RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 49/2
Extent34 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: General Church Affairs
DateFebruary 1967-March 1980
DescriptionCorrespondence, file notes and memos concerning the position of the Phanar and its authority at home and in the diaspora, and accounts of visits to the Phanar.

Including: letter from G. Ian F. Thomson, Laymen Abroad in Christian Mission, Conference of Missionary Societies in Great Britain and Ireland, regarding Thomson's visit to Istanbul (f. 1); letter from Ian Thomson regarding his travels encouraging lay witness amongst Christians in secular employment, including reports on Iran, India Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt and Rome (ff. 2-6); letter to I. Thomson regarding meeting Thomson to discuss his reports (f. 7); letter from Cevdet Sunay, President, Turkey to Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, thanking him for a message of condolence (f. 8); letter to Basil Clancy, Dublin, Ireland, regarding possible celebrations to mark the 16th centenary of the consecration of St. Basil as Bishop of Ceasarea (f. 9); file note regarding a vist by B. Clancy, the Cyprus situation, the resurgence of Islam, St. Sophia's and the Phanar's post being censored (f. 10); 'proposal for Ecumenical celebrations in 1970 on the occasion of the 16th centenary of the consecration of of Saint Basil the Great as Bishop of Ceasarea', by B. Clancy (ff. 11-13); letter to B. Clancy regarding the situation in Istanbul having eased and Athenagoras I, the Oecumenical Patriarch being in favour of the celebrations (f. 14); handwritten file note by Henry Brandreth regarding a visit by B. Clancy (f. 15); memo of visit to Istanbul, 5.iv.70, signed by J. Satterthwaite, regarding the Oecumenical Patriarch having virtually given up control of the Patriarchate, the Patriarch of Alexandria, Russian rivalry over leadership, requests for help with ensuring an election of the next Oecumenical Patriarch and prawn pilaf (ff. 16-18); memo by J. Satterthwaite reporting on his visit to Metropolitan Meliton of Chalcedon, regarding Meliton asking for outside support to persuade the Turkish Government to allow the Phanar to keep its present status/hold an early election, the Archbishop of Canterbury attending a possible funeral of the Oecumenical Patriarch and other developments in the Orthodox Church (ff. 19-20); correspondence involving Zeki Kuneralp, Turkish Ambassador, regarding thanks for sympathy expressed about the Turkish earthquake (ff. 21-2); file note regarding a meeting with Basil Anagnostopoulos and discussion of Halki, The Patriarch, Inter-Orthodox Relations and Mr. Tsakonas (ff. 23-5); memo 'Istanbul' by John Satterthwaite, the Bishop of Fulham and Gibraltar, regarding a meeting with Schnork, Armenian Patriarch at Kunkapu to discuss the ordination of women, the situation in Turkey, Cyprus and minority rights also a meeting with Demetrios, Oecumenical Patriarch to discuss Anglican/Orthodox dialogue, the ordination of women, unity in an increasingly secularised world, a fixed Easter, the upkeep of churches, unease in Turkey, menthol cigarettes, St. Euphemia and VAT 69, July 1978 (ff. 26-8); extracts taken from Michael Moore's diary, visit to Ankara and Istanbul, 2/4th February 1973, regarding visits to [Shnork], Armenian Patriarch also Demetrios, to discuss Anglican/Orthodox discussions and Moore's visit to Teheran [Tehran] also visits to Halki and and an Armenian church service (ff. 29-31) and letter from secretary, Bishop of Fulham and Gibraltar, regarding J. Satterthwaite's visit to the Phanar and a Philip Usher Scholar (f. 32) and memo 'Istanbul, 18th March 1980', by J. Satterthwaite, regarding Pope John Paul II visiting Istanbul, the health of the Oecumenical Patriarch, taxation, the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, Orthodox/Roman Catholic dialogue and the health of [Shnork], Armenian Patriarch (ff. 33-4).

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