RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR RC 104
Extent140 ff.
TitleRelations with the Vatican: Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogues: ARC Joint Commission on the theology of marriage and its application
to mixed marriages: Papers and correspondence
DescriptionPapers relating to the fourth meeting of the Joint Anglican/Roman Catholic sub-commission on the theology of marriage and its application to mixed marriage, including: information on the Anglican Consultative Council and Inter-Church Conversations (ff.1-2); correspondence between the Revd. Rex Davis (World Council of Churches) and Preb. Henry Cooper (ff.3-6); letter from Prof. Gordon Dunstan to Preb. Cooper, 4 Feb. 1972, about the General Synod debate on the report of the Marriage Commission (f.7); copy of a letter from Cardinal Willebrands to Bishop Ernest Unterkoefler, 20 March 1972, on the report of sub-commission and his opinion that it should not be published (ff.8-9); comments on and proposed response to Cardinal Willebrands' letter (ff.10-14, 32-36, 38-40, 42); copy of 'On the Nature of the Marriage Bond (Vinculum Conjugale)' by the Revd. Prof. John Macquarrie (ff.15-31); ARCIC 54 Summary of agreed alterations to the Report of November 1971 in response to Cardinal Willebrands' criticisms, August 1972 (ff.43-44); Preb Cooper's briefing notes for Archbishop Ramsey's meeting with Cardinal Willebrands, Sept. 1972 (ff.45-47); letter from Preb. Cooper to Arthur Vogel, Bishop of West Missouri, with a report on mixed marriages in Britain (ff.48-51); Third Report of the Anglican/Roman Catholic Commission on the Theology of Marriage and its Application to Mixed Marriage A/RCCM 11 (revised) (ff.52-55); Notes on Conversation at Lambeth concerning Mixed Marriages 4 Oct. 1972 A/RCCM 13, with amendments (ff.56, 60-61); letter from Bishop Unterkoefler to Preb. Cooper with a note of the situation in South Carolina (ff.57-59); arrangements for the fourth meeting, Haywards Heath, 9-13 April 1973 (ff.63,68,89-91 ); further comments of Cardinal Willebrands prior to publication, 10 Nov. 1972, with reponse from Preb. Cooper (ff.67,69); papers on the Lutheran and Reformed/Roman Catholic Dialogue on the Theology of Marriage and the Problems of Mixed Marriages, Madrid, 4-9 Dec. 1972 (ff.71-77); status and finance of the commission (ff.78-79); Third Report of the Anglican/Roman Catholic Commssion on the Theology of Marriage and its Application to Mixed Marriages A/RCCM 11 (second revision), Jan. 1973 (ff.81-84); correspondence with the Revd. Barnabas Lindars SSF about joining the fourth meeting (ff.85-87); arrangements for 1974 meeting (ff.92-93); draft Fourth Report of the Anglican/Roman Catholic Commssion on the Theology of Marriage and its Application to Mixed Marriages A/RCCM 22 (ff.96-102); correspondence about the draft report (ff.104-113); reviewby L. Mason Knox in The Jurist, 1973, of 'Marriage, Divorce and the Church; The Report of a Commission appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury to Prepare a Statement on the Christian Doctrine of Marriage' (ff.120-123); membership of and finance for the commission (ff.124,133); form of questionnaire on mixed marriages, Oct. 1973, with covering letter for Metropolitans (ff.126-127, 132); summary by Preb. Cooper of General Synod debate on 'Marriage, Divorce and the Church', 7 Nov. 1973 (ff.136-137).
Correspondents include: Bishop John Howe (passim); Preb. Henry Cooper (passim); Prof. Gordon Dunstan (ff.7,64,66,68,104,107,133 ); George Simms, Archbishop of Armagh (ff.32-33,78-79,128-129); Ralph Dean, Bishop of Cariboo (f.32); Donald Hallock, Bishop of Milwaukee (f.36); Canon W.A. Purdy (ff.37, ); Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury (ff.39,105,125 ); Francis J. Spence, Bishop of Charlottetown (ff.40,63); Ernest L. Unterkoefler, Bishop of Charleston (ff.40,42,57,134); Mgr P.F. Cremin (f.42); Arthur Vogel, Bishop of West Missouri (ff.48,135).
LanguageSome German

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