter of thanks from Archbishop Ramsey for a complimentary copy; offprint of his article 'Ecumenical Pilgrimages to the Lands of the Bible' in Eastern Churches Quarterly XIV/8, Winter 1962.

ff.61-66: Abbé Joseph Boishu: 1965: correspondence with Abbé Boishu about a month long stay in England visiting Anglican religious communities, with a letter of recommendation from Paul Gouyon, Archbishop of Rennes.

ff.67-89: Abbé Jean Boulier: 1947-1950: note on the Revd. Herbert Waddams's visit to Paris, May 1947, and conversations with Abbé Boulier; text of 'Appel à tous les Chrétiens en faveur de la paix', May 1949; note of a meeting between Canon Douglas and Abbé Boulier with involvement of Joseph Sandy of the London Peace Council; copy of Boulier's 'Pourquoi j'ai signé l'Appel de Stockholm'; presscutting about Mgr Feltin's ban on Abbé Boulier because of his perceived support for 'Communist-dominated "partisans of peace"', Sept. 1950; letter from Dr Prestige to Canon Douglas advising against further contact with Abbé Boulier.

ff.90-96: Père Louis Bouyer: 1965-1980: letter to Archbishop Ramsey enclosing a copy of one of his books and recommending Revd. Donald Macdonald, a doctoral student working on Ramsey's theology; request (refused) to Archbishop Ramsey to dedicate the Anglican chapel at Abbaye de la Lucerne; note of a meeting with Archbishop Ramsey, 7 Dec. 1971; letter of thanks from Archbishop Runcie for Bouyer's book 'The Comforter', 1980.

ff.97-168: Centre d'Études "Istina": 1955-1969: correspondence with Père C.J. Dumont O.P. and Fr. Thomas Cowley O.P. about the work of "Istina", including work on relations between the Church of England and the Church of South India (ff.97-98, 101-102), provision of books for the library (ff.103-115); note of a meeting between Revd. John Satterthwaite and Fr. Cowley, 25 April 1960 (f.116); request for an Anglican speaker at an ecumenical gathering at Neuilly-sur-Seine, 15 Jan. 1962 (ff.119-120); text of 'L'Anglicanisme' by the Revd. Michael Halliwell (ff.121-154); note of Mr. Halliwell's visit to Istina, 16 Jan. 1962 (f.155); note of a meeting between the Revd. David Tustin and Fr. Cowley, 12 Aug. 1963 (f.158); letter from Père M.-J. Le Guillou O.P. enclosing a copy of 'Le Christ et l'Église - Théologie et Mystère', Sept. 1963 (f.159); offprint 'L'échiquier œcuménique' from "Istina" no. 2/3, 1964 (ff.160-161); provision of information on the Anglican-Methodist Conversations, 1967 (ff.163-164); possibility of setting up a joint ecumenical library with the American Pro-Cathedral in Paris, 1969 (ff.165-168).

ff.169-176: Revd. J.M. Charles-Roux: 1965-66; 1969: correspondence with Fr. Jean-Marie Charles-Roux on the canonisation of the English Martyrs and the Reserved Sacrament in Anglican churches.

ff.177-181: Abbé Bernard Choquet: 1967-1968: correspondence about a proposed encounter between Anglican-Roman Catholic students in Lille, 9-11 Feb. 1968, with the possible involvement of the Bishop of Fulham.

ff.182-192: Père Yves M-J Congar OP: 1939; 1945; 1954; 1967: correspondence between Canon Douglas and Père Congar; mention of Père Congar in CFR 586 'The Church of England and the Church of Rome', 10 March 1954; review by Archbishop Ramsey for 'The Catholic Herald' of 'Dialogue between Christians: Catholic Contributons to Ecumenism' by Père Yves M-J Congar, 1966.

ff.193-284: Père Jacques Coupet OP: 1960-1975: a Dominican living in London; correspondence about visits, opportunities to work adn his research interests. 'A Brief Outline of some of Newman's views on Unity in his Anglican sermons' TS by Père Coupet (ff.232-251); text of broadcast on the death of Pope John XXIII on the BBC French language service 'Londres-Soir Actualités Mondiales' 20 Oct. 1964 (ff.254-261); interview with Revd. David Tustin for the BBC French language service 'Londres-Soir Actualités Mondiales', 23 Dec. 1966 (ff.267-274); translation of a broadcast by Coupet, 18 April 1967, on the visit of Archbishop Ramsey to France (f.275).

Other correspondents include: John Lawrence (ff.4,6); Suzanne Martineau (ff.5,34); Revd. R.J.A. Lindsay (ff.44-46); Revd. Roger Greenacre (f.167).

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