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Extent123 ff.
TitleRelations With Roman Catholics In Individual Countries: Malta: General: religious freedom and the Constitution
DescriptionPapers relating to relations with Malta, the constitution, religious liberty and mixed marriages, including: draft and copy of a letter from Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury, to the Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan on Maltse commemorations of the shipwreck of St. Paul and the inadvisability of sending an official government representative, 16 March 1960 (ff.1-2); correspondence with Graham D. Heath on Maltese marriage law (ff.3-9,12-13); letter from Archbishop Fisher to Ian Macleod, Secretary of State for the Colonies, 14 Nov. 1960 (ff.14-15); consultation with the British Council of Churches on the question of Malta, 13 April 1961 (f.22-23); note of a meeting between Robert Beloe and Sir Hilton Poynton, 18 May 1961 (ff.28-29); letter from Robert Beloe to Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of York, 19 May 1961, on the new Maltese constitution (f.30); notes of meeting between Robert Beloe, Revd. John Satterthwaite and Bishop Craske, 24 May 1961, about the possibility of meeting Cardinal Bea to discuss marriage and religious freedom in Malta (ff.31-32); correspondence between Revd. John Satterthwaite and Canon Bernard Pawley about Bishop Craske's proposed meeting with Cardinal Bea (ff.34,38); correspondence between Robert Beloe, John Satterthwaite and Falkner Allison, Bishop of Chelmsford, about his contribution to the House of Lords debate on Malta, 28 June 1961 (ff.35-37,41); note of a conversation with Bishop Craske about a letter from the Archbishop of Malta about marriage and the constitution, 9 June 1961 (f. 39); letter from Archbishop Ramsey to Robert Beloe about the approach to Cardinal Bea, 15 June 1961 (f.40); Robert Beloe's memos on Malta, 19 and 20 June 1961 (ff.42-44); draft for Bishop Allison for the House of Lords debate (ff.46-47); Hansard report on House of Lords debate, 28 June 1961 (ff.48-59); two letters from Archbishop Ramsey to Ian Macleod, Secretary of State for the Colonies, 11 July and 2 Oct. 1961, about Maltese affairs, with response of 6 Oct. 1961 (ff.64-67); correspondence between J.M. Kisch, Colonial Office, and Robert Beloe following their meeting on Malta, 11 Oct. 1961, (ff.68-77,81); duplicated text of letters from Archbishop Ramsey giving resumés of recent events relating to Malta, 18 Oct. 1961 and 10 May 1962 (ff.78-79,82-84); letter from Robert Beloe to Bishop Allison on a further House of Lords debate on 24 Oct. 1961 (f.80); letter from Stanley Eley, Bishop of Gibraltar, to Canon Satterthwaite enclosing a letter from the Revd. Robert Pope, Fleet Chaplain at Malta, and press cutting from the 'Sunday Times of Malta', 23 Feb. 1964, with reply (ff.85-88); correspondence between the Revd. Robert Pope, Preb. C.L. Gage-Brown, the Revd. Ronald Baron and Canon Satterthwaite about International Union for Christian Chivalry and Fr. Emmanuel Mollica, March-April 1964 (ff.89-92); note of a meeting between Robert Beloe and J.M. Kisch at the Colonial Office, 27 April 1964 (ff.93-94); Hansard report of questions in the House of Commons on Maltese independence, 21 July 1964 (ff.95-97); letter from William van Straubenzee MP to Robert Beloe enclosing a letter from Fr. Galea SJ, with draft reply, Sept. 1964 (ff.99-103); letter from Lawrence Quintano to Archbishop Ramsey with questions on ecumenism, 16 Feb. 1968, with reply (ff.104-107); note on the visit of Sir Michael Gonzi, Archbishop of Malta, to Archbishop Ramsey, 18 April 1968 (f.108); Archbishop Ramsey's birthday greetings to Archbishop Gonzi, May 1968, with response (ff.109-111); report by John Satterthwaite, Bishop of Fulham on a visit to Archbishop Gonzi, 9 Jan. 1971 (ff.112-113); congratulations on Archbishop Gonzi's fiftieth anniversary of episcopal consecration, 20 July 1974, (ff.114-117); summaries of Foreign and Commonwealth Office information on Malta (ff.118-121).

Correspondents include Sir Hilton Poynton (f.10); Thomas Craske, Bishop of Gibraltar (ff.19,24-27).

[Actual covering dates: 1960-1962; 1964; 1968; 1971; 1974-1976]
RelatedMaterialReport of the Malta Constitutional Commission, 1960: Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for the Colonies / by command of Her Majesty, February 1961. H.M.S.O. Cmnd. 1261. Transferred to printed books collection.
Malta Independence Constitution : Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for the Colonies / by command of Her Majesty, July 1964. H.M.S.O. Cmnd. 2406. In printed books collection at KG994.G7.

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254Beloe; Robert (1905-1984); Lay Secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury1905-1984
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GB/109/8856Gonzi; Michael (1885-1984); Roman Catholic Archbishop of Malta1885-1984
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