RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 52/2
Extent63 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Maximos IV
DateMarch 1947-January 1972
DescriptionCorrespondence with and concerning, and exchange of greetings, up to his resignation in 1948. He died in 1972.

Including: 'Excerpts from the press of Constantinople and Athens with reference to the situation of the Oecumenical Patriarch', regarding the health of Maximos and the question of sucession, part of the bottom of note missing (f. 1); 'The position of the Oecumenical Patriarchate', by [A. A. Pallis] (ff. 2-5; letter from David V. Kelly, British Embassy, Ankara, regarding Kelly meeting with the Greek Ambassador regarding the Russian position (ff. 6-7); letter from Maximos with French translation (ff. 8-10); Easter greetings from Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury (ff. 11); Easter greetings from Maximos (ff. 12-14); letter from C. W. Piper, chaplain, Istanbul, regarding Anglicans in Romania and developments (f. 15); letter to C. W. Piper regarding the possible election of Athenagoras as Patriarch (f. 16); letter from David Balfour, Southern Department, Foreign Office, regarding the health of Maximos and opinions amongst the other Orthodox Patriarchs (f. 17); letter from D. Balfour regarding Maximos returning to full health and a possible Pan-Orthodox conference (f. 18); letter from Dorotheos of Princes Islands regarding Dorotheos being made Patriarchal Commissioner during a period of recuperation for Maximos (ff. 19-21); letter of acknowledgement from G. Fisher (f. 22); letter from D. Balfour regarding the election of a new Patriarch (ff. 23-4); letter to Maximos from G. Fisher inviting Maximos to attend parts of the Lambeth Conference of 1948 (ff. 25-6); letter to Maximos informing him of the invitation of the heads of autocephalous Orthodox churces to the Lambeth Conference (f. 27); letter of Christmas greetings from G. Fisher (f. 28); letter of Christmas greetings from Maximos (ff. 29-31); letter from Maximos appointing Germanos as his representative at the Lambeth Conference (ff. 32-4); letter from G. Fisher on the appointment of Cecil Horsley as Bishop of Gibraltar (f. 35); letter from C. Horsley regarding Maximos' improved helath, reports emanating from the Patriarch of Russia and Horsley visiting Izmir/Rumania/Bulgaria (f. 36); letter from Oecumenical Patriarchate with French translation (ff. 37-8); letter extract from C. Horsley regarding Horsley visiting Maximos/the Holy Synod, represntation at Amsterdam and Bishop Barnes (f. 39); letter of Easter greetings from Maximos (ff. 40-2); letter of Easter greetings from G. Fisher (f. 43); air mail letter from Rev. Francis Bloodgood, Wisconson, regarding Paul Anderson talking of Athenagoras becoming Patriarch (f. 44); letter to P. Anderson regarding attitudes towards the election of a new Patriarch (f. 45); letter from [Geoffrey] Wallinger, Foreign Office, regarding the possible resignation of Maximos (f. 46); letter from G. Wallinger regarding Turkish attitudes towards the system for electing the new Patriarch (f. 47); letter from P. Anderson regarding getting in touch with people in Washington (f. 48); letter from G. Wallinger regarding factions within the Holy Synod (f. 49); 'Address of His Grace the Archbishop Germanos, Metropolitan of Thyateira, to the Lambeth Conference on 3rd July, 1948.' (f. 50); letter from G. Fisher to accompany a report of the Lambeth Conference (f. 51); copy of 'Covering letter to the Patriarch' by Germanos (f. 52); letter from J. H. Watson, Foreign Office, regarding Athenagoras application for Turkish nationality (f. 53); telegram in French regarding Maximos' resignation (f. 54); text of telegram from G. Fisher to the President, Holy Synod (f. 55); letter of Christmas greetings from the Patriarchal Commissary (ff. 56-8); file notes by Colin Davey regarding the death of Maximos (ff. 59-60); letter in Greek (ff. 61-2) and letter from Athenagoras, Oecumenical Patriarch, to Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, regarding condolences on the death of Maximos (f. 63).

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