RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 54/2
Extent62 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Athenagoras I
DateJanuary 1967-July 1968
DescriptionCorrespondence with and concerning. Mainly involving Pope Paul VI's visit to the Phanar, Athenagoras's visit to the Vatican, Athenagoras's visit to England in November 1967 and the Lambeth Conference of 1968.

Including: letter extract from Paul Anderson regarding "The Russian conversations" (f. 1); letter extract from P. Anderson regarding the situation of the Patriarch (f. 2); letter extract from G. Ian Thomson regarding a visit to Istanbul (f. 3); happy birthday letter (f. 4); telegram text (f. 5); letter in English from Athenagoras regarding Christian unity (f. 6); letter from Lord Geoffrey Fisher regarding 'Patriarch's Warning on Intercommunion', in the 'Church Times' (f. 7); letter to G. Fisher regarding the Roman Catholic Church allowing members to communicate at orthodox altars (f. 8); letter from G. Fisher regarding the difference between intercommunion and full communion (f. 9); letter of thanks in Greek (ff. 10-11); file note regarding a meeting at the Consulate-General, Istanbul, to discuss the present situation of churches in Istanbul (f. 12); letter from M. Ramsey regarding the Lambeth Conference of 1968 (ff. 13-14); letter to R. A. Burrows, Consul General Istanbul, regarding the 'Internationalisation of Jerusalem' (f. 15); letter to I. T. M. Lucas, Foreign Office, regarding Queen Elizabeth's birthday (f. 16); 'Confidential reports of the Pope's visit to Istanbul, July 1967' (ff. 17-20); text of telegram to M. Ramsey regarding Pope Paul VI's visit (f. 21); letter from M. Ramsey regarding Archbishop Athenagoras being an observer at the Lambeth Conference (f. 22); telegram (f. 23); letter from R. Burrows regarding Athenagoras visiting the Vatican (f. 24); letter of thanks from M. Ramsey (f. 25); letter from British Embassy, Bucharest regarding Athenagoras' visit to Romania (f. 26); letter from British Embassy, Sofia, regarding Athenagoras' visit to Bulgaria (f. 27); 'Address by His All-Holiness Athenagoras, Archbishop of Constantinople, the New Rome, and Ecumenical Patriarch at the Divine Liturgy held in the Cathedral of St. Sophia on Sunday 12th November at 1967.' (ff. 28-31); letter to R. Hervey, Foreign Office, regarding Bulgaria (f. 32); telegram texts (ff. 33-4); letter from M. Ramsey regarding his representatives Frank Leeming and Chad Coussmaker (f. 35); file note and letter from M. Ramsey to celebrate Athenagoras' 20th year as Patriarch (ff. 36-7); letter of thanks in Greek (ff. 38-40); letter in Greek regarding an address (ff. 41-2); letter in Greek regarding a gift of books (ff. 43-4); letter from M. Ramsey regarding a brochure to commemorate Athenagoras' visit (f. 45); letter to C. Coussmaker regarding a brochure and photos (f. 46); file note regarding birthday greetings (f. 47); letter from M. Ramsey with thanks for sweets (f. 48); telegram to M. Ramsey in French (f. 49); file note regarding readiness to hold a memorial service for Athenagoras (f. 50); telegram text regarding the visit of Justinian, Patriarch of Rumania to the Phanar (f. 51); file note regarding money transfer (f. 52); letter from Archbishop Athenagoras regarding 'Makariotatos' (f. 53); letter in Greek to M. Ramsey (ff. 54-6); file note regarding Archbishop George (f. 57); letter in Greek regarding a brochure/booklet (ff. 58-9); 'Lambeth Conference opening plenary session message from the Oecumenical Patriarch (ff. 60-1) and letter regarding Prof. Basil Anagnostopoulos attending the Lambeth Conference (f. 62).

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