RepositoryLambeth Palace Library
Alt Ref NoCFR OC 48/2
Extent33 ff.
TitleOecumenical Patriarchate: Persecution
DateAugust 1966-May 1979
DescriptionCorrespondence, file notes and reports concerning the situation, the effects of the Cyprus situation and the confiscation of Greek property.

Including: letter to David Tustin from U. Haluk Bayulken, Turkish Ambassador, London regarding Suleyman Demirel, Prime Minister, Turkey offering thanks for condolences on the death of General Cemal Gursel, former President of Turkey (f. 1); correspondence between U. Haluk Bayulken and Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, regarding sympathy for earthquake victims in Eastern Turkey (ff. 2-4); precis of Mr. Keith Kyle's, Amnesty International's report on his visit to the Oecumenical Patriarchate on Tuesday, December 13th 1966 (ff. 5-6); file note regarding Archimandrtite Gabriel and Amnesty International (f. 7); file note regarding a meeting between John Satterthwaite and the Patriarch (f. 8); letter from Robert Swan, Amnesty International (f. 9); letter to R. Swann regarding Kyle's visit and the appointment of an Anglican Chaplain in Istanbul (f. 10); file note regarding a visit by Mr Swann and Mrs Gordon (f. 11); letter from Paul Anderson regarding Archbishop Iakovos and the interplay between church and state in Greece (f. 12); 'Report no. 2, Istanbul, December 5th, 1967' regarding meetings with the Patriarch, the Patriarch condemning Makarios, the Patriarch commenting on the good relations of the Greeks with the Turkish government before the Cyprus crisis, meeting's with the Armenian Patriarch Snork and the position of the Armenian minoroty in Turkey (ff. 13-15); file note regarding a visit by Dr. Fletcher, Geneva, a request from Metropolitan Emilianos, the Macedonian Church demanding to be made autocephalous and the difficulties of the church in East Germany (f. 16); file note regarding a phone conversation with Metropolitan Athenagoras and the Halki Theological School (f. 17); letter from R. A. Burrows, British Consulate General, Istanbul, regarding evidence of increased Islamic activity in Istanbul, veiled/partially veiled women being more often seen, the hat Law and the Muezzins being a little louder (f. 18); file note, 25th July 1974, regarding a telegram, 25 Jul 1974, from Archbishop Athenagoras of Thyateira and communications with Archbishop Makarios and Archbishop Jakavos (f. 19); copy of telegram from Archbishop Athenagoras regarding a request for M. Ramsey to intervene with the British government to protect Christians in Turkey, especially the Ecumenical Patriarchate and in Cyprus (ff. 20-1); file note regarding M. Ramsey watching the situation carefully and John Backus, chaplain in Istanbul reporting all was quiet in Istanbul (f. 22); file note regarding a meeting between M. Ramsey and Archbishop Athenagoras regarding the situation in Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios, the Turks overthrowing the Greek dictatorship, Mr Karamanlis and King Constantine (ff. 23-4); file note regarding Makarios visiting London (f. 25); letter extract from James Bourne, Consul General, Istanbul to R. A. Fyjis-Walker, British Embassy, Ankara, 'on the Greek community in Turkey' regarding Turkish massacres in Greek Cypriot villages, the dwindling Greek population in Istanbul and the Turks being unwilling to take any steps which would be of advantage to Moscow (f. 26); 'Epistle - Bulletin of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain', 25th April 1979, No. 55, 'The persecution of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople' regarding a telegram from Patriarch Demetrios (ff. 27-8); in Greek ['^IAMAPTYPIA - KATALLEVIA'], 1979 (ff. 29-31), letter from Colin Davey, St. Paul's, South Harrow, regarding a letter in Greek from George Damalas, Athens, protesting to Donald Coggan, Archbishop of Canterbury, against the Turkish government of B. Ecerit (f. 32) and letter to Archbishop Athenagoras regarding G. Damalas' letter and Athenagoras' opinion as to the wisdom of a public protest by D. Coggan (f. 33).

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