RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR RC 231/1
Extent179 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Europe General: Anglican-Roman Catholic Working Group for Western Europe
DescriptionPapers relating to the Anglican-Roman Catholic Working Group for Western Europe, including: letter from Canon Dessain asking if Prof. Dunstan could speak on mixed marriages at the Fribourg meeting of the working group in Oct. 1976, with reply suggesting the Revd. Martin Reardon (ff.1,4); invitation to the seventh meeting of the group at the Abbey of Hauterive, 25-29 Oct. 1976, with programme (ff.2-3,5-7); press releases (ff.9,78,108,146); report of the seventh meeting (ff.10-13); paper 'Two Tasks for the Ecumenists' (ff.14-28); correspondence between the Revd. Dr. Peter Staples and the Revd. Christopher Hill about the group, Dec. 1979 (ff.29-33,41-42,48); letter from Canon Dessain to Canon Moore enclosing a memorandum on 'ARC-West Europe' dealing with its origins and purpose, with reply (ff.34-40); note of a meeting between Canon Dessain, Canon Moore and the Revd. Christopher Hill about the relationship between the working group and the Council of European Churches, 18 Jan. 1977 (f.43); agenda and minutes of the meeting of the steering committee, 8-9 Feb. 1977 (ff.44-46); invitation to the eighth meeting of the group at Bec, 6-10 June 1977 (f.47); letters from Canon Dessain to the Revd. Christopher Hill about the group (ff.49,100-101,115,117); 'England: main developments affecting A/RC relations since 1975' by Richard L. Stewart, 30 May 1977 (ff.50-52); 'Ethical matters: divergence and convergence' by Canon R. Stewart, 9 June 1977 (ff.53-63); report on the meetimg at Bec 6-10 June 1977 (ff.64-77); Anglican-Roman Catholic Working Group in Western Europe: guidelines drawn up at Bec, 10 June 1977 (f.79); correspondence from John Satterthwaite, Bishop of Fulham and Gibraltar, to the Revd. Christopher Hill, Dr. Peter Staples and Cardinal Willebrands about the composition of the Anglican membership of the group, June 1977, with replies and note of a meeting with Canon Dessain (ff.80-89); published English text of a document on ministry issued by the Groupe des Dombes, 1975 (ff.90-99); letters from the Revd. Christopher Hill to Canon Stewart and Prof. Dunstan, Dec. 1977 (ff.102-103,106); letter from Bishop Satterthwaite to the Revd. Christopher Hill with his continued misgivngs about the work of the group, 19 Dec. 1977, with reply (ff.104,107); letter from the Revd. Christopher Hill on widening membership of the group, Jan. 1978, sent to members of the English, Scottish and Welsh ARCs (ff.106,109); letter from the Revd. Christopher Hill to the Most Revd. Henry McAdoo about Irish participaton in the group, 6 Jan. 1978 (f.111); responses from John Trillo, Bishop of Chelmsford, Bishop Satterthwaite, James Breen, the Revd. M.C. Paternoster, Langton D. Fox, Bishop of Menevia, B.V. Davies (ff.112-114,116,118-120); invitation and programme for the meeting of the group at Allington Castle, 2-6 Oct. 1978 (ff.121-123); correspondence between Suzanne Martineau and the Revd. Christopher Hill about her participation in the working group, August 1978 (ff.124-126); 'The Future of the Anglican-Roman Catholic Relationship' by Canon Dessain (ff.127-130); 'Ethical Convergence in an Ecumenical Context' [by Dr. Peter Staples] (ff.131-145); 'Sexual Ethics' by J.R. Kirwan (ff.147-165); 'Justice and Society' by G.R. Dunstan, Oct. 1978 (ff.166-167); correspondence between the Revd. Christopher Hill and Bishop Satterthwaite about the resignation of Canon Dessain as Chairman of the working group and election of Suzanne Martineau, Nov.-Dec. 1978 (ff.168-169); report of the meeting of the group at Allington Castle (ff.170-179).

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