RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 53/2
Extent61 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Athenagoras I
DateApril 1958-February 1962
DescriptionCorrespondence with and concerning, including reports of meetings with him. Includes events around Michael Ramsey succeeding Geoffrey Fisher as Archbishop of Canterbury.

Including: letter from Rev. Carel Piper, Istanbul, regarding the copy of the icon of Pammacaristos (ff. 1-2); letter from Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury regarding the icon of Pammacaristos (f. 3); letter in Greek from Athenagoras, the Oecumenical Patriarch regarding the visit of Brian Freeland (ff. 4-5); letter in Greek (f. 6); despatch from consulate general in Istanbul regarding the visit of the patriarch to the Middle East (f. 7); memo, British Consulate-General, Istanbul, regarding Athenagoras feeling able to leave Turkey for the first time (f. 8); despatch to Selwyn Lloyd, Foreign Secretary, from P. Moore Crossthwaite, British Ambasador in Beirut, regarding the visit of Athenagoras (ff. 9-10); letter from G. Fisher inviting Athenagoras to visit England (f. 11); file note regarding the award of the Lambeth Cross to Athenagoras (f. 12); letter from G. Whitteridge, Consul General, Istanbul to Foreign Office, regarding a visit by Patriarch Alexii (Alexy) of Moscow to Istanbul (ff. 13-14); letter in Greek regarding Fisher's visit to the Near East (ff. 15-17); letter in Greek regarding the resignation of G. Fisher (ff. 18-20); letter from John Satterthwaite regarding the translation of Michael Ramsey from York to Canterbury (f. 21); letter to C. Piper regarding Athenagoras visiting England in 1961 (f. 22); letter from C. Piper regarding Athenagoras visiting England (ff. 23-4); letter to M. Ramsey, Archbishop of York, regarding Athenagoras visiting mid-summer (f. 25); letter to C. Piper regarding inviting Athenagoras to visit in July (f. 26); letter from G. Fisher to James, Bishop of Apameia, regarding Fisher's resignation (f. 27); letter from G. Fisher (f. 28); letter, British Consulate General, Istanbul, regarding visiting England after Turkish elections (ff. 29-30); letter in Greek regarding M. Ramsey becoming Archbishop of Canterbury (ff. 31-2); letter from M. Ramsey regarding the nomination of a representative to attend Ramsey's enthronement (f. 33); letter from C. Piper regarding Maximos, Metropolitan of Sardis representing Athenagoras (f. 34); letter in Greek regarding Ramsey's enthronement (f. 35-7); letter in Greek regarding Maximos being accompanied by Deacon Gabriel Premetides (ff. 38-9); letter from J. Satterthwaite regarding representatives (f. 40); letter to Feridun Cemal Erkin, Turkish Ambassador, regarding G. Premetides being Maximos' interpreter (f. 41); letter in Greek regarding representation (ff. 42-4); letter from M. Ramsey (f. 45); memo regarding a meeting between J. Satterthwaite and Orthodox representatives (f. 46); extract from 'Report on the Revd. J. Wilkinson's Journey, Louvain-Istanbul' (f. 47); in Greek letter of thanks from G. Premetides (ff. 48-9); letter in Greek from Archimandrite Symeon, Chief Secretary of the Holy Synod, regarding photos (ff. 50-1); letter of thanks in Greek (f. 52-3); letter to Maximos regarding M. Ramsey visiting the Phanar and Anglican observers at Pan-Orthodox conferences (f. 54); letter from Michael Halliwell (f. 55); letter from M. Ramsey regarding Ramsey visiting Athenagoras in 1962 (f. 56); letter in Greek (ff. 57-9) and letter in Greek (ff. 60-1).

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12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
GB/109/24248James; Vivros (fl. 1962-1965); Bishop of Apameiafl. 1962-1965
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GB/109/24372Crosthwaite; Sir; (Ponsonby) Moore (1907-1989); British diplomat1907-1989
GB/109/24373Erkin; Feridun Cemal (fl. 1960-1962); Turkish Ambassador to Britainfl. 1960-1962
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