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Extent152 ff.; 1 item
TitleRelations with the Vatican: Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogues: Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC): Preparatory papers on Authority
DescriptionPapers relating to work on Authority for the meeting at Grottoferrata, 27th August-5th September 1974, including: general preparatory correspondence; copies of ARCIC 93 and 94 (ff.6-8); contribution of Canadian ARC (ff.17,53-54,56-57); notes by Fr. Yarnold for the Oxford sub-committee (ff.23-24); note of English ARC conference (f.30); Ecclesiology in the Light of Vatican II by Dr. R.J. Halliburton (ff.35-42); minutes of the ARCIC steering committee meeting, 19 July 1974 (ff.63-67); Five Axioms formulated by the Cretan Sub-Commission of AOJDD (f.68); minutes of ARCIC business meeting, 3 Sept. 1974 (ff.73-78); Note for the Oxford Meeting: Church and Authority, Poringland, 14 Dec. 1974 (ff.84-86); A Short Note on Koinonia by Pierre Duprey, Poringland, 14 Dec. 1974 (ff.87-89); South African ARC document on Authority in the New Testament, Dec. 1974 (ff.90-92); Papal Authority - some probolems for non-Roman Catholics by R.J. Halliburton (ff.102-108); Declaration of the Sacred Congregation of the Faith concerning Professor Küng, Feb. 1975 (ff.113-114): presscuttings on the Küng controversy (ff.115-119); note on the Grottaferrata meeting by the Revd. Christopher Hill with a postscript about Professor Küng (ff.120-126); draft Appendix on the Proceedings of the St. Katharine's Sub-Commission of ARCIC, June 1975 (ff.127-129); bibliography on Ecclesiology (ff.130-132); 'Towards a Developing Ecclesiology: The Eucharist in separated Churches in movement towards full communion' (ff.133-136); 'Hierarchia Veritatem': A Preliminary Investigation by George H. Tavard (ff.138-141); Authority and the Christian Conscience by Bishop Christopher Butler OSB in 'The American Benedictine Review' (ff.142-149); Brief Relections on the Title 'Primus Inter Pares' by Pierre Duprey in 'One in Christ' (ff.150-152); The Status of Ecumenical Councils in Anglican Thought by Henry Chadwick in 'Orient. Christ. Analecta' No. 195, 1973 (item 1).

Correspondents include: Edward Knapp-Fisher, Bishop of Pretoria (ff.1-4); Revd. Colin Davey (passim); Henry McAdoo, Bishop of Ossory (ff.9-12,50,81); Canon Purdy (ff.13-14, 27,47,51,58-59,61-62); Sister Diane Willey (ff.17,54); Arthur A Vogel, Bishop of West Missouri (ff.19,71); Fr. Herbert Ryan SJ (ff.20-22,26,29); Alan Clark, Bishop of Elmham (ff.28,46,83); Dr. Harry Reynolds Smythe (ff.31-33); Revd. W.N. McKeachie (ff.53,57); Reginald J. Pierce, Bishop of Athabasca (f.56); John Satterthwaite, Bishop of Fulham and Gibraltar (f.60); Very Revd. Henry Chadwick (ff.70,110,112); the Revd. Christopher Hill (passim); Dr. R.J. Halliburton (ff.82,93).

Covering dates Jan. 1974-July 1975.

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