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Alt Ref NoCFR RC 231/2
Extent104 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Europe General: Anglican-Roman Catholic Working Group for Western Europe
DescriptionPapers relating to the West European Anglican-Roman Catholic Working Group, including: 'Relations entre Anglicans et Catholiques en Beligique' by Abbé Pierre Parré, 4 April 1979 (ff.1-5); 'Rapport sur la structure et sur l'activité de la Commission Nationale Catholique pour l'Œcumenisme destine aux travaux préliminaires à la reunion des délégués nationaux, Rome 19-24 Nov. 1979' 18 April 1979 (ff.6-16); memorandum on the Conference of European Churches (ff.17-25); letter from Irvine Watson to the Revd. Christopher Hill mentioning a possible visit to Malines, 24 May 1979 (f.26); correspondence with Suzanne Martineau, the Revd. Christopher Hill, John Satterthwaite and the Dr. Peter Staples about meetings and membership of the group (ff.27-30,32,51,55-58,76-77); letter from the Revd. David Palmer about membership of the group, 26 Aug. 1979 (f.31); discussion paper by the Revd. Dr. Peter Staples for the meeting in Nov. 1979 (ff.33-47); correspondence between the Revd. Christopher Hill, the Ven. Peter Duplock and the Revd. John Livingstone about appointing Anglican members from Belgium and France, Oct. 1979 (ff.48-50); paper in French on mixed marriages (ff.52-53); letter from Canon Dessain to the Revd. Christopher Hill about arrangements for the meeting in Antwerp 20-25th Oct. 1980, 4 April 1980 (f.59); invitation to the Antwerp meeting and report on the meeting in Poitiers, 5-9 Nov. 1979 (ff.60-63); working group guidelines (f.64); press releases in English and French about the eleventh meeting of the working group in Antwerp, Oct. 1980 (ff.66-67); Suzanne Martineau's report on the Antwerp meeting (ff.68-71); letter from the Revd. Dr. Peter Staples to the Revd. Christopher Hill about upgrading the working group by increasing theological input, 25 Nov. 1980, with reply (ff.72-75); paper by the Revd. Christopher Hill on the West European Working Group and Eucharistic Communion, 27 Feb. 1981 (ff.78-79); letter from Canon Chad Coussmaker to the Revd. Christopher Hill about a meeting of the Steering Committee of the group and discussion on Eucharistic hospitality, 7 March 1981 (f.80); invitation to the Milan meeting, 12-16 Oct. 1981 and report of the 1980 Antwerp meeting (ff.81-88); programme for and participants in the Milan meeting (ff.89-92); finances of the group's meeting, 1981 (ff.93-96); report by Dom Vittorino Aldinucci OSB on the ecumenical situation as it affects Anglicans and Roman Catholics in Italy (ff.97-98); report of the twelfth meeting in Milan by the Revd. Dr. Peter Staples (ff.99-104).

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