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Extent149 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Latin America: Anglican-Roman Catholic relations in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile
DescriptionPapers relating to Anglican-Roman Catholic relations in the following Latin American countries:

ff.1-61: Argentina and the Falkland Islands: 1945-1978: two letters from J.V. Perowne, Foreign Office, on the attitude of Argentine Bishops to the activities of Protestant missionaries and the work of Anglican missions in Formosa territory, 1945; correspondence with D. Ivor Evans, Bishop in Argentina and Eastern South America, on ecumenical relations in the area, Dec. 1946; correspondence with the Revd. Ronald Baron with copies of two of his publications, 1947; letter from the Revd. Ronald Baron enclosing a copy of 'A Personal View of religion in Argentina', with reply from the Revd. W.H. Macartney and comments from Sir Kenneth Grubb, April-May 1953; letter from the Revd. Ronald Baron with his last impressions of South America before moving to Montreux, April 1955; letters from Bishop Evans on Church and State in Argentina under Gen. Perón, May-June 1955; notes on political situation in Argentina by Col. Barron, 21 Oct. 1955; correspondence with the Revd. Ronald Baron and translations of information on the church in Argentina, 1960-61, with some correspondence with Bishop Stephen Neill, 1960; copy of a letter from T.E. Rogers, British Embassy, Buenos Aires, to the Rt. Hon. R.A. Butler, on the enthronement of the Rt. Revd. Cyril Tucker as Bishop in Argentina, 24 March 1964; copy of an article by the Revd. Peter Millam on the future of the Falkland Islands in the 'Church Times' 2 July 1976; resumption of episcopal jurisdiction by Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury, over the Falkland Islands, 28 July 1977.

ff.62-65: Bolivia: 1945: two letters from J.V. Perowne, Foreign Office, with an account of Canadian Baptist mission work amongst the Aymara Indians at the Guatajata farm on the shores of Lake Titicaca, and the Roman Catholic church and indigenous belief, 1945.

ff.66-121: letter from the Revd. Philip Usher to Canon Douglas enclosing a memorandum by Samuel Gurney on the Roman Catholic Church in Brazil, Dec. 1936, with comments by Sir Stephen Gaselee; translated digest of the Report of the Congress of the Brasilian Episcopal Church, by the Revd. Ronald Baron with a covering letter, 29 July 1961; arrangements for a visit to London by a party of Brazilian journalists, 28 March-25 April 1962; note of a possible visit to England by Mgr. Joachim Nabuco, 1963; letter from R.A. Wellington, British Consulate, Recife, to Sir Leslie Fry, British Ambassador to Brazil, with details of the first ecumenical service in the northeast of Brazil, attended by Dom Hélder Câmara, Archbishop of Olinda and Recife, Sept. 1964; correspondence with the Ven. B.J. Townsend, about his experience of mixed marriages in São Paulo, 1967; Easter greeting from Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, to Dom Hélder Câmara, April 1969, with regrets that he was unable to meet him on his visit to England, copied to the Rt. Revd. Kenneth Sansbury; request to Archbishop Ramsey to support the nomination by a group of Dutch Parliamentarians of Dom Hélder Câmara for the Nobel Peace Prize, refused, March 1971; note of a meeting with Mgr. Eladio Corneia-Laurini of São Paulo, 1 July 1971; note of a meeting with Fr. Guido Klein, 12 Nov. 1971; Brazilian news report on the work of ARCIC, c.1982.

ff.122-149: Chile: 1963-1978: letter from the Revd. Dr. F. Schlingensiepen, Berlin, asking for help in finding an educational position in England for Fr. Wilfredo Pinto, 1963; Chilean Bishops' Declaration on Reconciliation, April 1974; note of a meeting between the Revd. Michael Moore and Cardinal Silva, 21 May 1974; Ecumenical Press Service information on Chile, 19 Sept. 1974; note of a meeting between Cardinal Silva and Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury, 29 May 1975; letter to 'The Times' on human rights in Chile signed, among others, by Lord Ramsey of Canterbury, 30 Dec. 1975; leaflet on the political situation in Chile, 1976; letter from Francisco Valdés Subercaseaux, Bishop of Osorno, to Archbishop Coggan, about the Archbishop's recent visit to Pope Paul VI, and the award of the Templeton Prize to Chiara Lubich, with reply, May 1977; report of the visit of Alan Christie, Deputy President of the National Union of Students, to Chile and the message delivered by him to Cardinal Silva from Archbishop Coggan, July 1978.
RelatedMaterialAnglican Diocese in Argentina and Eastern South America. Our Diocese: a monthly publiction circulated freely throughout the Diocese. Nos. 81-84, Sept.-Dec.1946. Transferred to printed book collection.

The Commission of the South American Missionary Society - that they might have life. Transferred to printed book collection.

Conferencia Episcopal Argentina. Secretariado Nacional de Ecumenismo. Boletín 4, Junio 1977 & Boletín 5, Junio 1978. Transferred to printed book collection.

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