RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR RC 206/1
Extent115 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Poland: General
DescriptionPapers relating to political and religious affairs in Poland, including: report on Poland in Digest no. 87, 3 Jan. 1959 (ff.1-2); report on a conflict between the government and the episcopate, Oct. 1959 (ff.3-4); report on Poland by Col. J.B. Barron, (ff.5-9); dispatch by George Cluton, British Ambassador in Warsaw, to the Rt. Hon. Selwyn Lloyd MP, 13 June 1960 (ff.10-18); 'Church-State relations in Poland' in 'The Interpreter', Nov. 1960 (ff.19-21); report on a forthcoming pastoral letter from the Polish episcopate, 24 March 1961 (f.22); letter from Christopher McAlpine, Foreign Office, to the Revd. John Satterthwaite on the death of the Revd. Prof. Stanislaw Huet, 12 April 1961 (f.23); report on Polish elections in 'The Interpreter', May 1961 (ff.24-25); letter from Christopher McAlpine enclosing information on clergy, members of religious orders and seminarists in Poland in 1960, 29 May 1961 (ff.26-30); statistics of church life in Poland, Sept. 1961 (f.31); report of new restrictions on religious institutions, Sept. 1961 (f.32); report of a meeting between Polish Lutheran and Roman Catholic clergy, Sept. 1961 (f.33); Polish Roman Catholic criticism of a meeting between Archbishop Ramsey and Dr. Maximilian Rode at the Old Catholic Congress in Utrecht, Nov. 1961, with a letter from Andreas Rinkel, Archbishop of Utrecht (ff.34-35,38-39); report 'More Church-State Troubles in Poland, Nov. 1961 (ff.36-37); report by the Revd. John Satterthwaite of a visit Warsaw and meeting with Prof. Zbigniew Makarczyk, 7 April 1962, and correspondence with Prof. Makarczyk (ff.40-44); translation of an article on the ecumenical movement in 'Zeszyty Naukowe', No. 1, 1962 (ff.45-46); letter from P.G.F. Dalton, British Embassy in Warsaw, to Roderic Coote, Bishop of Fulham, about Polish churchmen involved in the Polish Peace Congress, 25 July 1962 (f.47); report 'Poland Revives the Anti-Church Campaign', Oct. 1962 (ff.48-50); 'Two Pictures of Poland' in 'Religious Digest', Oct. 1963 (ff.51-53); report by the Revd. David Tustin of a visit to Warsaw and Prague, Christmas 1963 (ff.54-55); letter from George Clutton, British Ambassador to Poland, about Bishop Rode, 14 Jan. 1964 (ff.56-57); World Council of Churches statistics on Poland, 1964 (f.58); 'Roman-Catholic Ecumenic Movement - a Noble Plagiarism' by Dr. Witold Benedyktowicz in 'The Polish Ecumenical Review, no. 2, 1964 (ff.59-63); Christmas greetings to Revd. John Satterthwaite from Mgr. Marian Rechowicz, Rector of the Catholic University of Lublin, 11 Dec. 1964 (f.64); invitation to Archbishop Ramsey from Revd. Maciej Wrzeszcz, editor in chief of 'Kierunki' to contribute an article on ecumenism, refused on Foreign Office advice, May-June 1965 (ff.65, 68,71); report of a conversation with Mr. Williams, British and Foreign Bible Society, about 150th anniversary celebrations of the Society's work in Poland, 27 May 1965 (ff.66-67); notes by the Revd. David Tustin of comments by Bishop Fierla on the ecumenical situation in Poland and plans by the Polish exiled community in Great Britain to celebrate the millennium of Polish Christianity, 17 June 1965 (ff.69-70); report of a visit to St. Dominic's Monastery, Krakow by Martin Peirce, Stephen Evans and Christopher McDouall in July 1965 (ff.72-73); invitation to Archbishop Ramsey to be a patron, with Cardinal Heenan, of the Polish Millenary celebrations in London in May 1966, refused after discussion with, among others, Robert Stopford, Bishop of London (ff.74-81); John Findlow's report on the Mass in commemoration of the Millenary of Polish Christianity at the White City, 24 May 1966 (f.82); report, with enclosures including script of a boradcast, by the Revd. John Innes of an attempted visit to Czestochowa, May 1966 (ff.83-96); correspondence with Athenagoras, Metropolitan of Thyateira, about the involvement of Bishop Basil Doroszkiewicz in the consecration of the Most Revd. Leon Grochewski of the Polish National Catholic Church, Aug, 1966 (ff.97-99); press release that Alan Rogers, Bishop of Fulham represented Archbishop Ramsey at the Requiem Mass for GeneralTadeusz Bór-Komorowski in Westminster Cathedral, 20 Oct. 1966 (f.100); note on the Roman Catholic Church in Poland from 'Evangelischer Kirchendienst Ost', Nov. 1966 (f.101); 'Supervision of Seminaries Demanded' in 'Religious Digest', Jan.-Feb. 1967 (ff.102-104); 'New Pax Attack on Polish Church' March, 1968 (ff.105-110); reports by Canon Satterthwaite on a visit to the British and Foreign Bible Society in Nowy Swiat, Warsaw, and Mrs. Barbara Enholc-Narcynski, responsible for the Polish Branch, 27 Dec. 1968, with comments by Doreen Berry (ff.111-115).
LanguageSome French

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