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Alt Ref NoCFR RC 145/1
Extent114 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: National Dialogues: France: Contacts: Centre Unité Chrétienne, Lyon
DescriptionPapers relating to contacts with the Centre de 1'Unité Chrétienne, Lyon, including: correspondence with Abbé Paul Couturier (ff.1,3-4,9,13-14,16-19,21-22,26,31-34) and Abbé Pierre Michalon (ff.53,59-61,72-77,80-84,88-91,95-96,98-101,103, 105,107) about the Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity and its support in Great Britain, and the work of the Centre Unité Chrétienne; arrangements for Revd. John Findlow to attend an ecumenical conference in Lyons, 14-18 July 1948 (ff.20-23); dispatch of books on Anglicanism to the Abbé Couturier (ff.24-31); memorial card and letters on the death of the Abbé Couturier, March 1953 (ff.36-39); suggestion of an Anglican memorial to Abbé Couturier (ff.45-46); report on ecumenical work in France during 1956 (f.47); 'A Suggested Approach to the Question of Christian Unity' by Dom Benedict Heron OSB (ff.48-51); letter from Père Maurice Villain to Canon Waddams about his visit to London, June-July 1958 (f.52); good wishes for the Lambeth Conference 1958 from the Abbé Michalon to Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury (ff.53-54); arrangements for Abbé Michalon's visit to England, 30 April-16 May 1961, and report on the visit (ff.61-69); notes on the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, by Père Villain (ff.70-71); arrangements for a meeting between the heads of Anglican men's religious communities and Père Michalon at Taizé, Feb. 1962, with report (ff.75-80); request for a donation towards the cost of restoring the Maison Abbé Couturier at Chazay d'Azergues, 1962 (ff.83-84); details of Père Michalon's visit to England and sermon at Canterbury Cathedral, 25 Jan. 1967 (ff.85-88); Anglican representation at the inauguration ceremony of the Centre Unité Chrétienne, 7 May 1967 (ff.90-91); questions from the Centre Unité Chrétienne about the appointment of bishops in the Anglican church (ff.92-94); arrangements for the presentation of the Cross of St. Augustine to the Abbé Michalon at Taizé, Sept. 1973 (ff.98-99); flyer for the Maison Abbé Couturier (f.102); the Abbé Michalon's greetings to Archbishop Runcie on his election, March 1980 (f.103); celebration of the centenary the birth of Abbé Couturier, 1981, with a message from Archbishop Runcie (ff.104-109); details of the International and Interconfessional Congress of Religious, 14-21 Oct. 1981 'Couturier Year; Prayer and Spiritual Tradition' (ff.110-114).

Correspondents include: Canon J.A. Douglas (ff.2,5-6,15,19); Revd. A.C.Don (ff.2,12,15); Revd. W.B. Brien SSJE (ff.5-6,10); A.E.J. Rawlinson, Bishop of Derby (f.7); Revd. E.K. Talbot CR (f.8); Revd. John Findlow (ff.20,23,26,31); George Bell, Bishop of Chichester (ff.20,23); Revd. T.M. Parker (ff.24-25); Lawrence E. Jack (f.36); Revd. Richard Rutt (f.39); Père François Biot OP (f.40); Revd. Herbert Waddams (ff.41-42,45-46); Revd. Richard Blundell (ff.41-42); Revd. I.M. Haines (ff.45-46); Revd. John Satterthwaite (ff.59-60,73,81-82,89-94); Revd. F.P. Coleman (f.62); Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury (f.74); Revd. M.A.H. Halliwell (ff.75-77,80,83-84); Revd. David Tustin (f.88); Revd. Roger Greenacre (ff.92-94); Revd. H.R.T. Brandreth (ff.95-96); Revd. Michael Moore (ff.98-99); Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury (ff.100-101); Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury (ff.103,105,107-109);

[Actual covering dates 1936-39; 1948-62; 1967-73; 1976; 1978; 1980-81]
LanguageMuch in French
RelatedMaterial'Christian Unity: The Problem for Anglicans' by W.B. O'Brien SSJE. Copy in printed books collection H25.502

'Worshipping Together: an address given in Canterbury Cathedral by Père Michalon, 25 Jan. 1967. Transferred to printed book collection

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