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Alt Ref NoCFR RC 228
Extent237 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Yugoslavia: Reports and correspondence
DescriptionPapers relating to the Roman Catholic church in Yugoslavia, including: correspondence between P.Yevtich, Royal Yugoslav Legation, and Canon Douglas on the Resolutions of the Catholic Bishops Conference in Zagreb and text of the address by Archbishop Stepinac to Ante Pavelic in Zagreb, 22 Feb. 1942, with photograph of the meeting (ff.1-6); text [by Dr. Miha Krek?] of an address to the Bishops' Conference on Slovenia, 22 Sept. 1942 (ff.9-18); letter from W.J. Phythian-Adams to Canon Douglas on Slovene persecution, 5 Oct. 1942 (f.19); correspondence between Dr. J. Krnjevic and Canon Douglas on Croatia, March 1943 (ff.20-21, ); text of Concordat entre le Saint-Si├Ęge et le Royaume de Yougoslavie, 1935 (ff.22-44); Oljar-Bohinjec report from Slovenia, 18 Dec. 1943 (ff.45-48); reports from Ljubljana, Nov. 1943 (ff.49-50); correspondence between Dr. M. Krek and Canon Douglas, 1944 (ff.51, ); letters from Franc Snoj to Canon Douglas enclosing translations of documents relating to Slovenia, 1944 (ff.52-81); memorandum of the National Committee of Yugoslavs from Italy to the President of the U.S.A. and the Prime Minister of Great Britain, 6 Oct. 1944 (ff.82-83); correspondence between Canon Douglas and Dr. Krnjevic, with a copy of a letter from Krnjevic to Winston Churchill, 26 Dec. 1944, forwarded to Dr. G.L. Prestige as Editor of 'The Church Times' (ff.84-88); correspondence between Canon Douglas and Dr. Krnjevic, also his son Kresimir, and between Douglas and Prof. B. Ivor Evans about the education of Krnjevic's children, Feb. 1945 (ff.89-95); Yugoslavia and the Roman Catholic Church C.F.R. 394, Oct. 1945 (ff.96-102); reports from Dr. Miha Krek in Rome about the situation in Yugoslavia, March-Aug. 1946 (ff.103-129,131-163); information for Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher on the possibility of Patriarch Gavrilo going to Greece, and Foreign Office concern about possible extradition of Archbishop Saric from Austria to Yugoslavia, 29 June 1946 (f.130); letter from Dr. Branimir R. Jelic to Archbishop Fisher, 31 Aug. 1946, enclosing a memorandum sent to Ernest Bevin and James Byrnes on Croatian refugees, 30 July 1946 (ff.164-179); correspondence between Dr. Jelic and the Revd. Herbert Waddams (ff.180-183,190); 'The Paradox of Yugoslavia and the Idea of "Unitas" (ff.184-189); notes on 'La Chiesa Nella Repubblica Federativa Popolare Jugoslava' by V. Migliorati SJ, Oct. 1946 (ff.191-194); translation of an article in Latin entitled 'Bolscevismus et Orthodoxia' on Croatia (ff.195-200); letter to Ernest Bevin, Foreign Secretary, from J.V. Perowne, British Minister to the Holy See on the situation in Yugoslavia, 26 July 1947 (ff.201-2-4); letters from G.A. Wallinger, Foreign Office, to Herbert Waddams enclosing reports from the Legation to the Holy See and the British Embassy in Belgrade on the situation of the Roman Catholic church in Yugoslavia, Oct.-Dec. 1947 (ff.205-222); letter from Sir Charles Peake to Herbert Waddams enclosing a letter from Douglas Horsley, Bishop of Gibraltar, on his visit to Trieste and Belgrade, Dec. 1947 (ff.223-226); letter from Dr. Stephan Kukolja, President of the Stepinac Croatian Catholic Association in Munich, to Archbishop Fisher, asking him to intercede for the release of Archbishop Stepinac, 12 Aug. 1948 (ff.227-230); leaflet entitled 'More Light on the Subject!' reporting a speech by Marshal Tito, 1948 (ff.231-232); letter from Bishop Horsley to Archbishop Fisher reporting on a meeting with Bishop Hurley, Regent of the Apostolic Nunciature in Belgrade, 28 Dec. 1948 (f.233); Foreign Office Research Department report 'The Roman Catholic Church in Yugoslavia' YUG/16/49, 7 June 1949 (ff.234-237).
RelatedMaterial'Martyrdom of Slovenia' by John Lafarge SJ, The America Press, New York [1942] Transferred to printed books collection.

'The Slovenes want to live' by Joseph Clissold, Jugoslav Information Center, New York [1942]. Transferred to printed books collection.

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GB/109/24404Snoj; Franc (1902-1962); Slovenian politician1902-1962
GB/109/24405Jelic; Branimir R (1905-1972); Croatian politician1905-1972
GB/109/24406Evans; Benjamin Ifor (1899-1982); Baron Evans of Hungershall; literary scholar and college administrator1899-1982
GB/109/24407Perowne; John Victor Thomas Woolrych Tait (1897-1951); diplomat1897-1951
GB/109/24412Pavelic; Ante (1889-1959); Croatian fascist leader1889-1959
GB/109/24414Hurley; Joseph Patrick (1894-1967); Bishop of St. Augustine, Florida1894-1967
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