RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 51
Extent112 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Patriarch Benjamin
DateJanuary 1936-March 1946
DescriptionCorrespondence, mainly exchange of greetings, and concerning his death in 1946. Includes discussion around coronation gifts for George VI in 1937.

Including: letter from Cosmo Lang, Archbishop of Canterbury, regarding a meeting with Germanos of Thyateira, the election of the new Oecumenical Patriarch and the issue of the Turkish government allowing candidates who are not Turkish citizens (f. 1); telegram in Greek, from Patriarch [Veniamin], 'Election of Benjamin', with handwritten draft of a reply, 18 Jan 36 (f. 2); letter in Greek, no. 160, with English translation, 1936 February 5th, from Benjamin, regarding his accession as Patriarch and inter church relations (ff. 3-6); letter to Benjamin regarding his becoming Patriarch (ff. 7-8); letter in Greek, no. 743, with English translation, 1936 April 7, regarding Easter greetings (ff. 9-11); letter in Greek, no. 2153, with English translation, 1936 December 19th, regarding Christmas greetings (ff. 12-14); letter of thanks from C. Lang (f. 15); letter of thanks to Germanos (f. 16); letter in Greek, no. 516, with English translation,1937 March 23, regarding Easter greetings, with accompanying letter from Germanos (ff. 17-20); letter of thanks with mention of Austin Oakley (f. 21); translation of letter from Benjamin to George VI, 26th April, 1937., regarding congratulations on the King's coronation and with a gift of an icon of Jesus and the Theotokos (Virgin Mary) (ff. 22-4); letter to Alan Don, Dean of Westminster from Germanos regarding the sending of the parcel containing the coronation gift (f. 24); letter to the Under-Secretary of State, Foreign Office, regarding the icon (f. 25); letter from [? Bland], Under-Secretary of State, directing that Mr. Secretary Eden pass on the King's wish to decline to accept any gifts in the present conditions of world economic stringency (f. 26); letter from Germanos regarding a letter from Sir Percy Loraine, British Ambassador to Turkey, to Benjamin and the possibility of presenting the ikon to the King at a later date (f. 27); letter to Germanos regarding the wide publicity given to the King's decision and the possibility of forwarding the letter accompanying the icon to C. Lang who will forward it to Alexander Hardinge, the King's Private Secretary (ff. 28-9); letter from Germanos to C. Lang regarding the coronation service for George VI and how its acts reminded him of the old Byzantine ceremonies by which the Emperors were anointed (f. 30); letter to A. Hardinge explaining why the accompanying letter from Benjamin is being sent (ff. 31-2); letter to Germanos (f. 33); letter in Greek, no. 1962, with English translation, 20 December 1937, regarding Christmas and New Year greetings (ff. 34-6); letter of thanks to Benjamin (f. 37); letter in Greek, no. 543, with English translation, 1938 April 11, regarding Easter greetings (ff. 38-40); letter of thanks to Benjamin (f. 41); letter in Greek, no. 1851, with English translation, December 20th/38, regarding Christmas and New Year greetings (ff. 42-4); letter of thanks to Benjamin regarding the hope for more settled conditions in the New Year (ff. 45-6); letter to Benjamin regarding the gift of a photo of Benjamin (ff. 47-8); letter in Greek, no. 161, with English translation, 1939 April 4, regarding Easter greetings (ff. 49-51); letter to Germanos regarding C. Lang having 3 weeks rest in a cruise in the Mediterranean and paying a courtesy call on Benjamin (f. 52); letter from Austin Oakley to John Satterthwaite, dated 1st November, 1960, regarding C. Lang's visit to Benjamin in May 1939 and 'His holiness, Pope John XXIII - contacts between 1935 and 1944' (ff. 53-4b); letter in Greek, no 654, with translation, 1939 December 25, regarding Christmas greetings and stopping the terrible hurricane of the war (ff. 55-7); letter to Benjamin regarding 1940 being a year of much hardship and bitter sacrifice (f. 58); letter in Greek, no. 184, with translation, 1940 March 19th, regarding Easter greetings (ff. 59-61); letter of thanks to Benjamin (f. 62); letter from Harold Buxton, Bishop of Gibraltar, regarding an official notice from William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury on his succesion and A. Oakley (f. 63); letter from W. Temple regarding Temple's enthronement and Benjamin's apokrisarios Germanos (f. 64); letter from W. Temple to John Douglas regarding the passage of his message to Benjamin (f. 65); handwritten text of Temple's letter to Germanos (f. 66); letter to W. Temple from J. Douglas regarding sending a telegram to Benjamin (f. 67); letter from G. L. Clutton, Foreign Office, regarding Oakley pointing out the importance of a formal letter (f. 68); letter from W. Temple regarding using rather fuller language (f. 69); letter to G. Clutton regarding Temple's 'enthronistic letters' (f. 70); letter to A. Oakley regarding 'enthronistics' and Vitaly being invited to the 1930 Lambeth Conference (f. 71); letter in Greek, no. 250, with translation, regarding Temple's enthronement (ff. 72-5); letter in Greek, no. 259, with translation, regarding confirmation of Germanos as representative of the Oecumenical Patriarch (ff. 76-8); letter from W. Temple regarding a letter from Eden, M. Andre Philip, Mar Shimun and Germanos (f. 79); English translation of letter from Benjamin, 1942 December 10th, regarding Christmas greetings (f. 80); letter from Germanos (f. 81); letter in Greek, no. III, with translation 1943 April 1st, regarding Easter greetings (ff. 82-4); letter in Greek, no. 493 (ff. 85-6); letter of thanks from W. Temple (f. 87); letter from Roland Cragg, Commissary, Diocese of Gibraltar, regarding a grant for the Spanish chaplaincy and H. Buxton meeting Benjamin (f. 88); letter of thanks from W. Temple (f. 89); letter in Greek, no. 112, with translation, 1944 April 4th, regarding Easter greetings (ff. 90-1); text of telegram from Cyril Garbett, Archbishop of York, regarding the death of W. Temple (f. 92); letter from Geoffrey Fisher, regarding Fisher's election as Archbishop of Canterbury (f. 93); letter from Germanos telegrams Germanos received from various Orthodox patriarchs (f. 94); letter of thanks to Germanos (f. 95); letter in Greek, no. 104, with translation, regarding congratulations to G. Fisher on his election (ff. 96-8); letter in Greek, no. 346, with translation, regarding the visit to the UK of the Archbishop of Athens (ff. 99-101); letter in Greek, no. 430, with translation, regarding Christmas greetings and a just peace (ff. 102-4); letter from G. Fisher regarding important matters (ff. 105-6); letter from [H], Crimean memorial Chaplaincy, Istanbul, regarding rumours of the patriarch's death (f. 107); telegram in French regarding the death of [Veniamin], 18 Feb 1946 (f. 108); draft reply to Metropolitan of Chalcedon offering condolences (f. 109); covering letter from M. Valerie Wallace regarding represntation from the Archbishop of Canterbury (f. 110) and letter from P. J. Calvocoressi, chairman, churchwardens, Greek Cathedral London, regarding a memorial service for Benjamin (f. 111).

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14Lang; William Cosmo Gordon (1864-1945); Archbishop of Canterbury1864-1945
DS/UK/3900Strenopoulos; Germanos (1872-1951); Archibishop of Thyateira1872-1951
GB/109/13918Christodoulou; Benjamin (fl. 1936-1946); Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinoplefl. 1936-1946
GB/109/13917Oakley; Austin (1890-1977); President of the Anglican and Eastern Orthodox Churches Association1890-1977
NA2758George VI (1895-1952); King of Great Britain and Ireland1895-1952
DS/UK/6122Eden; Robert Anthony (1897-1977); 1st Earl of Avon; prime minister1897-1977
DS/UK/3769Don; Alan Campbell (1885-1966); Dean of Westminster1885-1966
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13Temple; William (1881-1944); Archbishop of Canterbury1881-1944
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326Douglas; John Albert (1868-1956); Hon. Gen. Secretary of the Church of England Council on Foreign Relations1868-1956
12Fisher; Geoffrey Francis (1887-1972); Archbishop of Canterbury1887-1972
GB/109/24202Gurney; Samuel (1885-1968); Anglo-Catholic layman1885-1968
GB/109/15641Barsoum; Ignatius Afram I (1887-1957); Syrian Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch1887-1957
GB/109/16468Mar Eshai Shimun XXI (1908-1975); Catholicos-Patriarch of the East1908-1975
78Garbett; Cyril Forster (1875-1955); Archbishop of York1875-1955
GB/109/16673Wallace; (Margaret) Valerie (1903-1989); Assistant Secretary of the Council on Foreign Relations1903-1989
DS/UK/5999Waddams; Herbert Montague (1911-1972); Canon of Canterbury Cathedral1911-1972
GB/109/24368Loraine; Sir; Percy Lyham (1880-1961); British diplomat1880-1961
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