RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 53/1
Extent75 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Athenagoras I
DateOctober 1948-January 1958
DescriptionCorrespondence with and concerning, including reports of various meetings with him.

Including: letter from Carel Piper, British Embassy, Istanbul, regarding the reignation of Maximos IV and the validity of Anglican orders (ff. 1-2); telegram in French from Thomas, Metropolitan of Chalcedon (ff. 3-4); text of congratulatory telegram to Archbishop Athenagoras on his election as Oecumenical Patriarch (f. 5); letter in Greek regarding the election of Athenagoras (ff. 6-8); 'Translation from an article appearing in the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet, on November 3, 1948 - The New Greek Patriarch (ff. 9-10); telegram from Athenagoras to Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury, regarding a possible meeting (f. 11); letter from G. Fisher regarding Athenagoras visiting (f. 12); letter from Claudia Pereshneff to Herbert Waddams regarding a visit (f. 13); memo by John Douglas regarding the validity of Anglican orders (f. 14); letter to C. W. Piper regarding meeting Athenagoras (f. 15); 'Notes on visit to Paris', 14th-26th January 1948 (ff. 16-19); letter in Greek from Athenagoras (ff. 20-3); letter of greeting from G. Fisher (f. 24); letter in Greek from Athenagoras to H. Waddams (ff. 25-6); letter from G. Fisher regarding Cecil Horsley, the Bishop of Gibraltar (f. 27); letter from E. H. Peck, Foreign Office to George Prestige, regarding the Orthodox Churches behing the iron curtain in Russia, Roumania and Bulgaria (f. 28); letter from G. Prestige regarding Athenagoras being Anglophil (f. 29); letter from E. Peck (f. 30); 'Report from His Majesty's Ambassador to Turkey, Sir Noel Charles, on exchange of visits with Oecumenical Patriarch', (ff. 31-3); letter from C. Horsley regarding Athenagoras being in favour of the ecumenical movement (f. 34); letter from G. Fisher to C. Horsley regarding Horsley's visit to Athenagoras (f. 35); letter from D. Horsley, British Embassy, Ankara (ff. 36-8); letter from Germanos of Thyateira (f. 39); encyclical in Greek from Athenagoras regarding the Feast of Orthodoxy (ff. 40-4); letter from J. Douglas regarding Anglican-Orthodox relations (f. 45); letter from G. Prestige regarding Athenagoras' encyclical (f. 46); letter from G. Fisher regarding H. Waddams visiting (f. 47); letter in Greek from Athenagoras regarding H. Waddams visiting (ff. 48-50); letter from A. H. Ballantyne, Foreign Office, regarding a letter from N. Charles, British Ambassador in Ankara (f. 51); letter from N. Charles regarding visiting Athenagoras (ff. 52-3); aide-memoire to Germanos regarding Athenagoras visiting England (f. 54); correspondence with A. Ballantyne regarding Athenagoras visiting (ff. 55-6); telegram offering condolences on the death of George VI (f. 57); letter from G. Fisher (f. 58); letter in Greek from Athenagoras regarding Cyril Garbett, Archbishop of York visiting (ff. 59-61); letter from G. Fisher regarding sweet-meats (f. 62); letter from G. Fisher regarding (Frederick) Thomas Craske, Bishop of Gibraltar (f. 63); letter in Greek from Athenagoras regarding F. Craske (ff. 64-6); letter from G. Fisher regarding George West, Bishop of Rangoon visiting Istanbul (f. 67); 'Some notes on a journey in the Near East', May 1955 (f. 68); letter from G. Fisher regarding a meeting with Russian Orthodox representatives (f. 69); letter to John Satterthwaite regarding Brian Freeland, Canada, visiting Istanbul (f. 70); letter from Athenagoras regarding a visit by Craske and H. Waddams (f. 71); letter to G. Fisher regarding representatives of Orthodox churches attending the 1958 Lambeth Conference (f. 72); get well soon telegram from James of Apameia (f. 73); in Greek (f. 74) and letter in Greek from Athenagoras regarding the gift of a copy of the Icon of Pammacaristos (f. 75).

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DS/UK/5887Athenagoras I (1886-1972); Ecumenical Patriarch1886-1972
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
DS/UK/5999Waddams; Herbert Montague (1911-1972); Canon of Canterbury Cathedral1911-1972
326Douglas; John Albert (1868-1956); Hon. Gen. Secretary of the Church of England Council on Foreign Relations1868-1956
DS/UK/4092Horsley; Cecil Douglas (1903-1953); bishop of Gibraltar1903-1953
497Prestige; George Leonard (1889-1955); Canon of St Paul's Cathedral1889-1955
DS/UK/3900Strenopoulos; Germanos (1872-1951); Archibishop of Thyateira1872-1951
78Garbett; Cyril Forster (1875-1955); Archbishop of York1875-1955
DS/UK/3722Craske; Frederick William Thomas (1901-1971); bishop of Gibraltar1901-1971
GB/109/13794West; George Algernon (1893-1980); Bishop of Rangoon1893-1980
524Satterthwaite; John Richard (1925-2014); Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe1925-2014
NA2758George VI (1895-1952); King of Great Britain and Ireland1895-1952
GB/109/24371Charles; Sir; Noel Hughes Havelock (1891-1975); British Diplomat1891-1975
GB/109/16472Maximos V (1897-1972); Ocumenical Patriarch1897-1972
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