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Alt Ref NoCFR OC 49/1
Extent101 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: General Church Affairs
DateDecember 1933-October 1965
DescriptionReports and correspondence concerning the position of the Phanar and its authority at home and in the diaspora, and accounts of visits to the Phanar.

Including: report from Harold Buxton, Bishop of Gibraltar, 12 Dec 1933, regarding international relations at that time in the Near East, the Orthodox Churches and Anglican-Orthodox relations (ff. 1-2); letter from Grace Hood to Cosmo Lang, Archbishop of Canterbury, regarding the Santa Sophia (Sancta Sophia/Hagia Sophia) no longer being used as a mosque and turned into a museum but given to the Anglican Church (f. 3); letter from the Archbishop's Chaplain to G. Hood (f. 4); private notes by H. Buxton following a visit to the newly elected Oecumenical Patriarch, Benjamin at the Phanar and to Smyrna (f. 5); file note regarding a photo of the Patriarch visiting Austin Oakley, Chaplain to the British Embassy at Ankara, whilw at Halki to study the Orthodox liturgical rite, October 1941 (f. 6); notes from a correspondent in Turkey, Jan 4 1942, regarding Iugo-Slavia, and the capture of Patriarch Gabriel by the Nazis, Dr. Hilarion Basdekas, Archimandrite, and the Orthodox Church in Hungary, Greece, and the war situation there, especially concerning Damaskinos, Primate of Greece and Turkey and a fire at the Phanar, the exile of Greeks, Armenians and Jews, (ff. 7-8); 'The Historical Evolution of the Oecumenical Patriarchate by Archbishop Germanos of Metropolitan of Thyateira Exarch of Central and Western Europe', May 1949, with a foreward by A. A. Pallis, Director, Greek Office of Information, London (ff. 9-24); correspondence with Alan Don, Dean of Westminster, regarding a celebration of 15 centuries since the Council of Chalcedon at the 1951 Festival of Britain (ff. 25-6); memo '1951' regarding the Council of Chalcedon celebrations and funding by The Society of the Faith (f. 27); letter to C. W. Piper, British Embassy, Istanbul, regarding the dropping of 'Chalcedon 1951' and a fanatic assaulting the Patriarch (f. 28); memo regarding 'Orthodoxia' announcing a decision to hold a 1500th anniversary of the Council of Chalcedon (f. 29); encyclical by 'Athenagoras By The Grace of God Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch', including a handwritten section signed by Athenagoras I, the Bishop of Constantinople, 16 December 1951, regarding the christology, the Chalcedonian Definition and the rapprochement and unity of all the Churches of Christ (ff. 30-6); 'Alivisatos on the 28th Canon of the Council of Chalcedon', 19 Apr 1952, by Professor Alivisatos regarding the basis of the Patriarch's jurisdiction over external communities (f. 37); magazine article of 'The limits of authority of the Constantinoplitan Patriarchate over the "Diaspora"', by Prof. Sergius Troitsky, translation from Russian by David Abramtsov (ff. 38-41); 'Notes on a visit to His All-Holiness the Oecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras, at the Phanar, Tuesday, July 3, 1951' by Dr. Donald Lowrie, regarding Saint Sergius students (ff. 42-6); letter to D. Lowrie regarding in further talks telling the Patriarch everything about things in Paris including appraisement of people's characters and salaams (f. 47); letter from S. W. Bird, British Chaplain of Smyrna, Izmir, Turkey, 9th September 1951, regarding a personal private interview with the Patriarch, Persia/Iran, organic union of churches and the new Patriarch being a political appointment/too much of an American (f. 48); letter from D. Lowrie to Paul Anderson regarding a proposed new patriarchal residence in Istanbul, a meeting between the Patriarch and the Papal Legate and recognition of the Pope as 'primus inter pares' (ff. 49-50); letter to Cyril Garbett, Archbishop of York regarding notes on the election of Athenagoras as Patriarch, the Oecumenical Patriarch's policies, the situation of minorities, Patriarchal policies, Halki, tourist attractions, finances, Twentieth Century Fox films, the Iron Curtain, Albania, aotocephaly for the Orthodox Church of Czechoslovakia, tension between patriarches, an ambassage and lobster (ff. 51-4); file note regarding a phone conversation with James Vivros concerning the policy of the Turkish government towards Papa Eftim and the "Turkish Orthodox Church" (f. 55); memo 'Mr Satterthwaite's visit to Istanbul July 9th-14th, 1955', regarding contacts, the Ecumenical movement, unity/peace/love, the Cyprus situation in relation to the Oecumenical Patriarch supporting or denouncing Makarios, the Assyrian "settlement" and chess and ping-pong (ff. 56-7); letter from [Hamish Earnblem?], H.M.S Bulwark, regarding the basic weakness of Orthodoxy and Orthodoxy bridging the gap between "East" and "West" (f. 58); translation from 'Pantainos', nos. 23 & 24 of I-II/II/55, 'The Orthodox Church in Dispersion and Administrative Anomalies', by Archimandrite, Methodios Fougias (ff. 59-62); memo regarding 'Visit made by the Reverend J. R. Satterthwaite to The Phanar - Istanbul', 18th March, 1959 (ff. 63a-b); letter extract from John Satterthwaite regarding the feelings of the members of the Holy Synod (f. 64); memo regarding a Pan Orthodox Synod and the situations in the US and Rumania (f. 65); memo 'Ministry of Foreign Affairs', Athens, 3rd June 1960, regarding news from the Phanar and the relations between the Oecumenical Patriarchate and the Turks and Greeks (ff. 66-7); letter from Basil Anagnostopoulos regarding the Oecumenical Patriarch being questioned by a committee of the new Turkish regime, his involvement in politics and woollen undershirts from Selfridges (ff. 68-9); letter from Paul Anderson regarding Anagnostopoulos' letter, the Oecumenical Patriarch being interested in public attention and those in high office being unable to satisfy anybody (f. 70); memo regarding Finland, Russia, Rhodes and Turkish delight (f. 71); letter from B. Anagnostopoulos regarding new Orthodox diocesan structures for Europe (f. 72); letter from George Addleshaw, Dean of Chester, regarding a meeting with the Oecumenical Patriarch/Greece/Cairo, "gaiters" and Copts (ff. 73-5); letter to G. Addleshaw regarding Turkish policy towards the Phanar (f. 76); memo 'Police stand guard by two Istanbul churches (f. 77); file note regarding a phone call from John Andrew, Chaplain to Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury regarding further harassments (ff. 78-9); letter to W. T. F. Castle from David Tustin regarding the occupation of two churches by Papa Eftim's followers (f. 80); file note regarding a phone call from Archbishop Athenagoras concerning the seizure of 2 churches in Galata, Istanbul coming before a Turkish court (ff. 81-3); file note regarding a meeting with B. Anagnostopoulos concerning developments with the Orthodox (ff. 84-6); letter extract regarding "Ted" (f. 87); letter from J. Michael Edes, Foreign Office, regarding diplomatic contact with Istanbul and Ankara the Oecumenical Patriarchate referring the dispute to the UN, with a hand written note by John Satterthwaite (f. 88); file note regarding 'Dates and information from F.O. correspondence (f. 89); letter to Christoforos II, Patriarch of Alexandria, Athens, regarding a request to support the Oecumenical Patriarch (f. 90); text of telegram from Christoforos (f. 91); letter from Benedictos, Patriarch of Jerusalem, requesting support (f. 92); file note regarding a meeting with Zeki Kuneralp, Turkish Ambassador (f. 93); telegram from Gerassimo Konidaris, Dean, Faculty of Theology, University of Athens, requesting support (ff. 94-8); letter of reply to G. Konidaris (f. 99) and letter from Sir Harry Luke, regarding the possibility of Luke meeting the Turkish Ambassador (f. 100)

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280Buxton; Harold Jocelyn (1880-1976); Bishop of Gibraltar1880-1976
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14Lang; William Cosmo Gordon (1864-1945); Archbishop of Canterbury1864-1945
GB/109/13918Christodoulou; Benjamin (fl. 1936-1946); Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinoplefl. 1936-1946
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78Garbett; Cyril Forster (1875-1955); Archbishop of York1875-1955
GB/109/24248James; Vivros (fl. 1962-1965); Bishop of Apameiafl. 1962-1965
GB/109/21944Methodios (1925-2006); Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain1925-2006
524Satterthwaite; John Richard (1925-2014); Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe1925-2014
GB/109/7932Andrew; John Gerald Barton (1931-2014); clergyman1931-2014
DS/UK/3507Addleshaw; George William Outram (1906-1982); Dean of Chester1906-1982
GB/109/24353Papandreou; Damaskinos (1891-1949); Archbishop of Athens and Primate of Greece1891-1949
GB/109/24350Karahisarithis; Pavlos (1884-1968); Papa Eftim I; Turkish Orthodox Patriarch1884-1968
GB/109/24352Skouras; Spyros Panagiotis (1893-1971); Greek American motion picture pioneer1893-1971
GB/109/24351Menderes; Adnan (1899-1961); Turkish Prime Minister1899-1961
11Ramsey; (Arthur) Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury1904-1988
GB/109/10953Tustin; David (1935-); Suffragan Bishop of Grimsby1935-
255Kokkinakis; Athenagoras II (1912-1979); Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain1912-1979
GB/109/24327Ürgüplü; Ali Suat Hayri (1903-1981); politician1903-1981
GB/109/14386Christophoros II (fl. 1939-1966); Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandriafl. 1939-1966
GB/109/9385Luke; Sir; Harry Charles (1884-1969); Knight; Colonial Governor1884-1969
GB/109/24356Kuneralp; Zeki (1914-1998); Turkish Diplomat1914-1998
GB/109/24354Stefanopoulos; Stefanos (1898-1982); Greek politician and Prime Minister1898-1982
GB/109/24355Papadopoulos; Vasileos (1892-1980); Patriarch of Jerusalem; Benedictos/Benedict1892-1980
GB/109/16437Cristea; Miron (1868-1939); Patriarch of Romania1868-1939
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