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Extent127 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: National Dialogues: France: Contacts: Abbaye du Bec-Hellouin
DescriptionPapers relating to contacts with the Abbaye du Bec-Hellouin, including: post-war repossession and refoundation of the Abbey, with a photograph of a memorial plaque listing links between Bec and the English church (ff.1-3); correspondence with Dom André de Jessé O.S.B. (ff.4,6); correspondence with Samuel Gurney about visits to Bec (ff.5,16); courtesy correspondence between Dom Paul Grammont OSB, Abbot of Bec, and Archbishop Fisher, Sept. 1949 (ff.7-10); note of a visit to Bec by Fr. Shearburn CR for the Feast of St. Anselm, 1950 (f.11); correspondence with Dom Paul Orchard OSB about funding the fitting-out of a room for Anglican worship at Bec (ff.12-15); report by Revd. J.P. Hill on a Church Union pilgrimage to Bec and Lisieux, July 1951 (ff.17-20); correspondence with Revd. Charles Neate and Dom Grammont about the finances of Bec and refurnishing the library (ff.21-24); flyer about fundraising for a guest house at Bec, August 1955 (f.25); encouragement of links with Tooting Bec, 1955 (f.26); New Year wishes from Dom Philbert Zobel OSB, 1959 (f.27); discussion about an exhibition on Anglicanism at Bec, 1961 (ff.29-31); editorial in 'Reunion' vol. VI, no. 58, June 1962 about encouraging ecumenical relations (ff.32-34); correspondence with Dom Philibert Zobel about visits to London, 1963-64 (ff.35-38); note of a visit to Westminster Abbey and Canterbury Cathedral by the Abbot of Bec, March 1966 (f.39); details of Archbishop Ramsey's visit to Bec, 20-24 April 1967 (ff.41-42); Archbishop Ramsey's address at Vespers at Bec, 20 April 1967 and text of litany of intercession recited by Canon Satterthwaite (ff.43-47); report on Archbishop Ramsey's visit to Bec (ff.49-50); correspondence of thanks following the visit (ff.48,51-54); letter from Dom Philibert Zobel enquiring about the possibility of attending the Lambeth Conference, 1968, with reply (ff.55-56); letter from Dom Paul Grammont to Archbishop Ramsey the work of Prof. Maurice Marois (f.57); English translation of lecture by Dom Philibert Zobel, "The Anglican Church, Church of Reconciliation?", Jan. 1969 (ff.58-60); letter from Dom Philibert Zobel about Anglican reunion schemes (f.61); arrangements for and report on the dedication of the new abbey church and altar at Bec, 1 Nov.1969, with a photograph of the Canterbury cross (ff.62-63,70-84); arrangements for the visit of Dom Paul Grammont to England, 7-8 July 1970 (ff.64-65,85,88-93); translation of an article 'Anglicans and Methodists' by Dom Philibert Zobel in 'Les Amis du Bec-Hellouin', 18 August 1969 (ff.66-69), and offprint in no. 27 (ff.111-112); greetings from Archbishop Ramsey to Dom Paul Grammont taken by pilgrims from Croydon, May 1970 (ff.86-87); 'Rencontres œcuméniques en Angleterre' by Dom Philibert Zobel in 'Études', June 1970 (ff.94-99); 'Upsal et Lambeth' by Dom Philibert Zobel in 'Les Amis du Bec-Hellouin', no. 30 (ff.100-102); articles in 'Les Amis du Bec-Hellouin' no. 29 about the dedication of the new abbey church (ff.103-110); article by John Satterthwaite, Bishop of Fulham and Gibraltar for 'Les Amis du Bec-Hellouin' no.27 (ff.113-114); exchange of greeting between Archbishop Ramsey and Dom Paul Grammont for St. Anselm's Day, 1973 and 1974 (ff.115-118); possible invitation of the Abbot and Prior of Bec to attend the enthronement of Donald Coggan as Archbishop of Canterbury, 1975 (f.119); press-cuttings from French newspapers on the 9th centenary of the dedication of the Abbey of Bec, Oct. 1977 (ff.120-123); letters of thanks from Dom Paul Grammont and Dom Philibert Zobel to Donald Coggan following a visit to Canterbury, June 1978 (ff.124-125); Archbishop Coggan's thanks for a copy of 'Normandie Bénédictine' by M[arcel] Baudot, 1979 (ff.126-127).

Correspondents include: Dom Paul Grammont (passim); Dom Philibert Zobel (passim); Revd. Charles Neate (ff.1,21-22 ); Revd. Herbert Waddams (ff.4,15,21-23,26); Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury (ff.7,9-10); Canon John Satterthwaite (ff.38,40,55-56,61,89,91,93); Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury (ff.48,51-52,54,57,62-63,84,86-88).
LanguageSome French
RelatedMaterialLettre Pastorale de Monseigneur L'Évêque d'Evreux au Clergé et aux Fidèles de son diocese. Pour le Carême de l'An de Grâce 1948 sur "la Résurrection de l'Abbaye du Bec". Transferred to printed books collection.

Association for the 9th Centenary of the Arrival of St. Anselm at Bec-Hellouin. International Congress on St. Anselm July 7th to July 12th 1959. Transferred to printed books collection.

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