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Alt Ref NoCFR RC 224
Extent148 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Czechoslovakia: Reports, papers and correspondence
DescriptionPapers relating to the Roman Catholic Church in Czechoslovakia, including: letter to Canon Douglas from Dr. František Dvorník, 2 March 1939 (ff.1-2); The Roman Catholic Church in Czechoslovakia. CZE/72/49. Research Department, Foreign Office, 18 Aug. 1949 [Barbara Miller] (ff.3-17); Government Ordinance No. 129 of 10th May 1949 concerning the establishment, organisation and activities of associations of parents and friends of schools (ff.18-22); British Council of Churches information on Archbishop Beran, Jan. 1950 (f.23); 'Roman Catholicism at the Crossroads in Czechoslovakia', extract from an article by Prof. J.L. Hromadka, Oct. 1950 (ff.24-25); 'Church versus State in Czechoslovakia' [Information Research Dept. Foreign Office] with comments by the Revd. Herbert Waddams and letter from G.W. Harrison, Foreign Office, Nov. 1950 (ff.26-31); 'Church and State in Eastern Europe. Czechoslovakia. July-September 1950' (f.32); Foreign Office memorandum on the trial of nine members of the Roman Catholic hierarchy, with covering letter, 21 Dec. 1950 (ff.33-38); information on indoctrination courses for Roman Catholic priests, Feb. 1951 (ff.39-40); [no folio 41]; copy of a letter to Brigadier Leslie from Canon Douglas about František Dvorník [1953] (ff.42-43); notes on Czechoslovakia 1950-1953, 21 May 1953 (ff.44-45); copy of letters from Paul Grey, British Embassy, Prague, to the Foreign Office about Czechoslovakia, 14 Jan. and 20 March 1959 (ff.46-51); memorandum by the Revd. Michael Halliwell of a visit to Prague, Easter 1960, with a separate note on an interview with Prof. Soucek (ff.52-56); notes on the church in Czechoslovakia (f.57); 'Bulletin des dioceses et des administrateurs apostoliques en Tchécoslovaquie'. Année VI. 1962. No. 1, with a covering note (ff.58-72); 'Negotiations between Czechoslovakia and the Holy See' in 'The Tablet' 21 Dec. 1963 (ff.73-74); report by D[avid] T[ustin] on his visit to Warsaw and Prague, Christmas 1963 (ff.75-76); 'Catholic Clergy Conference' from 'Lidová Demokracie', 6 Feb. 1964 (f.77); translation of 'The Situation of the Roman Catholic Church in Czechoslovakia' from 'Ost Europa', 7 Aug. 1963 (ff.78-89); translation of 'The Archbishop raises his hands in resignation' from 'General Anzeiger für Bonn und Umgegend', 18 Feb. 1965 (ff.90-92); details of Cardinal Beran's visit to London, Oct. 1966, and meeting with Archbishop Ramsey at Lambeth Palace (ff.93-97); 'Czechoslovak Catholics demand religious freedom' B 850. April 1968 (ff.98-100); Foreign Office letter to Canon Satterthwaite enclosing copy of an interview with the Administrators of Prague and Trnava in 'Avvenire d'Italia', 30 April 1968 (ff.101-104); memorandum of a conversation between Canon Satterthwaite and Cardinal Willebrands about Czechoslovakia, 21 May 1968 (f.105); Canon Satterthwaite's report on a visit to Prague, 20-24 Dec. 1968 (ff.106-113); note of a meeting with Josef Kruzik, 18 March 1969 (f.114); Easter and Christmas greetings from Bishop František Tomášek to successive Archbishops of Canterbury, 1969-1980, (ff.115,118,129-31,134,141,148); report on the Revd. Michael Moore's journey to Prague April 1969 (f.116); letter of condolence on the death of Cardinal Beran from Archbishop Ramsey, 21 May 1969 (f.117); report on a visit by the Revd. H.R.T. Brandreth to Prague, 23-27 Dec, 1971 (ff.125-128); reports from the Revd. Philip Ursell on his visit to Prague, Christmas 1973 (ff.132-133); report on a visit by Canon Michael Moore to Prague, 29 March-2 April 1975 (f.135); report by Peter Male, British Ambassador in Prague on the visit of Gerald Ellison, Bishop of London, to Cardinal Tomášek, Archbishop of Prague, 10 April 1978 (ff.136-138); report on the church in Czechoslovakia by Caroline Elmes, British Embassy, Prague, July 1979, with a covering letter (ff.142-147).

[Actual covering dates: 1939; 1949-1980]
LanguageSome French

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